26 July 2012

When Spending Money Makes You More Of It

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I've been thinking a lot about money lately. I've also been spending a lot of it (!), and with zero hesitation and guilt.
My whole idea of money has totally changed; I no longer simply take on the view of dollars and cents, it's energy to me now, just like everything else. And the purchases I make are energetic transactions.

Everything we eat, choose, think about, decide on or spend our money on does one of two things: it either sustains us (and with sustenance we can experience inspiration, love, joy, beauty) or it exhausts us (when we're fatigued, we simultaneously experience fear, worry, guilt, resentment.) I view all of my purchases as an exchange of energy and this attitude has drastically transformed my relationship with my wallet.

My new money mantra goes something like this: The more you spend on what sustains and enriches you, the more money you'll make.

Now this isn't rocket science, but it's still worth discussing. A few years ago, my money was invested in booze, drugs, cover charge for nightclubs and cheap and nasty clothes that would fall apart after two washes. This type of energy exchange (money for drugs, etc) depleted me and left me in a constant cocktail of fatigue and loneliness. Fast forward to now, and while my purchases are sky rocketing, but my soul feels all the richer for it. My relationship with money has changed, thanks to an awareness that I'm not only investing in my own sustenance, but I'm also financially sending loving energy to other people's life work.

Let me explain.

Every time I purchase a book or online program or a ticket to an event, I enjoy the process of payment. Someone has poured their heart and soul into my purchase, so it's a loving exchange of energy: money for value. The more we consciously decide to live in a space of abundance and loving value, the easier if is to accept more of it into our own lives.

My purchases make me a better, wiser, more confident, more aware young woman. Becoming this woman allows me to create habits, systems and a business that will make me money- money which would never have existed had I continued spending my money on drugs. Make sense?

Wanna make more money and/or develop a loving relationship with your debt? Then spend some money on mentoring. Sign up for that e-course. Buy the book. Hire a business coach, life coach, wellness coach, or a spiritual empowerment coach (like me!). Outsource tasks that don't come naturally to you, and pay for that service with love and gratitude. I'm currently about to pay for a web developer, host and designer because A) If I do these tasks myself, it will exhaust me- exactly what we're not trying to achieve with this post, B) I want to reward the work of other young entrepreneurs- a sure way to manifest others feeling similarly about my services, and C) put simply, these exchanges surround me with professionalism and the energy of abundance, which will guarantee me more ideal customers.

So, where in your life will you decide to go pro and invest the cash? Let me give you a sneak peak at my list.

  • I'm going to stop cutting my own hair. I've been doing it for two years now thanks to a lack of trust and a self imposed belief that I can't afford it. Well, balls to that! Not only can I afford to visit the salon, but I can and will pay for all the trimmings and add ons. Yep, go on, give me a treatment. Yeah, you can up-sell me that, why not? Sure, put a few more highlights in there. Make me fabulous. Makes me feel all yummy and glam just thinking about. After years of slogging it out in the salon doing the hairdressing, it's high time I got pampered.
  • I'm going to stop booking the cheapest accommodation. I've loved every single one of my backpacking experiences, but I'm ready to say yes to in-hotel spa treatments and strutting around in a white fluffy robe. Yes I am.
  • I'm going to choose Love + Quality, always. Purchasing hand made is important to me now. Hand made crystal jewellery, hand poured soy candles, up-cycled treasures- yes please. No more factory outlet shopping (for the most part), I want to support small business owners and crafty entrepreneurs who intentionally create their art with loving attention.
Now it's your turn! What areas in your life are you willing to spend more money? Are you always on the hunt for a bargain or are you The Queen of Quality? Let's talk money in the comments below.
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    • Jessica Nazarali
      27 July 2012

      We are buying the appartment of our dreams after much umming and ahhing. Feels good to be finally going for it and not being held up by fear. Great post lady! xx

    • 26 July 2012

      My family always joke about me being a scottish tight-arse. But when I release the need to tightly monitor and budget every dollar (which I have again recently) and spend according to what is important to me, the money always appears from somewhere...a tax return, a small pay rise, or finding $20 on the street. Love this post Tara!

    • sheownsthesky
      26 July 2012

      We're going to invest some of our savings into a gorgeous little veggie garden come spring, that will give us the enrichment of spending time together under the sun as well as delicious vegetables straight to our plates with no big corporations on the way to spoil it's goodness :)

    • 27 July 2012

      Love this, Ms Bliss!

      I realised recently that I often buy things on sale without actually loving them, and it's not an energetically-good way to spend my money. I just finished Danielle La Porte's 'Fire Starter Sessions', and one point that she made which really resonated with me was:
      "stop taking home free stuff - pens, kitsch-filled gift bags from networking events, ugly volunteer T-shirts. You will only spend time moving them around or pawning them off at your neighbour's yard sale."

      My extension of this is that I need to stop buying 'bargains' and stuff that I don't really love, just because it's cheap. It fills my life with clutter and stresses me out and I feel bad when I go to get rid of it... It's been something that I've become very aware of recently, so this post is very timely!

      The things that I have decided to lovingly spend my money on are ebooks, particularly by up-and-coming online people who's work I have read and loved for ages. I used to automatically think 'I can't afford that', but now I see it as this lovely convergence of me getting wonderful information and wisdom from someone whom I 'know' and trust; and me being able to support their ventures and help to ensure that they can continue filling the world with more lovely, sparkly, information deliciousness.


    • 27 July 2012

      You were right, it is a great post!

      We are not very discliplined savers, but we are improving. I am too looking to support the smaller one-off designers (except I will still keep a Tiffany & Louis affair), buying organic and stick to quality items.

      I am steering away from high ticket priced home decor and going for thrift stores, makets and ebay. Coupled with the latest in home decor mags I can apply those bright colours and unique pieces to recycled wares. It is also a great little hobby.

    • 27 July 2012

      1.I'm about to spend big bucks on rent per week to live a beautifully modern terrace because the older, creaky, cracked & dark terraces didn't inspire me.

      2.I'm going to Bali in October, I'm not 100% where the money is going to come from, but I want this + need this experience therefore I know the money will show.

      3.I'm going to by myself a single speed bike an get rid of my rusty rickety one I'm using now.

      Oh and I am on the search for a good web developer too.Do you have any recommendations beautiful?

      I really needed this reminder today, your always on the ball girlxx

    • 27 July 2012

      What a great post Tara! I totally agree that when you spend money on something you value it gives so much pleasure and none of the resentment that can sometimes come with parting with hard earned money.

      I would much prefer to shop in an op shop (and give money to a charity), buy vintage or handmade (and support little businesses), shop at farmers markets (support the farmers instead of the big grocery stores) - as all these things give me so much pleasure. Often it can be unavoidable when you need certain items but there are so many choices we can make about how we spend our money.

      Particularly being a full time student, money is so valuable and scarce that it is teaching me plenty of lessons about what I value. As my partner says - you never regret buying quality - so we have often been spending a little more than we can afford (eg. when we needed a vacuum cleaner) but now vacuuming is a dream and we have an item that we will probably keep forever. Same with our new office chairs - way out of our student budget but they have an amazing warranty and are so comfortable that they make our life better! :)

      Re: accomodation - so true, as fun as backpacking is - it is amazing how much better your trip is when price is not the main reason for choosing a certain hotel!

    • 27 July 2012

      Ah! Such great responses everyone. Thank you!

      @Becs: Love what you said about how the money shows up if you really need it. Yep- the Universe tends to have our back with stuff like that :)

      @Jaime: Nice! When we were in Queenie we built the most epic veggie patch and it was seriously a labour of love. You'll adore it :)

      @Jess S+S : Hey babe. Danielle is GOOD isn't she!? Her words rattle through my brain often and she's probably my most significant mentor. I absolutely adore her and trust her in all areas of my life. (The reason why I'm coaching now is because of her words: 'being qualified is over rated'. I heard that and that 2 days later I was a coach!) I'll join you on your quality-home made-thrift-made with love mission, and together we can say buh-bye to cheap, cheesy nastiness ! :)

      @Mon : When necessity ties into hobby= bliss. :)

      @Tink: Thank you darling. I know you'll smash your list. I'm still sorting out details for the pro web stuff, as soon as I find out I'll let you know xx

      @Jess : Buying your apartment?! Wow! Just wow. COngratulations babe :)

      @Jazzie: Thanks darlin. Sounds like you guys have implemented a great balance between cost cutting and non-negotiables. Nice one!

    • 27 July 2012

      Totally feeling your words - I didn't want to cut my hair for a year because I kept telling myself that every time I got it cut, it would be a bad haircut (and lo and behold - bad haircuts were always what I ended up with) and it was so expensive yadaa yadaa. Then decided one day that I would be having an amazing haircut on the Monday the next week. I kept affirming that, and lo and behold! I had the most amazing haircut experience from that. Love it when affirmations and the universe just works and you go 'geez I should have known that!!!

      Also I cannot tell you how many times I've tried to do things myself and ending up back in Ground Zero with cuts and bruises. I actually end up having to spend the initial money I was unwilling to spend to get the results I want anyway (probably even more accounting for the time I wasted)

      Gosh, LOVE it when I am resonating with what you're talking about. I've started opting for hand-made, recycled, environmentally friendly, high quality products made with love. Even if they're more expensive, I feel that they reflect the true cost (no harsh toxic/mass+factory produced chemicals for me thank you).

      Money spent on Quality + Love = Me Happy = More Money for me.

      Money = energy. If you keep holding onto it and unwilling to give it out, you cannot create space for more to flow in! Using money with no resistance will keep bringing more in! ;)

      Love you! (Is it bad if I am already looking forward to your next post? I confess I'm addicted to this blog...)x

    • 27 July 2012

      Yessssssssss! I love this post!

      I sometimes have a bit of a bad vibe toward money. My wage slip arrives and I automatically being thinking of the bills, social gatherings, birthdays etc... that I have lined up in the coming month. This just brings on a worry and fear that I will deplete my bank account before the end of the month.

      I love the idea of seeing money as energy. And rather than feeling anxious seeing money leave my account I like to try focusing on the services and things I'm actually receiving. Better headspace for me!

      I do think that I am more reluctant to invest in things that sustain me. I will think over the cost of buying a couple of books yet I don't think twice about wiping my card out and buying a round at the bar. Not cool. So glad you pointed that out.

      I'm following suit this month. Investing in more organic foods. Hiring a life coach. Signing up for Bikram. Treating my mum. And celebrating my brother's birthday.

      Motto for this month is quality over quantity. Mindful and soul enriching purchases. Bring.It.On!

      Jenn x

    • 27 July 2012

      Love this! I've been really trying to save and invest money in my business - but I'm going to start taking a horse lesson once a week. So random I know, but I grew up riding, it was my life, and I haven't in at least 8 years. It makes me feel free and feeds my soul - definitely worth the investment! Thanks for the insight :)

    • 27 July 2012

      Good timing with this post - I've been thinking about the concept of abundance all week! It's amazing how easy it is to get stuck in a cycle of scarcity thinking, like "oh I can't afford that". I really like your musings on putting your money toward what you really feel good about - like supporting other artists, entrepreneurs, etc. You said it very eloquently. :)

    • Michele
      28 July 2012

      Tara this post is amazing and perfect for me right now. I am so happy for you that you are learning this now when you are young and not at my age (44) like I am now.

      We have just come home from grocery shopping and because we now value the exchange of energy (money) we only bought nourishing, wholefoods. It felt like a equal exchange that will in turn, create vibrant energy in our bodies too.

      Thank you gorgeous girl, for putting yourself out into cyberspace and helping others achieve their potential :)

    • Emily
      29 July 2012

      Lovely lovely lovely!!

      You write beautifully Tara, best of luck with all your awesome and abundant adventures :)


    • 29 July 2012

      Love this post, Tara. I find myself in a very strapped financial position but rather than say I'm in poverty, I choose to believe I'm living simply. Still struggling with finding money for the things I feel I can't afford. Or maybe it's more about me not believing I'm worth the investment and that my bills are priority over my own health, wealth or happiness. Still working on that one :)

      I would love to reblog this on my site if I have your permission because I think it explains this energy transfer of money perfectly. What do you think?

    • 30 July 2012

      Love this. A very timely reminder for me too. Thank you.

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