5 September 2014

Why I'm Taking a Step Back

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Today, I'm counting my blessings.

My life has become so stretched at the seams with creativity and opportunity, that I've reached an ominous fork in the road. One that's been demanding a decision out of me for a while now.

What are you going to choose, Bliss?

This - for me - is a question that I can easily meet with apprehension; with swelling scarcity (because to choose, means to miss out on something, right?).

Not today. Today, I choose to perceive the light that comes with (temporarily) letting go.

A quick little file of gratitude:

I have a fully booked coaching schedule.

I prolifically offer free content by way of blog posts, newsletters and book excerpts.

I manage a mini-team.

I hold space for several online communities.

I am writing, launching and marketing my book.

I'm doing the best I can to grow my business without getting distracted by the bells and whistles.

I am a devout wife, friend, yogi - always on the hunt for ways in which I can deepen in these areas.


I'm tired.

My tank's nearly empty, beautiful people, and so I've decided to intentionally and lovingly step away from the blog for a few months.

I don't want to justify this decision, because I'm sure you understand why (and I don't want to blow smoke up my own ass - let's be honest - you may not even care. Haha!), but here are the cliff notes of my decision:

1. Brain bandwidth

My head's been hurting; pinching; throbbing with a dull ache. I take full responsibility for that, because I've filled the thing up until it's chockers. There's too bloody much in there, a sensation I'm sure you're familiar with and that you've experienced before: low grade overwhelm, which is always (always) an invitation for us to re-prioritise our passions, projects, and to funnel our creative capacity more specifically.

2. For the love of longevity.

I know how to protect my energy field. I know how to protect my business and my vision and what's sacred to me - but I haven't been dong that. I've 'forgotten' for the last little while and I'm really starting to sense how easily abandoning those practices can tip me off centre.

Launching a soul project requires presence and care. I want to bring these projects into the world with vibrancy. As I tell my clients often: creating, or launching, or job hunting, or 'loving' (or whatever) from a place of stress is useless. Feeling good is the priority, and then everything else unfolds much more gracefully. Yes to grace, thanks very much.

3. I'm an immersive creature

And I'm about to buckle myself in for this wild ride.

4. The body wins.

I just want you to know that very, very human fears have surfaced during the process of deciding a blog break was in my best interest. Fears of scarcity, of losing momentum, of losing readers, of people losing interest in my book. My ego mind has put me through all those scenarios countless times, and I've landed at the realisation that it's all an illusion. It's all smoke and mirrors. The truth in this moment is simple: I am tired, and it is time to re-fuel. Full stop.

And it feels good to land there peacefully, with acceptance and spaciousness.

What you can expect

I'm still going to be sending out a weekly newsletter (you can sign up for that one underneath this post).

At this stage, my plan is to rise from the ashes with the launch of book. The next time you see me here, we'll be lifting off, which is something to very much look forward to.

To honouring the ongoing practices of self-care and self-respect, may you immerse when you need to, pull back when you need to, get quiet when you need to, I'll close with this awesome quote from George MacDonald:

It is our best work that God wants, not the dregs of our exhaustion. I think he must prefer quality over quantity.

All love and bliss,


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    • peta
      5 September 2014

      Tara. Sweet, Angel Tara.
      Enjoy you're rest, you deserve it.
      We all love you

      • 5 September 2014

        Peta said it perfectly. Enjoy Tara! Xx

    • 5 September 2014

      Enjoy your much needed break and refresh.

      Sending love and healing energy to you

      Leanne xo

    • Amie
      5 September 2014

      enjoy your time off, we'll still be here when you get back :)

    • Jess
      5 September 2014

      A rested being and soul can bring nothing but beautiful things in to the world. EnJOY your break and relish in the downtime from the blog. We will be here when you return! So looking forward to it already! xxx

    • 5 September 2014

      Oh, Tara. A rest is so so needed, and, we'll be here waiting excitedly for the launch of your book, arms wide open! Sending you hugs and so much love. xoxo

    • Naomi
      5 September 2014

      Beautifully said Tara and another gentle nudge from the universe for myself. Enjoy your blogging break. We'll be here when you return x

    • 5 September 2014

      Sending good vibes and love. What an exciting time for you! xo

    • Irena
      5 September 2014

      Enjoy your break Tara. Take as much time as you need. We will be here when you return refreshed and rested :)

    • Katie Lee
      5 September 2014

      Yup! Good choice. Brave, bold, right for you. And by doing it so courageously and transparently you model the way and give us the permission to do the same. Enjoy this break! We'll all be here when you're ready to come back.

    • Buffy
      5 September 2014

      Tara, enjoy your rest darling - I cant wait for the launch of your book. Thank you for being you! xxx

    • Amy
      5 September 2014

      I think that's an awesome idea and I'm grateful to you for all you provide! You wouldn't be the mentor you are without taking your own advice and leading be example - and that's the kind of person us fans/community will stick around for. All bliss to you T!

    • 5 September 2014

      Nurture your vibrant & radiant light, gorgeous gal. I think this is the first time I've ever commented here, but know you have blessed my soul for so, so long. You're fucking rad!


    • 5 September 2014

      Bravo! A much needed and well deserved break. I get it, i'm tired right now too.

      Looking forward to this gorgeous book coming into form.

      Much love and support,


    • Erin
      5 September 2014

      Oh Tara, I love the loving way you rationalise and justify your decision, even conscious of the fact we won't mind! That's why you are a sweetheart and your fears are very much unwarranted.. Naughty Ego! :) Take care, I'm sure it won't be long til you are fighting fit and back in your zone! You're so very, very inspiring!!! ox

    • Grace
      5 September 2014

      Hi Tara thank-you for honoring yourself. You continue to inspire and motivate me to listen to my heart (which whispers softly). We'll all be here with open arms when you return (in your own time). Treat yourself with kindness. With gratitude and kindness Grace ox

    • 5 September 2014

      You will be missed but not forgotten ;)

    • Kristy Blaikie
      5 September 2014

      Well said. You definitely won't lose me as a reader. Enjoy the rest and looking forward to your return x

    • 5 September 2014

      As always, you are my guide in all things self-care, self-honouring and self-nurturing. Kudos for recognising when it's important to step back, and then actually doing it. Enjoy your rest xo

    • 5 September 2014

      I love you and everything will be right as you left it when you return (except even better). I can't wait to read your book xoxoxoxo

    • Alex @ True Femme
      5 September 2014

      Kudos to you Tara for doing what's best for you at this time. Enjoy your time away, refill your tank, and thank you for the work you have already put out into the world. It definitely sounds like it's time to just do some things for you! Best of luck!

    • laura
      5 September 2014

      I have always enjoyed your posts, videos, books... and I feel very grateful for your generosity and time. I wish you all the best in you very well deserved break. I will miss you and I will be here when you come back! All the best. With love and gratitude. Laura.

    • Jenn
      5 September 2014

      Honor yourself first gorgeous soul, your light will shine brighter!
      Much Love xo

    • Dana
      5 September 2014

      Tara-- blessings to you as you step back and soak in the radiance that surrounds you. Thanks for shining your light! xx (PS: You look positively gorgeous in that photo. Absolutely stunning!!)

    • Trace
      5 September 2014

      THIS speaks more to who you are than a thousand blogs ever will. You must put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting another. Lots of love! xo

    • 5 September 2014

      Look forward to seeing what is in store for you next and the anticipation of your book - well done on taking a much needed break... I will continue to check in... love this space xx

    • Lyndsey
      5 September 2014

      A justification was not even needed! Listening to your body and soul is the best thing to do for yourself, more people need to have the courage you do.

      I can not wait to read your book and see you back refreshed after a much needed rest and relaxation, enjoy lovely

      Lots of love
      Lyndsey xx

    • Belinda
      5 September 2014

      Yes to you time,
      YES TO GRACE!!!

      I cannot wait to read your book!!!!!


    • 5 September 2014

      Babe, you inspire me continually. Your dedication to service AND to yourself is a very precious thing.
      Love you so very much and I'm so grateful to have you in my life. Cannot wait to watch you radiate and shine as you share your book with the world (cannot wait to read it!).
      Sending you so much love. xxx

    • Shawna
      5 September 2014

      Tara - you are such a beautiful inspiration! I hope this time away blessed you immensely and leaves you energized and full of passion for all that is ahead, but most of all I hope it offers grace and peace. I've only been following along in the last couple of months, but you've forever impacted me in that short time, and I'm so grateful to have your archives to pour over in the mean time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit and presence with us, I can assure you I'll be watching and cheering you on in whatever comes next for you. Thank you for being you and encouraging us to do the same!

    • 5 September 2014

      Rest well beautuful Tara. All is happening in it's own divine time. Sending rays of soothing light. xx

    • Helen
      5 September 2014

      Forever grateful for this inspiring space you bring Tara. Looking forward to your return already.

    • 5 September 2014

      Tara, I am so happy that you are listening to your body and following your heart. The last quote really resonated with me. Quality over quantity always. Take care of yourself and know all your devoted readers will be awaiting your return with much enthusiasm!

    • Ruthie
      5 September 2014

      Good on you Tara for being true to you and looking after yourself. Sending you love & light, blessing & refreshing! Big hugs xo

    • 5 September 2014

      Yeaaahhhh gurl. You're all kinds of awesome and I am thrilled you're cemented in this nourishing decision. Enjoy your rest honey bee x

    • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life
      5 September 2014

      Kudos for practicing what you preach, TB.

      Seeing your transform this year has been really something (and so inspiring to consider, hey I can do that too! So thanks for helping me learn that!) and your full schedule and burgeoning business and side projects are evidence of that.

      Honouring ourselves can be so hard, take care and can't wait to see what comes from you after some down time!

    • Lisa
      5 September 2014

      Thank you! Although I will miss you, I'm so grateful for this post. I needed to hear that that sensation of overwhelm is a reminder to look over my priorities.
      Take care!

    • julie
      5 September 2014

      You're never at your best from a place of heaviness so recharge and fly as high as you have bee. You aren't going anywhere we know that. X

    • Jen
      5 September 2014

      So glad I found you Tara! You're such an amazing and beautiful inspiration! So much on your blogs and site to learn from and enjoy, we'll be here waiting whenever you come back. Much love and peace, Jen XOX

    • Carolyn
      5 September 2014

      Tara honey, I'm so, so proud of you. You have shown yourself to be true to your message - brave, authentic, curious - and this decision is just another step along that path. Can't wait to hear from you again - full of creativity and wonder. Xxxx

    • 5 September 2014

      This is it really. It's being totally honest with yourself and where your limits are. And it's bloody beautiful! Well done Tara x (like everyone here... itching to see this book of yours!)

    • 5 September 2014


    • Kimberly
      5 September 2014

      Oh Tara, I will miss you! I love that you are modeling REST. It's so important.

    • 5 September 2014

      I am so glad you are making this wise choice to take care of yourself and I support your decision 100%. That said, I will miss your writing and videos very much- you inspire me every single week. Guess it's time to dive into the older content I haven't gotten around to reading and await the wonder that I am sure your book will be :)

      • 6 September 2014

        Oh, you know how Danielle Laporte just republished old content while she was on her sabbatical? That would be so much fun, Tara! :)

    • 6 September 2014

      Such a well deserved move. I'm certain you're readers are loyal enough that this will only built the anticipation for your return. Good luck creating + crafting the final pieces of your book and its launch. Looking forward to its arrival xxx

    • 6 September 2014

      Tara, what a beautiful decision to make. I really love your content, but you know what? I felt a little overwhelmed with the many emails per week lately, so I can only imagine how much energy it was taking from you. I much more enjoy taking time once a month or so to read through your things than to have them in my inbox and feel guilty for not reading and "falling behind".

      I'm sharing this with hopes that this serves as a little bit of validation to sloooow things down - I wouldn't mind if you wrote once or twice a month, just write whenever and whatever feels good. But you knew that already. :)

      Kudos to you for stepping up for yourself and letting go a little bit.

      Much, much love & deep respect,

    • 6 September 2014

      They say to move forward sometimes you have to retreat. Take your time, no one is going anywhere. Cant wait for the book. Sending you big love as always from the UK xxxx

    • 6 September 2014

      Good for you Tara!! What a gift to yourself to listen to you body and your soul. Everyone needs some time to recharge now and again. I hope your time away is restful and restorative. I can't wait to see how rich and amazing your work will be when you return. I am having a hard time imagining I could enjoy it more, but I am somehow sure you will prove me wrong. "May the long time sun shine upon you. All love surround you. And the pure light within you, guide your way on." Sat Nam

    • 6 September 2014

      Hell yeah to grace- every single time.

      Enjoy resting and reseting my darling- lots of love, xx

    • 6 September 2014

      You've given me immense courage to call enough, enough and, step back too. Thank you for your eloquent and piercingly relevant & accurate words. Your insights and ability to communicate them are heaven sent. x

    • Bethany
      6 September 2014

      Low grade overwhelm. Feel this, I appreciate this. It saddens me that I won't see your weekly videos that leave me saying "UHHHH HUH!" But by you doing this, again you encourage us to take the same strong steps in our lives. Looking forward to the book xx

    • Sarah
      8 September 2014

      You're completely unreal and I can't wait to see what's coming xo

    • Anja
      10 September 2014

      Good luck,tara !

      And THANK YOU for this beautiful,encouraging blog. Helped me a lot (your sweet,cool,honest videos/the chakra guide...your l.o.v.e. for yoga...etc :] )

      When you were having this 'partygirls guide to peace'thing here, I wasn't ready/brave enough to join....but over the time it felt goooood and calming to have some spaces in the internet showing me that I'm not alone with any problem/addiction/fear....

      Wish you all the best+rest+healing ;)

      Love, anja

    • Fontaine
      15 September 2014

      That closing quote...perfection! xx

    • 2 October 2014

      I'm so inspired by the way you practice what you preach Tara. I hope your much needed break brings you all you need. Can't wait to see what creations evolve out of this recharge. And not to mention the book! Big love to you x x

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