3 April 2013

Such Different Vixens - Jess Ainscough

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Such Different Vixens

Seriously, where the bloody hell do I start?

How can you sum up someone so beautiful, so generous, so humble and so vibrant in a single paragraph? I'm not sure whether I can...

Australia's very own Wellness Warrior needs no introduction, but what you do need to know is this - behind her wildly successful blog, her freakish capacity to create blog articles, eBooks and online programs prolifically, and her million dollar smile - is a girl just like you and me.

What I love MOST about Jess is that she's the epitome of the 'girl-next-door'. She sometimes makes weird noises when she laughs. She's obsessed with karaoke, and she truly has a heart of gold. Oh, and she's like, the best role model you could ever imagine. Ever.

I adore her. Let's learn more.


Sum up your mission in one sentence.

To tell my story and have it heal the world.

Can you share with us one of your most vulnerable moments (and in hindsight, what made it so beautiful?).

The first time I told ALL of my story to a room full of people was probably the most vulnerable I've been. I was standing in front of 300 people and I told my story - all of it - the raw, real, stuff that would be easy to be ashamed of. It was beautiful because it brought me closer to every single person in that room. It made me relatable, and it also gave them permission to be completely honest and authentic with their own stories.

What turns you on?

Raw desserts, Ed Sheeran singing covers of other people's songs, green smoothies, massive salads packed with all sorts of excitement, speaking to crowds of people, Channing Tatum in Magic Mike :), spending every Thursday with my boy (Thursday Fun-Day), cuddles with my pug, daydreaming about the future.

What makes your blood boil?

Animal cruelty and factory farming. I can't comprehend how human beings can 1) knowingly harm our beautiful innocent animal friends and 2) turn a blind eye to the horror that is the factory farming system. It's a system that needs to be made illegal!!

How do you define confidence?

Complete self acceptance - where self-love oozes through your presence.

When was the last time you experienced pure, unadulterated joy? Can you give us the juicy details?

I aim to experience pure joy on a daily basis - it's become a priority for me. And I try to experience joy in little things like walking on the beach, taking in the view from Mount Coolum, playing with my dog, dancing in my bedroom, eating amazing food etc. But one special moment that sticks out recently was from a weekend at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat with our gorgeous friends Rachel and Melissa. We had a session called Body Play, which was a choreograph-free dance-inspired class where we had to move our bodies in whatever form we wanted to. The session was judgement-free and so much fun! And seeing the joy on the other girls' faces heightened my experience even more.

What makes you feel most ENLIVENED?

Spending time in nature, marvelling at just how freaking magnificent it is. I start every day with a hike up Mount Coolum - instant enlivening!


Combining my passions with a business I love makes me feel… Liberated, powerful, constantly inspired, fulfilled and always supported.

I am MOST grateful for… My incredible support team - my parents, my boyfriend Tallon and my pug dog Edie.

I secretly wish I could… Sing!

To me, the words 'Such Different Skies' mean... The ability to see things differently. To be comfortable with a sudden switch in perception, and to be open to the possibility that things are completely different to what they seem.


Jess Ainscough is a writer, speaker, health coach and cancer kickin’ Wellness Warrior. As the creator of the popular website, The Wellness Warrior, Jess writes daily articles on courage, kindness, self-respect — as well as practical how-to’s for shopping, cooking, juicing and nourishing your body. She is also the creator of the revolutionary guide to mind-body reinvention, The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide.

This year, Jess will have her first book published with Hay House called Make Peace With Your Plate: How To End Your Tortured Relationship With Food.

Connect with her here.


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    • 3 April 2013

      Freaking LOVE this ladies...Thank you for being in my life and shining your light so bright both of you.

      I love you FOREVER..xxxxxxx

    • 3 April 2013

      Gorgeous Tara! Love your introduction and such a beautiful feature by Jess.

      See you beautiful souls tonight xxx

    • Em Ehlers
      3 April 2013

      Ah! Love you both. So inspiring.

    • Juliet Turalski @ Julesinspired
      3 April 2013

      Awesome interview! Love both of you and the inspiring lives you are living. Jess, you turned me onto Ed Sheeran - thank you. :)

    • 3 April 2013

      A beautifully inspiring girl on a beautifully inspiring blog! Winning combo! xx

    • Jacky
      3 April 2013

      Beautiful! You are both total inspirations xx

    • Monique
      3 April 2013

      This is so awesome Tara, you and Jess are both so beautiful and inspiring - thank you! xxxx

    • 3 April 2013

      You guys are so gorgeous. Loveesss.

      (And no kidding about raw desserts! Hehe! :))

    • Nicole Perhne @sunshineforthesoul.net
      3 April 2013

      Beautiful article Tara and Jess. Loved reading every single word, especially after hearing you speak tonight at the Self-Love event in Sydney. x

    • 4 April 2013

      Beautiful interview, awesome questions and you girls are SO AMAZING <3

    • Sabrina at MyMiBoSo
      4 April 2013

      Jess, you are such a gorgeous ray of light! Love the ease you express in your words and your energy through those gorgeous photos! Such loveliness!

    • Beth
      6 April 2013

      Beautiful article, thank you. I felt you sister when you started talking about factory farms.

      17 April 2014

      Anyone fundamentally help in making drastically discussions I would condition. That is the brand new My partner and i went to your website web site thereby considerably? I personally astonished with all the analysis you've made to produce this type of publish awesome. Superb pastime!

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