4 January 2018

Win the 2018 Rebels of Light Scholarship

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NOTE: Scholarship entries are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry, our winning recipient will be announced on January 14th via Instagram

Rebels Of Light is my 11-month mentoring program of 2018. She’s spontaneous, deep, thrilling and challenging. (Just like you!) She’s certainly not for everyone, but I sincerely hope she’s for you.

The time is ripe for this mentorship for so many reasons. We’re craving deeper connection with ourselves. We’re fearing stillness when it’s the space and place that holds our answers. We’re afraid to voice ourselves freely for fear of saying the wrong thing and being digitally crucified for it. We’re strung out from over-consumption and it’s eating away at our longing to CREATE, MAKE, DO. We're forgetting, every single day, how important it is to imbue our days with light, joy and play.

You know that NOW is the time to stir your Inner Rebel out of her slumber so that you can truly co-create the world you want to live in, and you’d love to do it with other women-identifiers with the same mission on their hearts.

But if we can be frank, I know that there could be a few things holding you back from claiming mentoring such as this.

In the last few weeks you - my beloved community - have shared thoughts like this with me:

  • You fear you’re not in the position to invest in Rebels of Light.
  • You fear you ‘don’t have it in you’ to commit to something that will require that you show up for your soul in this way.

If the financial investment is the bottleneck clogging up your desire to say YES to this, or if you’re questioning whether you’re ‘ready’ for an experience so rich and rewarding, please, do the brave thing and apply for the scholarship today. Raise your hand. Take a risk. What do you have to lose?

Scholarship Value: $3997

How to apply:

  1. Read up on the program.
  2. Come on over to Instagram and re-post my REBELS OF LIGHT image
  3. Tag me (@tara_bliss)
  4. Finish this sentence in your caption: I’m ready to awaken the Rebel Of Light in my heart in 2018 because...
  5. Include the hashtag #rebelsoflight
  6. Make sure your profile is set to public (or I won’t be able to find you!)
  7. Keep your heart open and eyes peeled - the recipient will have 24 hours only to claim their scholarship

I’ll personally review each entry and choose the one that moves me most. We’re looking for your YOU-ness in this post. Forget about the glitter and the poetry (unless that’s authentic for you) or writing what you think I want to read. For the love of your Inner Rebel, please, just be you.

Note: Only one entry per person will be considered

The #rebelsoflight scholarship recipient will be announced via Instagram and email on the 14th of January.

Good luck, beauty! I’m bursting outta my skin to read your applications!

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