In an arena of in-depth and long form experiences, I want you to imagine instead one that could be classed more as a sacred occurrence, an event if you will, that brings people together, detached from obligation and unfastened from expectation.

It’s an event in your calendar that you look forward to every month.
It’s scheduled in your favourite colour, or circled with your most prized highlighter.

Your preparation for it consists of ensuring that the beverages are warm, that your space is cosy, and that your extra tabs are closed.

This event is different.

There are no notes to take. There is no homework. No accountability partners.

Instead, you are asked only to arrive, and to open your heart, and to enter into reciprocity with the process.

You’re not here to learn… anything, actually.

You’re here to have an experience, and to play with the energetics of your own secret garden.

And I’ll be your guide.

There are ways of speaking to the pulse of the collective without creating or exacerbating pain.

There are skillful ways to bear witness to what’s emerging and yet at the same time, hold a field of possibility.

And, there are ways to bring people together without anyone feeling as though they are obligated to participate in any particular way whatsoever.

One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is through artfully curated ceremonial experiences. 

In liminal spaces such as these, together, we’re able to take the almighty leap from the logic of our brilliant left brains and land in the unpredictable beauty of the right. This leap allows us to feel, to heal, to alchemise, to delight, to grieve and most poignantly, to remember who we truly are.

In a world where many are clamouring for certainty, ceremony allows us to scratch at fields that hold nothing but potential.

Intentional cerimonial experiences are deeply nourishing, fortifying and harmonising. They are a soft place to land and experience your own magic.

I’m inviting you to join me and be enveloped in such an experience.

The Heartbeat is a once-a-month ceremonial journey unfolding over three months; limited seats, unlimited possibility...


Wondering what it's like to be held by me?

Here, some brilliant souls I've worked with closely over the past year share their experience...

Tara’s ceremonies are not something that can be explained but must be experienced and felt to truly understand the pure magic that is created with her energy, intention, and words. Her ceremonies require a deep surrender so that you can touch the edges of your soul by allowing your heart to guide you.

She beautifully curates a safe space to unravel and remember the parts of yourself that you may have forgotten, as well as holding your hand and witnessing you rise as you remember your true inner power.
— Amanda Main

The ceremonial spaces Tara creates and holds are both deeply familiar and beautifully mystical. Within a field of care, safety, nourishment, and possibility, I find myself invited into receiving something I didn’t know I needed, or guided perfectly into the heart of what’s most alive and requiring my attention. I always emerge feeling new, refreshed and restored. They are a gift beyond measure.
— Alexandra Kazimir

Tara holds space as if she has been doing it for lifetimes (because she most certainly has). Her effortless weaving and stringing together of sound, the spoken word, and creative essence, along with her heartfelt intention, brings ceremony to every space she guides. I can’t wait to be a part of her spaces moving forward.
— Arianna Pienaar

Being held in spaces held by T are the grandest form of homecoming ever experienced by me. Such a profound experience of being grounded and held in infinite expansiveness at the same time. The shifts that happen afterwards are profound, tangible, relational, and expansive in depth of myself.  A big yes to beautiful ceremonies and space holding by Tara always.
— Rohini Nagpal

Theme + Special Guest

Our theme of Season One? Come Back To Your Senses: Ignite the human.

Our ceremonies will be themed around full sensory living; on the body as the portal for the heart’s desires.

How very succulent.

Creamy cacao.
The perfectly paced soundtrack.
An energetically airtight, respectfully held space to journey within the comfort of your own home.
And your body, bringing it all brilliantly alive.

Also… it is my utmost honour to introduce my incredible friend and cosmic sister, Heather Waxman, as our special guest!

Heather will be joining us on the Summer/Winter Solstice - our third and final ceremony for this season - with her masterful breathwork facilitation and sacred sound current. This woman’s medicine is profound and her space holding is deep, rich, wise and playful.

Here's what people have said about working with Heather:

I felt lightness and peace for the first time in years.
— Christine

When you gave me permission to receive my own power… an unexpected explosion of vibration. I've never felt that before. Thank you.
— Ace

I felt old patterns go up in flames.
— Kathleen

This is exactly what I needed. I was guided here today. A sense of calm and surrender happened for me today. I felt so connected to my body and was able to release tears of joy.
— Jaclynn

The Heartbeat offers 3 occasions to lean back into feminine energetics, to receive, and to alchemise. I’m so looking forward to our first gathering.

How it Works

How it Works

Each season of The Heartbeat runs for three months.  We meet for a 90 minute ceremonial journey once a month, the dates for this first season are just below:

October 27th at 8PM AEST
November 27th at 6AM AEST
December 22nd at 10AM AEST

Note please beauty, when confirming your local time that AEST is Brisbane time and is not affected by daylight savings.

Our calls are accessed via a dedicated Thinkific portal which also serves as the private library of our recordings for those who are unable to join us live.

Recordings will be available within 48 hours of the completion of the call, and you will have access to watch, or rewatch, each one for 30 days (except in the case of our final ceremony which you will have access to until the 31st of January 2022 to account for time taken for holiday festivities). This means that, in the interest of honouring the essence of the currency and presence of each ceremony, you will have access to only one replay at any given time.

Each of the three ceremonies are different and will align with the pulse of the collective. You may become familiar with certain styles of breathing, and the various allies that we’ll call upon, but each journey will be unique.

We’ll partner with Maestra Cacao - the spirit of ceremonial drinking chocolate - for our gatherings. If you’re averse to cacao, tea or even water are suitable substitutes. (I’ll forward some tips on preparation and a list of recommended brands to choose from in your confirmation email)

Your Investment

Access to this season of The Heartbeat is a one time payment of $397 AUD

For this opening season, we have a limit of 200 seats. I would love for you to claim one as your own.

Join Waitlist

Access Pass

1 x payment
$397 AUD

Join The Waitlist

Note: Prior to entering your payment details, you will be asked to create your Thinkific account for our dedicated ceremonial portal.

Cart closes Sunday, October 17th

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