22 August 2014

Why Do I Write?

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Kate from The Whole Housewife recently alerted me to a lovely little blog hop that's a-happening. The Why Do You Write? hop.

Evidently, and kindly, she passed the baton to me, and I was stoked.

There's something about writing about writing that softens me and makes me a little gooey and contemplative. It seems like a very lovely, intimate thing to share, and I'm more than happy for things to get a little revealing and intimate around here. Peeling back the curtain on the ineffable creative process...

Now, to the beautiful questions.

(1) What am I working on?

My book – High: A Party Girls Guide to Peace – is with my editor. I'm aiming for a November launch. (Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for the photo shoot).

I'm also putting together the bones for my new eCourse that will launch in January. It's called: Stillness, Sweat & Sweetness: 28 Daring Days of Holistic Highs.

Mostly, I'm enjoying this opportunity to create killer content for this space, and practice a lot of yoga. I've been immersed in many incarnations of this book  for the last twenty-one months. I am very pregnant with it and it is almost time to pop. (Can't come any sooner).

(2) How does my writing differ from others in it's genre?

This is such an excellent question.

How is it different? Hhhmmm.

I think what's significant about this question is that to start with, I recognise that my writing is different, and that it is me. I'm really, really happy that I'm saddled up quite cosily next to/with my 'voice'.

From where I stand – and this can't be anything but a projection – I perceive that I'm able to seamlessly weave love and compassion together with Take No Bullshit wake up calls. I don't see too many people doing that on the webs. The Soft And Fluffy Approach ain't me. Sometimes, the word 'fuck' wakes people up and gets them paying attention. Sometimes, saying 'that's bullshit' gives people permission to cut the crap and come home to their hearts.

That's what my writing's all about, you know? Returning to your home zone - your heart.

Also, story is king. I teach from where I've been. As all teachers should.

(3) Why do I write? 

I sat staring at this question for minutes on end.

Once, I saw a quote on Instagram, and I'm paraphrasing here, but it said something along the lines of:

I write so that I can make sense of my thoughts.

I read that and thought, hhmm, yes, delicious.

I would go one step further and say: I write because I don't know what I believe in until it's revealed on paper.

Quite a statement to make, I know, but the moments in which the pen kisses the paper and my fingers dance across the keyboard – they are sacred to me. I feel this deep sense of unravelling happen, and I'm not lying when I say that it still astounds me each time a blog post comes through me, let alone a book. I don't take writing for granted even for a moment.

Don't get me wrong, I struggle with it from time to time. I get the shits with it. I sometimes feel as though I am slave to it, and I certainly resist that (because I have the propensity towards petulance on occasion). But more than anything, I'm think I'm a little perplexed and befuddled by the writing process. It's too mystical and magical for me to attempt to summate with words. Maybe that's why I write – so I can sway with the divinity of the unseen, and watch as it makes me feel more and more alive with each word that rises up.

Yes. That's it.

(4) How does my writing process work?

I've made peace with the reality that I'm an immersive creature.

I've tried that whole Wearing Multiple Hats A Day thing - and it freaks me out. Makes me feel a little anxious. I lose my footing and my breath quickens, and basically, it's just a gross-feeling cocktail of over the top multitasking. It doesn't suit me (though it doesn't take much for me to slip back into it).

And so, I immerse, and I take that to pretty extreme levels.

On the smaller scale, Monday is my Blogging Day. Every Monday, I wake up and do some breath work before whacking on some makeup and recording Tuesday's video. Then, I write the blurb for the video post, I pull together everything I need for Friday's post, I designate social media stuff, and get my Wednesday newsletter organised. This is usually done by 11. Then, it's time for my Ashtanga practice. :)

Blogging Day allows me to breathe with ease for the rest of the week, knowing I am caring for my tribe (you!) and that I can rest my attention on my clients and whatever other projects present themselves throughout the week.

On the other end of the spectrum, with bigger projects, I actually need to leave town! (Not even joking). I need to leave my space and set up a new container with zero distractions, zero wifi and a wiped schedule. I wrote the first draft of my book in Bali. And most of the second draft in my dad's shed out in the country. Something magical happens when I set off on a solo writing adventure, all in service of a creative pursuit that's beckoning me. It actually makes me emotional typing about it. Why must I go to such extremes? I don't know, friends. I wish I did. For now, I'll keep surrendering, while I can. It's not lost on me that mamahood won't be far away, and my whole Writing Immersion Theory will become right royally screwed. Ha! I trust that I will adapt when it's time to cross that bridge. :)

It's always so nice to give you a little extra insight into my life and my processes. Weird, but nice.

I'm passing the baton onto Heather Waxman, Kristen Hedges and Lucy Bourchier


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    • 22 August 2014

      Loved reading this. I am consistently inspired by your honesty and the artful way in which you speak about life. Thanks Tara!

    • 22 August 2014

      God I love hearing about other peoples' writing practices, it inspires me to no end. Plus your writing is absolutely beautiful - it has been a lovely journey watching you find and create your voice on the blog over the last few years.

      Thanks Tara!

    • 22 August 2014

      Adore this Tara. I totally get the having to leave your own space too.
      Love this and I cannot wait to see what Kristen comes up with. Adore her style.

      Also super excited for your new baby. After all of this time...you don't even look pregnant yet..;)

    • 23 August 2014

      Hi!:-) I love the I write so I can make sense of my thoughts! Yes that is so true... I always thought writing was not for me, that I had no skill at it... but did it anyway because of this deep knowing I have this message I need to share... the first blog post where had to be finished and I did not feel confortable at all... but now I am at blog post 8, and I've realised that since writing it is clearer in my head! Because my ideas are now on paper... it allows me to empty my brain! And I've discovered so much about me since doing this! I've never been journaling in my life and today I realise how powerful it can be! Thanks for this post!

    • 24 August 2014

      Even your descriptions of writing are sprinkled with little lyrically gems: "propensity towards petulance". Your writing always makes me swoon. Really looking forward to your book! Xox

    • 25 August 2014

      Gorgeous, beautiful Tara! Love your writing and you def have your own voice. Ahh, the mystery of writing. Love it but can't explain it : ). Just as it should be I reckon.

      I'm sure you'll find another way to immerse yourself when you'll be a mama. I thought I needed at leat 10 hours sleep in order to function but managed to spend years only sleeping a couple of hours here and there. Super tired at times of course but also blissed out and happy to discover that anything can change. Big hugs to you! Karina

    • 1 September 2014

      Hey honey, I love how generous and open you are with taking us inside your creative world. Thanks for passing on the baton! Here it is https://somethingtomove.squarespace.com/blog/why-i-write Big Love x

    • 1 December 2014

      Tara, Tara, Tara, I LOVED reading this!

      So much resonates.
      You have captured and articulated so many similar feelings re writing (although, i am only fairly new to this blogging (writing) process).

      Really looking forward to reading High.
      G x

      • 2 December 2014

        I look forward to you reading it , too!

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