4 March 2014

You Deserve a Wild Adventure

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Here’s a snippet from Finding Joy, which is Chapter 11 in Spirited: Soulful Lessons on Clarity, Connection and Coming Home (to You).

When did we forget how to have fun?

Between the mountainous to-do lists, the dramas and demands, the rushing around trying to be all things to everyone, the work/ kids/ saying yes/ social media upkeep, we’ve squeezed it out. We’re exhausted. Spent. Maxed out to the... max.

I’ve been toggling with the idea of posting about Fun and Adventure since my recent trip to Japan, and today, as I sat at the park bench, scribbling down notes to accompany the video below, I remembered that Rach and I had written about this very topic in Spirited.

I opened up the eBook, and was surprised to find a few tears welling in my eyes as I scanned through it. Between the photos of me and my soulie (which to me, radiate not only our friendship, but in this case (and more importantly) the essence and intention of the book) and the words that were written with such sheer love and care, I was reminded of a few very, very important things. One of them being the topic of this blog post.

I need super extra double bolded and italicised caps for this, and I don’t think I’m going to get it, but nonetheless…


And incredible aint incredible if there aint a little wild adventure thrown in there, ya feel?

So, my Such Different Cherished Ones, go ahead and click play on this video, and once you’re finished there, dive into the rest of this post.

Is this the year you jump out of a plane?

Is it the year you go on that road trip you’ve always dreamt about with your Spirited Sisters?

The one in which you finally learn to surf / snowboard / stand up paddle / skate / ski / dive in the depths of the sea?

Is it the year you make that adrenaline-fuelled trip to New Zealand or Switzerland?

Take that winery tour with your love?

Skinny dip at night? (In the ocean)


Okay. That’s the big picture stuff. The stuff that’s going in your Adventure Calendar. But what about day-to-day play?

I asked my incredible Facebook tribe to help me out (far out you guys are awesome), and share how Fun shows up in their lives. The response was ridiculously awesome and I felt compelled to share them with you here. Feel free to start fizzing and feasting on these ideas, my friends! (You’re going to see some recurring themes here. Think of them as Universal Joy Cues :) )

  • Galloping around the lounge room with my love, laughing our heads off.
  • Dancing while driving in the car when an awesome song comes on... Pump up the volume and dance your heart away without worrying what other drivers might think.
  • Singing loudly and poorly (on-purpose) in the car, at home, on the balcony. Dancing it out between client sessions. Busting out into weird dance moves. Going to a festival and dancing in the rain. Ok, dancing, full-stop. Talking in funny accents with my husband. Playing with my nieces and nephews - on the floor, rolling about. Swinging - kiddies park + me, we are good friends. Laughter... the belly ache kind. To me it's not so much about 'what' I'm doing, but the feeling behind it. Light... Bubbly, Fizzy, Ecstatic
  • Running through the sprinkler with my man on a hot afternoon - giggling like kids!
  • Having a play wrestle fight with my love....this totally makes me smile!
  • Dancing, festivals, handstands and cartwheels on the beach, travel adventures, singing and seat dancing to really loud songs in the car with my sister, playing tackle Frisbee in the ocean, sprint races on the sand, running in the rain, getting dressed up to go out, dinner out with besties, big family pizza nights around the wood fired oven... and generally anything that scares me a little but that goes fast... horse riding, downhill bike riding, theme park rides. Yay!
  • Summer water fights!
  • Trying to cook but ending up more making a mess and lots of giggles.
  • Dancing, water slides, mango daiquiris, leaping screaming off a bridge into our local waterhole, dressing up, paddle boarding, back yard cricket in the rain...
  • Chasing my son around the backyard. His giggles are worth it!
  • Spontaneous snowball fights, dancing like fools in the lounge room instead of tidying up, lazy mornings in bed that turn into tickle wars! Just thinking about it brings a smile to my dial!
  • Hula hooping!
  • Making chocolate chip cookies with friends and eating them afterwards, painting, playing fetch with cats (it can happen), tickle fights, jumping in leaf piles...


Bottom line?

It’s about movement! It’s about the mouth-watering marriage of dance and movement and voice. It’s about embodying your emotions and your essences and letting them live through you in beautiful moments of sweet, saucy surrender. And it’s about forgetting that you’re an adult every once in a while; that you’re more than any role or temporary identity you’re currently fulfilling in your life.


A few final statements and reminders.

I want you to know that I recognise that the very nature of Play is spontaneous. It defies plans and overt structure and shows up in our lives like little butterfly kisses from the Divine. I get that. But I truly believe that many of us need a little nudge in the direction of Planned Play, if only to grant ourselves the time and space to feel it. And I mean really feel it, ‘cause guess what? What you focus on, expands, and the more you’re feeling those light, buoyant, freeing sensations of fun and play, the more you’ll take those spontaneous opportunities to say YES. YesDammitYes!

Remember: Healing isn’t FUN. Personal growth isn’t FUN. Don’t get me wrong - they can be. Spiritual practice and yoga and cleansing can all carry an undercarriage of such beautiful joy and meaning, and I’m not discounting that (but you already knew that). What I want you to do here is get in the habit of chasing down the giggly, nervous, heart-pumping brand of fun. You know?

It’s not a reward system. It’s essential. Thanks for the reminder Susana :)


So, if I may, I’ll offer you another snippet from Spirited. A prayer. A declarative request. An intentional statement, but this time I’ll jazzy it up with an invocation for Fun (you’ll find that in the bold).

Making the Ask.

I ask the Spirited life to reveal itself to me.

I ask that any blocks be removed, and that only the best possible outcomes show up in my life.

I ask that the Universe be persistent with me, and provide me with the courage I need to move forward. I ask that it throw me curveballs of fun and adventure, as well as the side serve of strength it may take for me to grant myself the permission I need to let loosen my grip, open my arms, and welcome in ecstatic joy, fun and play.

I am ready now.


I’d love to hear from you below.

1) Share with us a chunk of time you’ve just deemed Awesome Adventure time.

2) What does FUN look like to you? (Let’s add to the list for those that shimmy on by this post.)

And, as always, all shares and comments received with absolute love and gratitude.

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    • Veronica
      4 March 2014

      Loving this post today! My mum and I have been making fun a priority in our lives, we went to wet and wild waterpark a few weeks ago and hearing her laugh and scream so hard was a reminder that it doesn't matter how old you are, holding on for dear life going down a crazy waterside is just darn good for the soul!! We are going to New Zealand next, maybe I can get her to do something even more extreme (or maybe it will be her encouraging me to!) X

    • Emmy Clews
      4 March 2014

      This is such a theme in my life right now, Tara! The more I set myself free to make play part of every day (and not just save it for the weekend like I 'should' as a grown up with no kids), the more creative I am and the more opportunity opens up for me in my business. Today, I reignited my love affair with surfing: Awesome Adventure time that's not going anywhere! I love how it makes me feel free and really, truly alive. More giggles (and involuntary salt-water sinus cleanses) for me! xx

    • Rachel
      4 March 2014

      Love this! It's so important to tap into our inner child day to day! What makes me the happiest is taking my pup on a long walk, or creating my own yoga sequences in my home. Play time is my happy time!

    • Nicolle
      5 March 2014

      Thank you beautiful!

      Your words weave pure magic xx

    • Katie
      5 March 2014

      We're approaching summer here in Minnesota and I am planning on changing up my work schedule so I can go outside and play every afternoon. I'm not sure what I will do just yet, but I'm putting it on my schedule.

      I also know that my hubby and I have the most un-adulterated fun when we travel alone together. So we're in the process of booking a big trip for May. Let the giggles commence!

      • Tara
        6 March 2014

        Smiling just thinking about that x

    • Stephanie
      5 March 2014

      Thank you Tara for this post . At the end of a crazy busy day with so much going over the next few months this is a beautiful reminder to stop and enjoy life .

      • Tara
        6 March 2014

        Oh yeah - breathe that lovely thing called LIFE in deep.

    • Rae
      5 March 2014

      After falling into a spiritual void over the last few weeks I've been wondering what was wrong. Now I know, no fun! Tara, thank you for the reminder. After revisiting my Spirited notes I know I should be out in the water, swinging on a swing, riding my bike....things I should be doing most days. Time to get moving. Sending lots of gratitude your way, you post what I need when I need it, thank you.

      • Tara
        6 March 2014

        Yay - now you know :)

    • 5 March 2014

      My lifeblood is snowboarding, and every opportunity I get to go out and ride is pure FUN...and if it's not - I call it quits for the day. Obviously there isn't always snow around so I've got to try a little harder to find my fun in summer....my amazing man has been trying to convince me to go trampolining with him, might be worth a giggle!
      Thanks for the gentle nudge to get out there and ENJOY the day to day xx

      • Tara
        6 March 2014

        Snowboarding=lifeblood=yes. So much yes. Ahh, I already miss that feeling under my board (not even kidding).

        Queenstown is such a divine place my love, summer joy is yours for the taking. Just don't do what I did and start skateboarding there. Um. It's hilly. I scraped both my knees off. Not exactly joyful haha.

        Love x

    • 5 March 2014

      Oh my Tara - timing! I so so needed this reminder today. I'm already thinking of some things I'll be scheduling in to bring in the fun! Thankyou x

      • Tara
        6 March 2014

        Yay! Pencil it in darlin'

    • 5 March 2014

      Loving this post, Tara. Something I definitely want to incorporate more of! :)

      • Tara
        6 March 2014

        I hear ya sister!

    • 5 March 2014

      I think we are all on the same wave length. So many people are talking about wanting more fun in their lives but are doing nothing about it. Me included. Last night instead of going to the gym to do weights I went to a Hip Hop Yoga class. It's not jumping out of a plane type of fun but just something different I did to get me out of my routine. I am going to try to do a few fun activities each week, so I can walk my talk!

      • Tara
        6 March 2014

        Hip Hop Yoga! How groovy!

        Walk that talk sister girl x

    • leah
      5 March 2014

      Hey tara- gorgeous post. How does adventure apply with babies involved? Also did your live chat ever get emailed out? Didn't receive it xxx

      • Tara
        5 March 2014

        Sure did! Check your spam folder.

    • 5 March 2014

      Beautiful post & video babe! Here's to having more FUn and PLAY TIMES every.single.day! mwah! XOXO

      • Tara
        6 March 2014


    • Sarah
      5 March 2014

      This is such a great post Tara, thank you!

      In November last year I booked flights to go to Bali for a month by myself at the end of June - I've got a rough plan of finding a surf camp somewhere and blissing out on some outdoor, sunshiny, movin' my body, learning to surf, ocean time, (suggestions are welcome for any recommendations of places!!). I'm going as soon as I finish end of semester exams, at which point I know that I will be absolutely fanging for a good break and reprieve to my wanderlust. I wouldn't normally book flights in that early....I'm sure there will be waaaaay better deals, but I wanted to do it before the other side of me starts whispering in my ear that I should try to get in a good month worth of work to help out with the student budgeting situation, or that I could take up other great opportunities for getting through my Pilates teacher training, or that I could use that time to reconnect with my family and friends after spending an intense amount of time in my exam prep study cave. All very reasonable and viable reasons to stick around during Uni break....but nowhere near as fun, enlivening, vibrant, memory makin', adventurous and fulfilling! I really want have a good go at learning to surf this year and I'm up for some adventure. So I'm going for it, making FUN a priority and trusting that the rest will work itself out :-)

      • Tara
        6 March 2014

        Shit yeah Sarah. Dammit! Now I wanna surf :)

        That bod of yours? She knows! If you want fun, adventure, memory makin'... follow those cues. Thanks for commenting babe x

    • SB
      6 March 2014

      Thank you for that video Tara! You brought joy to my day. I've been consumed w/ my own emotional pain & continue my yoga practice daily, but I can't remember the last time I laughed. I will remind myself that I am worthy of having fun. I am hopeful that I will laugh again & I will fall in love again. Your words of encouragement are so healing. Thank you. Peace.

      • Tara
        6 March 2014

        You will, you will, you will! You'll do all those thing Shell. x

    • Amy
      23 March 2014

      What truth! I was nodding like a crazy lady while watching your video beautiful - thank you! And thank you so much for the beautiful reminder that fun is not the time you spend on your spiritual growth. I so often find myself thinking a yoga class or meditation is what I do for myself for 'fun', but it isn't. Like you said - it's essential, but it's not 'fun'.
      Watching this, I too have realised that I am aching for more fun. In fact, I think I've just realised exactly what it is I've been missing.

      Thank you. x

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