9 April 2020

Unchecked thoughts, tantrums, dance-breaks PLUS beautiful humans creating beautiful books

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Hello beautiful,

Here are some thoughts about thoughts (that are not rocket science).

This morning, with cacao rocking and rolling in my bloodstream, I found myself contemplating that we’re spending way more time with our own thoughts right now; many of which are probably going unchecked.

Thoughts become things, including thoughts of the unchecked kind.

Combine the electrical signal of an unchecked thought with an unconscious emotion to partner with it; now we’re playing in a murky spiral that dissolves minutes into hours into days into weeks of restlessness, frustration, disappointment, anger, bitterness.

Thinking and feeling.

Feeling and thinking…

… often in a program that you wouldn’t have chosen if you knew you had a choice.

But you do.

You do have a choice.

Pumping the breaks for just a second can help you to see and witness your thoughts, which creates a natural, very healthy separation between who you are and the thoughts your energy is a match for.

Suddenly the thoughts are circumstantial, rather than inextricably YOU.

When I slow down and return to that clarity, sometimes I give myself a few minute’s grace and EXPRESS the non-serving thought through me. It’s not always pretty, in fact sometimes it’s outright childish. A tantrum, stomped feet, a big whinge to my babe, a deeply furrowed brow, a pillow, being punched.

Sometimes I can bring myself back in ways that certainly look more beautiful: an ocean swim, a dance break, love-making. Whatever, really. It’s not about doing it the woke way. What matters is, if possible not letting the conniving thoughts remain unchecked.

With time I’ve learned that these little outbursts are expressions of how painful it is to have left my centre.

When I check in, I can choose again. 

If I’m not checking in, my mind is a manifestation of homogenisation; a soup of conditioning and collective thought, and I don’t even know that a different choice is available to me.

But it is.

A different thought (and thereby, a different emotion) is available to me.

Take care of you today. In fact, tell me: what are you doing to care for your beautiful mind during this time? On our team call last night, my community shared some things that are working for them, including: breathwork, creating structure and routine, and continuing to feel a sense of achievement and forward motion. What about you? I’d love to hear. 👇🏼


P.S. 3 people close to my heart have become published authors! Julie, my first ever life coach and constant loving, joyful wise woman in my life, Tracey and Claire, both once-upon-a-time clients of mine and dear friends, and a damn fine Rebel, Katie -- all of whom I consider huge inspirations.

I’m so proud of them and honoured to watch them stand behind their creations right now. If you can support these small business owners with pre-orders, these books would be wonderful investments to make in your own wellbeing.


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    • Megan
      9 April 2020

      Love this Tara! What I’m doing to care...long morning and evening meditations (longer than before because more time at home!), moving my body through Pilates or yoga, daily dog walks, schedule schedule schedule, sharing uplifting content, wind down short Strala flows after a relaxing shower or bath, reading lots, yoga training, and caring/slowing down to feel my baby moving in my belly :)

      • tarabliss
        12 April 2020

        Absolutely heavenly, honey. Thank you for sharing this with me! :)

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