1 May 2013

Such Different Vixens: Rachel MacDonald

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Such Different Vixens

If you haven't already discovered Rach MacDonald, and subsequently fallen in love, then buckle yourself in.

And then- if you ever get the ridiculous privilege of meeting her in person- your heart will inevitably melt even more, because in the flesh, she surpasses the beauty, grace and kindess that she shows up with online.

You can take all of that enthusiasm and vigour for life, and all of that thoughtfulness that pours out onto the pages of her wildly popular blog In Spaces Between, and magnify it with a zoom lens, and then, you'll be getting closer.

Rach and I have an ACTUAL love story. She is my sweet, sweet friend who I am constantly both proud of and mesmerised by. I love it when she picks up the phone with a high pitched 'Hi babe!', I love the way she speaks about her love, Ramai, and I especially love it when she says the F word.

She is spectacularly beautiful, inside and out, and hands down, the sweetest human being I have ever met.

I've made a bit of a habit out of summing up these Vixens in one word. Rach's word? Everlasting, always present, forever joyful LOVE. Good old fashioned - yet utterly profound - LOVE.


Sum up your mission in one sentence.

To move women into their magnificence by empowering them to dream bigger, slice through fears and limiting beliefs, connect back up to their true selves and own their greatness!

Can you share with us one of your most vulnerable moments (and in hindsight, what made it so beautiful?).

A recent shaky-knees moment was at a public speaking course where I had to stand up and speak to a group of people with barely enough time to get my head around what I was going to say, let alone rehearse it.

What made it so beautiful was that it shone a light on that part of me that needs to contemplate things to find the right answer, and allowed me to instead just trust my intuition and go for it on the spot. A pretty exhilarating oh-hey-I’m-totally-outta-my-comfort-zone-but-it’s-sweet experience.

What turns you on?

My husband. Blogging. Photography. Awesome writing. Exercise. Meditation. Our Vitamix. New stationery. Astrology, crystals, Reiki, oracle cards – anything metaphysical. Scandinavian design. Apple products. Alexander Wang bags. Miracles ‘n’ magic.

What makes your blood boil?

Thankfully this is a rare occurrence these days, but it absolutely kills me to hear of someone hurting or being dishonest to any of my friends or family.

How do you define confidence?

Self-belief. It’s about turning inwards for answers rather than seeking validation outwardly. Having an unshakeable foundation of trust not only in what you can do (your abilities) but who you are (your essence).

Can I just say here, it’s HOT-AS-HELL seeing true confidence in action. Phwoar!

When was the last time you experienced pure, unadulterated joy? Can you give us the juicy details?

I try and live my life from a place of joy daily, so there’s plenty of rollicking good times and lots of laughter in my world, but a recent special memory was playing soccer with my husband, my Dad, step-mum and my half-brother and sister (who are 6 and 3 years old) in the backyard, sun coming down, all of us chasing the ball around in fits of laughter.

It took me right back to my childhood and was such an incredible reminder of the beauty of simplicity. We’ve got all the gadgets in the world these days but there’s nothing more sublime than time spent outside, connecting and appreciating life with the people you love.

What makes you feel most ENLIVENED?

SO much!

+ Heading to the beach every morning to marvel at the sun coming up over the ocean.

+ Travel. Glorious, mind-blowing, heart-expanding adventures in far off places.

+ Connecting with joyful souls that I feel like I’ve known forever (after a minute of meeting them).

+ A few parts of a long run – the bit where I hit my stride and can feel the energy pumping through my cells; the sprint home where my heart is beating out of my chest but I feel accomplished and totally stoked; the pulse-y, endorphin rush that I feel for hours afterwards. Nothing better.

Also: coaching extraordinary women; writing that flows easily; green juice; good music – either raw ‘n’ powerful or something I can move my body to; making things with my hands; deep belly laughs with my soul sisters; LOVE.

Combining my passions with a business I love makes me feel ….

Incredibly grateful. Super inspired. Deeply, deeply fulfilled.

It feels right.

I am MOST grateful for…

My husband, family, friends (my beautiful clients included), health, where I live… and that we live in an age where women are freely tapping into their soul’s purpose and creating businesses that allow them to share their gorgeous gifts with the world.

I secretly wish I could…

Dance… like MJ. ‘Cause this is Thriller…’

To me, the words 'Such Different Skies' mean...

One of my favourite quotes is this one by Anais Nin: “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are” and to me, that sums up Such Different Skies.

Each of us is looking at the world through the lens of our own experience, conditioning and desires, but even though our ‘skies’ might look different, we’re all in this together. An eclectic band of merry-makers looking to love and be loved.


Rachel MacDonald is a Life and Blog Coach, writer and creator of In Spaces Between. Problogger deemed her one of the "Top 15 Bloggers to Watch in 2013" and through one-on-one coaching, e-products and her blog, Rach moves women into their magnificence by empowering them to dream (way) bigger, slice through fears and limiting beliefs and truly own their greatness.

For more from Rach, join the In Spaces Between tribe on Facebook and grab your FREE copy of her eBook More Magic, All the Time: 20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever by clicking here.

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    • 1 May 2013

      Couldn't agree more - Rach is divine! Loved this profile x

    • 1 May 2013

      Oh that lady. What a sparkling gem she is!

      Her words are always so beautiful and I was so lucky to work with her and learn from her. It truly changed my life.

      And your friendship... It's the epitome of soul sisters. You're both just wonderful. :) xx

      • 1 May 2013

        Oh honey, so grateful that we've crossed paths. A big parcel o' warm squeezes are being sent your way right now. Adore you. x

      • Tara
        1 May 2013

        I'm not surprised honey! She changed my life too!

        Love you x

    • 1 May 2013

      Tara, that introduction was not only spot on, but incredibly heart felt. What a special connection you both clearly have. And a wonderful insight into Rach.
      Thanks for sharing this one.
      Helen xx

      • 1 May 2013

        Helen! Beautiful Helen. Thank you so much. A special connection is bang on, very lucky to have this woman in my life. x

      • Tara
        1 May 2013

        Thank you Helen! I was telling Rach than I spent aaggggeeeesssss staring blankly at my keyboards like a stunned mullet; not quite sure of where to start writing about someone so special to me. It took a thousand and one edits, but finally- I got there!

        Great to see you on Sunday night! x

    • 1 May 2013

      Great, great interview Rach. Loved every bit.

      And yes, if we could all dance like MJ... :)

    • 1 May 2013

      I loveee seeing both you + Rach together. Magical magical connection that obviously creates "miracles n magic"! Much love and deep gratitude for having both you women in my life! :)

      • Tara
        1 May 2013

        :D Yeah I dig her HARD and count my blessings every day.

        MWA x

    • 1 May 2013

      Stunning ladies, beautiful. It's so lovely to see such an open and wonderful friendship, the love you have for each other beams wide.

      Tara your introduction is so special.

      Rachel, thank you for being you and spreading your joy

      • Tara
        1 May 2013

        Thank you sweet Amy! Y'know what? It really DOES beam wide. Love you

    • Tahlee
      1 May 2013

      I swoon a little more each time I see / hear you Rach. You generous, giving, gorgeous vixen, you.

      ps - ohmgosh we have the same secret wish!!! :D

      • 1 May 2013

        I may or may not have looked up MJ tutorials on YouTube once (2 months ago). May or may not have. x

    • Kate // Betty Means Business
      1 May 2013

      What a great interview! I'm loving this series!

      Time for a declaration: I'm girl crushing so hard on Rachel MacDonald! Everything I see from her resonates thoroughly with her mission, and feels somehow wrapped up in a delicious openness, kindness and generosity. Her work and virtual presence are beautiful and SO incredibly beyond inspiring!

      And Rach, Scandinavian design + Apple everything + Alexander Wang? Amen sister!

      Big love to you both xo

      • Tara
        1 May 2013

        More Rach! More Rach! More Rach!

        CANNOT get enough

        Love you x

      • 1 May 2013

        Biggest love lady - you know I'm your biggest fan! God I can't wait to meet you (soon I hope!) so we can chat for hours about... well... everything! xx

    • 1 May 2013

      What I love about seeing your friendship (online) is the genuine support you give to each other. It's so lovely to see so many women getting together and not being nasty or sabotaging. There is so much uplifting of each other and that is a beautiful thing. No high school bitching going on around here! :)

      • Tara
        1 May 2013

        This is such a beautiful comment, thank you.

        Rach and I speak often about this, and we hope our friendship can be living proof of the support and love that's possible with online (and real life) friendships.

        Compare no more.

    • 1 May 2013

      AMEN. A-freaking-MEN. x

    • 2 May 2013

      Just to add to the Rachel love here ... Yes ... She is my gem that I searched for and found. It's a beautiful thing when someone is so warm and so genuine that you can trust them with your heart from day 1 ... X

    • 8 May 2013

      Such a beautiful introduction and interview - I feel a little bit closer to you both. Can't wait to hear you speak on Thursday Rach!
      Lots of love and big hugs to you both! xxx

    • chantelle
      16 May 2013

      This interview made me tingle. I have never had the pleasure of meeting you Rach but i have been following your beautiful blog for a little while now. And i can say from the my whole heart that you have changed my life. Every post, every inspirational picture, every caring and generous thing you write screams LOVE. so thank you for bringing love into my life. chantelle xx

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