14 August 2018

The View Only Expands (Join me for a special weekend on the Gold Coast)

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Beautiful friends,

It’s been a short while, huh?

I remember when so much of my business and communication with you needed to feel as though it was rooted into some kind of consistency.

With time though, and with, you know, becoming a woman and all the initiations that come along with that, I’ve learned that social platforms and ways of communicating simply shift. And potency can reach into the hearts of people in many ways; totally unique to each of us. All of that is to say that my emails are now saved for the moments that require a richer conversation with you. A more meaningful invitation.

Today I’m here to open up the possibility of us working together in a rare and powerful way. You may want to stick around until the end.

3 ½ years ago, my work with doTERRA began in a beautifully humble and hopeful fashion.

I knew I loved the oils, and the second I unpacked the compensation plan, I saw my community right there with me -- (that’s you, by the way). It seemed to me back then that there was quite a lot of fear about the industry – understandable really – but I stayed focused on what I saw and what I felt and what I knew could be true.

As a community, we continue to create what we know can be and what is true every single day. Team Bliss is a collective of now 43,000 households living and breathing the oils (literally) and enhancing lives in the process.

In April 2017, as a young team, just over 2 years old, we were the third to reach the top rank of Presidential Diamond within Australia. The ranks, as with the income that accompanies them, are representations of the value that has been added to real human lives; a reflection of lives touched; a reflection of how unified a team is in their mission to create change.

I’d like to think I move through my life paying as little attention to labels as possible, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t instantly fall in love with the ‘self-promotion’ nature of doTERRA’s ranks within the business opportunity.

Alignment, value, focus, activity and impact are rewarded financially, here, without ceilings, if you are willing to commit to a vision that moves you, for years. (Let’s not get any ideas about this being a get rich quick situation, okay?)

Our team is unified, solutions-focused, empowered and truly strong. When I see the humans that I am surrounded by, I’m just so very in awe of their resilience, optimism, joy and fire. I am a leader of amazing leaders, which is a great honour. I’m always learning from them, always listening for what makes them tick, constantly being reminded of the collaborative nature of this dance. Nothing whatsoever about it is hierarchical.

The question becomes, then, what’s next?

When you reach the Mountain Top, as I did in doTERRA almost 18 months ago now… when your leaders don’t need you anymore… when they’re so capable and brilliant and autonomous… what comes next?

Surely it’s margaritas by the beach, right?

Not on my watch.

Recently, while I was in Italy on a Presidential Diamond trip, I felt the rumble within fire up again.

Personally, I’ve experienced two of the most challenging events of my life while building doTERRA – Hyperemesis Gravidarum and this year, the dissolution of my marriage. It’s been a trying few years that have only allowed me to receive the goodness that’s made itself available to me EVEN MORE. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I want all of it in life. If I’ve got pain to feel, I want that pain to make itself known to me so I can fully grasp the gift of my humanness. If ecstacy, desire, certainty and straight- up pleasure are on the table, I’ll meet them with a big ‘YES PLEASE.’

In Italy, I was reminded of how much doTERRA’s products and business model can change a life. I have had the freedom to make some huge decisions in my life; freedom I want others to know and claim within themselves as well.

WOMEN’S AUTONOMY -- that’s why I continue. To delight in, and be an example of what that looks like. To mentor, guide and be a lighthouse on what a truly empowered life of discernment and choice looks like for a woman in this world, today.

Lit like a Christmas Tree, I let ya. It all dropped in for me in the most potent of ways. And so, now…

I’m doing it all over again.

I’m building a brand new, baby, fresh doTERRA organisation with those two words, WOMEN’S AUTONOMY as my True North.

And I’m looking to collaborate with brave and ready souls who are willing to meet me and move their feet with me.

On September 7-9 I’m holding an intimate Launch Retreat in my home on the Gold Coast.

This special experience will be reserved for 12 people who are not yet enrolled into their doTERRA lifestyle, and during this immersion I will help you cast a vision for your future before teaching you the toolsets, skill sets and mindsets needed to bring it into reality.

To apply for this experience, you will be required to:

  • Book a call with me HERE
  • Enrol with our amazing Nature’s Solutions Kit
  • Be available to invest 15+ hours a week into your business
  • Remain in business-building activity for at least 12 months
  • Give your schedule a shakeup so you can be on the Gold Coast September 7-9
  • Have the short-term goal of rank advancing to Silver by November 30.
  • Flights and hotels will be subsidized.
  • Lunch and all training material will be provided.
  • FUN and MAGIC will absolutely be had (don’t you worry about that!).

More details are to come for those who are moved to be with us, so please don’t hesitate and book in a call with me if this is truly something you’re ready to drop into.

When you reach your Mountain Top in doTERRA, it’s about allowing the view to expand; the vista to become more beautiful; for service to bleed through your actions, rather than ‘goals’. It’s such a privilege and honour to continue to do this work, with completely new and lovely intentions, in the service of new friends who see the same future I do.

That’s enough from me for now.

Over to you! The ball’s in your court, my friend!

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