7 May 2013

Using Crystals to Smash Through Comfort Zones

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Yes, crystals are beautiful. They're mesmerising and fascinating and wise beyond our comprehension.

But to me, they're also pretty bad ass.

We hear of the ethereal, angelic qualities of crystals and stones often 'brings about a higher state of acceptance', 'helps to gently protect against psychic clutter', 'soothes nerves', 'connects the self with the inner child', etc - and so we should! In a time where people are constantly reaching for medication instead of a big ol' self-lovin' chunk of rose quartz, it's more important than ever that we open ourselves to the natural healing power of crystals.

My message in this post is simple and straight-shooting, and hopefully, easily digestible. Your crystals are programmable. You have the capacity and ability to program your crystals to YOU. Your energy, your desires and intentions, your highest good. Thank God, because it's highly likely that you'll approach a moment- probably in the not-too-distant future- where you're going to freak out a little. You'll be called to take a risk, or stand up for yourself, or make an important decision, or declare your love. Whatever it is, believe me, you do not have to do it alone.

Bring your swagger to your crystals. Bring your fears and your big, bold dreams and every morsel of you. Decide what they are going to do for you! Forget for a minute what the textbooks say- does that piece of Garnet make you feel red and powerful and zingy? Yes?! Then declare it your 'Secret Weapon for Moments of Self Doubt'. Strengthen it with an intention:

This garnet helps juice me on high, authentic energy, and makes me feel invincible! And make sure you put that baby in your bra when it's Go Time.

What about Rose Quartz? Yes, the books say that this is the go-to crystal for self-love, acceptance, forgiveness and generosity. But, maybe it makes you feel like marshmellow. Or a princess. Or like you need to host a tea party, pronto. By listening to- and feeling into- your own intuition, Rose Quartz can instantly become your 'Chill the eff out and smile' reminder. Wear it around your neck. Touch it when you feel Miss Serious creep up on you.

Onyx is a brilliant conduit for inner strength and discipline, but perhaps even just looking at it brings out your inner rock star. Let it be declared so! With just a fraction of intention, you can create how the energy of the stone moves, aligns and uplifts you. You decide, that next time you can feel yourself starting to dim your light, you'll be bringing your Onyx out to play.

You are a shape shifter.

Next time you're coming up against some scary shit, and simultaneously being called to step up, your crystals are in your corner, rooting for you.

If nothing else, sometimes we just need to be reminded to get out of damn heads every once in a while. Rather than to-ing and fro-ing, umm-ing and agh-ing, yes-ing and no-ing, just grab a chunk of your recently-labelled-secret-weapon, and breathe. And breathe again. And one more time. And now- go for it. That crystal in your bra believes in you.

LINEDo you have a secret weapon crystal? Let me hear it in the comments!

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    • Lisa
      7 May 2013

      I use Rose Quartz when I need nurturing :) Also really good for enhancing self love and respect. Smoky quartz to clear the 'shit' so to speak and Amethyst to protect me on all levels :)

    • 7 May 2013

      Great, great post Tara- thank you for giving me permission to set my own rules about rose quartz! What you wrote about it feeling too 'marshmallowy' definitely resonates with me- I always feel as though the energy I get from rose quartz is completely different to how others say it's supposed to be. I'm so pleased that I can feel this without comparing myself to others and their own personal experiences!

      Smoky quartz and onyx are next on the 'to buy' list!

      Thanks my lovely! xx

    • 8 May 2013

      I love the way you rock out with your crystals, Ta! Keep the bliss coming :)

    • Elizabeth
      8 May 2013

      Rock out with your c...rystals out ;)

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