8 May 2013

Such Different Vixens: Tahlee Rouillon

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Such Different Vixens

Imagine if self-love wore combat boots.

That's the best way I can describe Tahlee.

She's a gentle, gorgeous woman with a fierce love of physics and vulnerability, and that's why I love her so much. She's a contradiction; a mystery. And damn it, that's what Such Different Vixens is all about!

From the very first moment I lay my eyes on The Attitude Revolution, Tahlee Rouillon's online home, I was swooning. There's something about the way she opens up in a such a relatable, sacred way… Something about her straight-shooting ambition in helping 'body-haters' and 'binge-eaters' that's left me with a tear in my eye, more than once.

That's the shit we need. No pussy-footing around. Just 'to-the-point' guidance, lead by an open heart.

I am 100% obsessed. You will be too.


Sum up your mission in one sentence.

To help binge eaters and body haters (including myself) to do a 180 degree turn towards joy so they can have a body and life they love (and have a HUGE amount of belly aching laughs along the way).

Tell us about your most vulnerable moment (and what made it so beautiful?)

Oh boy. So in early 2004 I was diagnosed with an inflamed gall bladder. I was sick. Really sick. I lost 17 kilos, was nauseous ALL the time (sometimes I woke up at dawn in excruting pain), I couldn't work. Nine long and very painful months later, I finally had surgery to remove it. Being a big believer in alternative and holistic health, this was a big call for me. I'd tried a lot of different ways to heal, but I was just getting sicker. I didn't want to live like that anymore, still, surgery really scared me.

Waking up in the hospital, sore and groggy, seeing my loving partner standing over my bed and stroking my face was such a relief it still brings tears to my eyes. He told me he'd booked us a holiday in Tasmania (somewhere I'd always wanted to go) for when I got better.

He made such a painful moment so blissful. What a man!

What turns you on?

Intelligence; intricate music; compassion; seeing someone skateboard; confidently grounded women; having and / or witnessing an epiphany. If I ever saw a woman skateboarding while being nice to a kitten, talking about science, listening to Bluetech and realising she is amazing - I think I would pass out.

What makes your blood boil?

Ignorance, injustice and intolerance. It beggars belief that we live in the 21st century and so many people suffer from war, poverty and discrimination. That's why I believe so strongly in self-love. The world needs every single one of us to rise and shine, and you can't do that when you trapped in the diet-binge-loathe cycle. I say, do whatever it takes to heal your self-hatred so you can go live your life of awesomeness and change the world for the better!

How do you define confidence?

When you wholeheartedly love and accept yourself - all the shiny, jiggly, brilliant and dark parts of you - and are willing to be truly seen and heard in the world.


When was the last time you experienced pure, unadulterated joy? Can you give us the juicy details?

Fortunately, it wasn't that long ago! I've recently begun writing music again. For decades it was my world, and I've even got a degree in it. But I really struggled as a musician. I found it difficult to sustain myself financially and a few years ago, I gave up. I got a "real job" and didn't write any music at all during that time.

But working with my coaching clients, I was inspired to try writing personalised meditation music. Boy, did it pay off! The music has been flowing effortlessly and there was one point in the studio where I was as high as a kite on the music, laughing my head off at how happy I was to be there. Sometimes, I can't believe this is my life. I am so utterly blessed.

What makes you feel most ENLIVENED?

Connecting with my tribe - on and offline, being part of a movement of love, being grounded in my body, and being of service.


Combining my passions with a business I love makes me feel…

Two of my core desired feelings - Vital and Insightful. For me vital is doing something that matters, being creative, having a purpose and cultivating postitive change. Insightful means that I'm able to learn, tap into my deep wisdom, and shine a light for others.

I am MOST grateful for…

My partner Sean; my positive posse (you know who you are); living in a space and time that is free from war and where good food is plentiful; the interwebs.

I secretly wish I could…

Dance like a pro. I mean - I can cut a rug, don't get me wrong. But the choreography and moves I pull off in my head? Well, that stuff would win me So You Think You Can Dance!

To me, the words 'Such Different Skies' mean...

A movement, transition or transformation. The way you see the world after a conscious awakening.


Tahlee Rouillon is the Major Instigator of The Attitude Revolution and a Fighter Pilot of Love. She shoots down body hate with her love lasers (pew pew pew!) so you can ditch the diet-binge-loathe cycle and do a 180 towards loving who you are and the body you’re in. March over to her website to get your free Tactical Mood Transformer, so you can achieve your health goals with ease and consistency.

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    • Emma
      8 May 2013

      Tahlee, I love your fabulous stuff. Love love love it. You inspire me :)

      • 8 May 2013

        She's brilliant!

    • 8 May 2013

      Whatta babe! Love everything Tahlee stands for - she's smart as hell, fierce and can cut'ah ze rug! What's not to love?

      Can't wait to see her shine her light even brighter this year. xo

    • tamlin
      8 May 2013

      well done honey! great snaps, love the words too

    • Tahlee
      16 May 2013

      Naw. Thanks ladies. Feeling the love and beaming it right back atcha. Mwah!

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