29 August 2014

A Chakra Collaboration with Violet Gray

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Photo of Alex by Eyes of Love Photography


Welcome back to Chakra Week!

Today, I'm incredibly excited to announce that I've become a proud ambassador for my favourite jewellery range, Violet Gray. Pioneering this range, is my beautiful friend (who's also a Such Different Vixen and a downright goddess), Alex Olsen. Since Violet Gray shimmied into my life, I have enthusiasically asked Alex: What can I do to help? So as you can imagine, I'm proud as punch to be supporting a brand that I have vowed to fully rally for since our very first love-drenched meeting. Alex's soul is delightfully pretty, and the same can absolutely be said about her pieces, which are each woven with love and spirit. (Just quietly, I'm not sure whether she knows how to do business any other way. Love and spirit fire up this woman's compass, undoubtedly)


Did you get a chance to watch Tuesday's video on chakra healing?

In it, you'll rememer that I mentioned how creative the process of chakra healing can be. There are unlimited ways in which we can awaken and enliven the subtle energies within us.

For example, to work through chakra five blockages (the throat chakra, which vibrates at the colour of blue), you can:

  • Sing in the shower
  • Chant sanskrit mantras
  • Write a letter, telling the truth
  • Wear a blue scarf around your neck
  • Or anything else that pertains to 'using your voice' and using it honestly and authentically.

See? Healing doesn't have to be heavy, or boring for that matter. Like I said - creativity wins.

Another way you can draw awareness to your chakras, is by wearing intentional jewellery.

This is where Alex and Violet Gray step in.

violet gray chakra charms

Violet Gray's new chakra range is utterly divine. Elegant, feminine and gorgeous, there's a good chance you've heard the internet go mad for these pieces.

Sitting daintily on your sternum, these exsquisite charms are available in both gold and silver in each of the seven designs (one for each chakra), and come accompanied with a gorgeous mandala (created my the super talented Amy Southorn) to match. Tuck the mandala in your purse, stick it to your vision wall, meditate on it... whatever ya dig ;)

And as a celebration of our friendship, of the extraordinary phenomenon that is the chakra system, and of our collective desire to empower women (not least of all through awakening their chakras!)...

Readers of this blog will receive 10% off the new Violet Gray Chakra range, exclusively. This offer applies for the next SEVEN days only.


Head to Violet Gray's store and enter the code chakrabliss to receive your 10% discount.

And please, oh please, share this generous offer with your people :) Let's share the love.


Not sure which chakra needs some TLC? Re-visit Tuesday's post and all be revealed.

To collaborations soaked in silver and gold and sanskrit,

Namaste, you awesome creatures.


Oh! And! If you're already the proud owner of a VG piece, why don't you let us know in the comments how these pieces make you feel when you wear them?

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    • 29 August 2014

      So exciting Tara! I just adore Violet Gray and my solar plexus chakra necklace. I feel amazing whenever I wear it!! I may head on over and purchase the heart chakra now :) xxxx

    • 29 August 2014

      Woohoo! I absolutely love these designs. Very, very tempted...! ;) Thank you my lovely- x

    • 29 August 2014

      OH YAY! I've been wanting one of these for a while now... it's a sign! ;) XX

    • 29 August 2014

      Two of my fave babes working side by side. LOVE it.

      ...Time to add to my collection again... xx

    • 29 August 2014

      These are divine, I want them all! x

    • 29 August 2014

      Alex is an incredible woman, so inspiring and full on love. I love her charms and have the throat chakra in sterling silver... gold is next! xx

    • 30 August 2014

      I love them too :) 4 chakras down ... 3 to go :) xo

    • 1 September 2014

      I've also been drooling over these on Instagram for a while... time to open the wallet! :) Thanks you gorgeous gals xxx

    • Monique
      5 September 2014

      These pendants are so beautiful!
      I've worn an "S" around my neck for the last 5 years symbolising my soulmate Stuart. Now, we've just recently found at that we're pregnant, and after reading this blog post (http://www.thelittlesage.com/a-new-energy-in-pregnancy-inside-the-sacral-chakra/) I just purchased the sacral chakra neckless to wear for the next 6 months as our little human grows. It's amazing how many different emotions pregnancy can stir, so I hope this little piece of divine beauty will help to refocus my energy to where it's needed most. Thanks for spreading the love, Tara xx

    • Attract money
      22 September 2014

      This one is great, I absolutely love these designs.. Thank you very much Tara

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