12 June 2013

Such Different Vixens: Lisa Mitchell

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What a sweet heart.

Can I count the ways in which I adore this Aussie singer-songwriter-musician? I doubt it, but off the top of my head; Lisa's whimsical, insanely talented, super-grounded, and honours her health, which is something we seldom see in the industry she's in. She's obsessed with super foods, a romantic wordsmith, and her instagram feed feels like warm hug.

I don't know what it is, but there's a real wisdom to her energy. She's soft and gentle and feminine- the type of feminine that I feel us women so readily try and mask, hide or swallow down.

But more than that, she's kind. From the few emails we've sent back and forth, and the occasional insty shout-out, this is one little ditty that I simple cannot wait to meet in person, and squeeze. And her cute, awkward dancing in this film clip makes me melt. Smile. Giggle. All of it.

Fall in love with Lisa Mitchell.

Sum up your mission in one sentence.

To do and be what I love and to never stop dreaming!

Can you share with us one of your most vulnerable moments (and in hindsight, what made it so beautiful?).

Being on a TV show at 16 was a pretty vulnerable moment for me! (Australian Idol in 2006). I got a fair way through it so I really got the full experience. For a long time afterwards, I felt confused about what had happened, what it meant to me, how others had perceived me, and so on! But now I think of my younger self and think, 'Aww what a cutie! She was just following her heart! Good on her!!!' I met so many amazing musical people during that process, realised that I could totally do music as a 'serious job' (not that it's that serious!) 100% for my whole life if I wanted to (!!) and I completely skipped school and final exams! (YES!!!) It has taken me a long time and a lot of growing up, to allow myself to appreciate what being on the show meant!


What turns you on?

Truth! When me and the people around me are living fully expressed and unashamed of their own weird and wonderful ways! It's not bloody easy but f*%k it's sexy!

What makes your blood boil?

When myself or people around me are are doing things we don't like. That's the opposite of what life is. The Law of Attraction is: like attracts like. Why would we attract more dislikes into our lives!?!?! Boring!

How do you define confidence?

Confidence radiates from the inside. It isn't the life-of-the-party stereotype that we are used to. I know some 'quiet' people who are beautifully confident. They practise what they preach. They stick to the lighted path even when everyone else has gone. But I think another really important trap Aussies and Brittish people get sucked into is the tall-poppy syndrome where we are embarrassed to speak out and to celebrate ourselves internally and externally! Screw that! My family has Scottish origin and I've spent my whole life in Australian schools - so I know very well how to act sheepish, but I don't anymore because I like doing things with my life! It's that simple, it blocks you. Australia and Britain are seriously scared of speaking up, isn't it crazy? It means we have to be a lot more forgiving of ourselves and others when we choose to speak out as we make a lot more mistakes (of course) but we're playing ball and that is living.

When was the last time you experienced pure, unadulterated joy? Can you give us the juicy details?

Last night while dancing! 100% sober ecstatic delicious dancing! I've started going to a wonderful dance experience called 5 Rhythms. It was started by American dancer, Gabrielle Roth in the 70's. It is like movement meditation! Pure, free and unchoreographed intuitive movement based on 5 Rhythms, Flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. It's completely gorgeous. And my boyfriend goes, for any men reading this, and he loves it. (For Melbourne people it's 7.30pm at the church on the corner of Nicholson St and Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy North.)

What makes you feel most ENLIVENED?

Dancing, singing, telling stories, listening to stories, listening to singers/musicians/dancers... Watching my garden grow! Feeling and seeing the changes in consciousness in myself and the people around me... LEARNING about things I LOVE! I went to the David Wolfe conference last week (he is the most entertaining superfoods & superherbs GURU in the world!) and I feel so enlivened!


Combining my passions with a business I love makes me feel ...

Stressed! Bahaha! That was the first word that came to mind! It is stressful when you care about something and want to make a living out of it. But the benefits are that it's adding more reason to use your gifts, to channel your messages, concious and subconscious, to the greater community. That is living to me.

Few people know this about me, but I ...

Am an avid organic gardener! I will have my own permaculture farm one day.

I secretly wish I could ...

Coast through life all the time. And I know I wouldn't learn anything, so I immediately take that back. But it would be nice to be able to hit 'coast' now and again ; ) I'm slowly learning how to make my own button, hehe.

To me, the words 'Such Different Skies' mean ...

A new perspective on something you think you knew so well! Refreshing, empowering and hopeful!


Check out Lisa's youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/lisamitchellmusic and find her on instagram and Twitter: @lisahmitchell

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    • Tamara
      12 June 2013

      Ah! I love Lisa! This was beautiful. Xo

    • 12 June 2013

      Aaaaw, I love it when artists whose work I love turn out to be awesome people as well!

      This is a great articulation of the realisation that you can actually follow your dreams. To realise that at 16 is such a blessing - so many people end up chained to their cubicle/desk/inbox existence and only realise too late what is actually possible.

      But of course, following those dreams ain't necessarily an easy path. However, I can't help thinking that it is the *right* path, not only for ourselves and our souls, but for the whole planet... X

    • Chloe
      12 June 2013

      Thank you Tara and Lisa, what a beautiful interview. My favourite quote is this one:

      "...we have to be a lot more forgiving of ourselves and others when we choose to speak out as we make a lot more mistakes (of course) but we’re playing ball and that is living."

      What a gem. I think I'll carry that one with me for a while. X

    • 13 June 2013

      She is ridiculously adorable :) and so damn wise!

    • Jessie @undermybodhitree
      13 June 2013

      Love this girl, her music and her view on life. Xo

    • Jessica Nazarali
      13 June 2013

      What a sweetheart!

    • Melina
      18 June 2013

      Lisa is such a beautiful soul and it shines through in her music...whenever I need to smile I put on her music!!!!

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