23 February 2019

This is your last chance to join the 2019 Rebellion

Get your bliss notes

This note is unapologetically for future Rebels
who are still wavering on the fence. Let’s rumble.


You beautiful soul,

What a month this has been!

You’ve journeyed with us, opened emails, watched Instagram lives, sent us questions, expressed both your ripe anticipation and those unnerving hesitations.

And now, it’s time.

It’s time to make a decision, beauty.

Rebels of Light has a distinct spirit, and you’ll know with certainty if she’s been weaving her tendrils into your being. I’m speaking directly to you now; the one who knows it and feel it. Imagine full and piercing eye contact.

I’ve been floored this launch as I witness how many women speak to how touched and ripped open they feel by the spirit of Rebels Of Light. It makes my body swell with emotion because this glorious code that I’ve been working with for years is now making herself known to humans everywhere - in ways I could never have predicted. Keeping up with the emotion that’s naturally tied to sharing something this intimate – something that I love so dearly – with so many others, has a been a sweet and tender challenge for me that I’ve embraced with many tears and warm messages with my team.

I only share my experience with you so you know that Rebels is stretching me too (again), and not just you. You’re not alone.

Whether you’ve felt more excitement than you have in a long time.

Or an acute fear of the unknown.

Or doubt in yourself and whether this is something that you can complete, show up for, or honour with reverence.

Or more breathlessness than usual as a result of being on the precipice of such a meaningful decision.

I hear that and I expect you to traverse these emotions as you eventually land on the YES button. All natural, honey. All right and good and perfect.

My Rebel wingwoman Casey shared a beautiful thought with me today. She was casting her heart over those of you who are still feeling twisted about this decision. Not yet with your hand up in the air with FULL TILT self-permission; still feeling wrung out and spun out under the confrontation of having some of your inner most desires dance in front of you, saying, ‘come and get me’, knowing full well that they require you saying YES to yourself in a way you perhaps haven’t, ever.

The best and most beautiful things in life require us to do something we haven’t done before.

The most memorable experiences we create are often anchored in the deepest of presence and courage.

And so often we focus on all that bigness and all that courage, forgetting why it’s even required in the first place. Of course, it’s all required because the gifts you have the honour of gathering up are beautiful, miraculous, stunning.

Casey asked me, earlier: ‘T, how did you encourage people to take the leap when you were teaching them how to bungee jump?’

Because, you know, years ago, that was an actual job I did.

And all day I’ve been thinking about this sweet little question that she innocently posed to me, most likely rhetorically.

So here’s the deal:

I would look people in the eye.

I would be still and quiet and grounded in my presence.

I wasn’t the type of guide that would get all RAH RAH! and bounce around all white teeth and jumping jacks. That wasn’t and never will be my style. ‘You can do it!’ never came out of my mouth, because quite frankly that goes without saying.

I would put my hands on their shoulders as they shook from the adrenaline taking over.

As anxiety rolled through their body, I would smile knowingly at them in a way that simply said ‘everything is going to be more than okay, you just wait.’

I would harness them up. Triple check them. Give them a safety briefing.

I’d repeat myself a couple of times, just incase they were so far gone outside of their body that my words didn’t land.

I would introduce how important the countdown was to their experience. ‘You’re going to hear 3, 2, 1, and then you’re going to jump.’

But wait a second, I would warn.

You’re not going to step off the ledge, feet first.
If you do that, you’ll slingshot your body and you might hurt yourself.
You’re not going to close your eyes and shut out your experience. Eyes open. Take it in. Stay present.
After you hear ‘1’, lift your chin, bend your knees slightly and swan dive, chest first!
Scream on the way down, it’ll feel amazing if you do.

There are tears now as I write this, just as there were often tears in their eyes when I so surely asked these humans to jump with power and elegance and grace in their most terrified of moments...

Rebel, do you dare to leap with me? Leap into the vast terrain of your interior so that you can transform everything that your presence touches?

Because once again, here’s the deal:

These big blue eyes of mine have stared down the barrel at you on multiple Instagram and Facebook Lives.

My presence has been still and grounded.

I have not danced around saying YOU CAN DO IT!, but rather invited you to tap into the power and rebellion that’s available to you right in this very moment as you stand at this crossroad.

I’ve put my hands on your shoulders with my words. Steadying you. Attempting to help you acclimatise to the sheer energy of this experience.

As you buck under your fears, stories and – can we be a little honest here? – excuses, I’ve reminded you that your deepest work is accompanied by your greatest joy and emotional liberation. In moments you’ve projected that this year be BIG and HEAVY and DENSE, my knowing smile represents the true essence of rebellion and all yours has to offer to you.

I have helped you step into your harness. I have triple checked that we’ve prepared you adequately.

And just in case you didn’t hear me the first time, I repeated myself. Multiple live transmissions. Everyday reminders of what’s calling you forth. My girl Casey, right there beside me, echoing these sentiments with surround sound.

Together, we’ve embraced the importance of a countdown. A countdown is importance because it squeezes the confusion out of the space between you and your soul’s desires. The fluff dissipates and you have to get clear, because standing on that ledge forever is a f*cking nightmare. So we counted you in on 3 days.

And on 2 days.

And here we are.


1 day to go.

This is it, Rebel sis.

And after you receive this 1, you’re going to leap.

But wait a second.

You’re not going to step off the ledge, feet first.

If you do that, you’ll slingshot your body and you might hurt yourself.

You’re not going to close your eyes and shut out your experience. Eyes open. Take it in. Stay present.

Lift your chin, Rebel sister. Bend your knees slightly and swan dive, chest first!

Scream on the way down, it’ll feel amazing if you do.

Never in those 12 months that I spent teaching tourists in New Zealand how to bungee jump did I witness someone return to the platform tortured or traumatised. It was always the people who opted out of the jump in the first place that left the site looking haunted.

Those crazy and willing enough to take the leap returned beaming, bright and brand new, with energy exploding out of them. It was indescribable.


It’s eerily quiet on that ledge, I know, but I’m standing off to the side, making room for you around this camp fire, prepping your cacao, and setting a deep intention for your wildest expression of YOU to shine forth.

We close the doors on the 2019 intake of Rebels of Light at midnight AEST tomorrow, the 25th of February - now is the time beauty.

I simply can’t wait to rock and roll in rebellion with you this year.

And don’t forget:


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