24 July 2013

Such Different Vixens: Alex Olsen

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At my Dads farm Such Different Vixens

Alex is angelic. For reals.

I think she's probably had about 763862827 past lives- she really is that engaging, that present, and that serene.

She's a Gold Coast local who I met a few months ago after we hooked up online, and I've been adoring her ever since.

She's so lit up- you know what I mean? Like, she's radiant, and absolutely beams from the inside out. And that creative soul of hers? Wow. The girl can make jewellery. My favourite jewellery. Jewellery which in her words, is purposeful, humble and intentional. Her pieces stir something in me; I can feel her love in them.

She's also an all round epic human being because she's a nomad at heart, and because well, she loves lemon meringue pie. Oh, how she knows the way to me heart.

Fall in love with this angel...


Sum up your mission in one sentence.

My one sentence: to create daily from a place of pure heart.

Through working with my hands, through violet gray and my intentional treasures, I hope to provide women with that reminder that when they look at their piece, it reminds them that… they are good enough, that they are beautiful, that they are worthy. So often we get caught up in the world of our monkey mind, believing the negative self-chat. My pieces are created to act as that visual and tactile reminder for your current intentions, a change of belief or just to make you feel special.

Can you share with us one of your most vulnerable moments (and in hindsight, what made it so beautiful?).

Choosing to give up my permanent employment and give myself permission to concentrate on violet gray full time. It is a beautiful thing to hold hands with your fear and march forward. In turn, for being courageous, this in itself makes me feel more beautiful.

What turns you on?

The smell of coffee in the morning, that blissed out feeling after a kick-ass yoga session, to-do-lists (Nerd!), crystals, waking up knowing that you have nothing to do that day, warm ocean swims, going to the airport, simple living in Asia, fresh coconuts delivered to your doorstep and my cute boyfriends scratchy facial hair.

What makes your blood boil?

To tell you the truth, not a whole lot. I am pretty accepting of each moment and encounter. I feel from a deep level that everybody is always just doing the best they can according to their level of awareness.

How do you define confidence?

The ability to not be affected by the outside world, or even if you are in some moments, to be you anyway. To skip to your own rhythm, live from a place of authenticity and to stand proud of whom you are. In a nutshell, to be completely comfortable in your own skin.

When was the last time you experienced pure, unadulterated joy? Can you give us the juicy details?

Probably last week when I completed my first half marathon. My little sister was in labour and had been for almost 35 hours when I began the run. I had only 4 hours sleep the night before as we had been at the hospital but when I began to run, I felt so alive. I felt motivated, humble and like there was no room to even whimper a complaint compared to the challenge she was facing. I ran faster than I even have, was quite emotional during the run and in that moment (or in that 2hrs), it was like I was taken over and I become the Tony Robbins of running. I was encouraging strangers, high fiving bystanders and ran with a big smile for the whole 21km. I just felt overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude for my life. I laugh at myself now when I think about it!

Looking back, how have you most GROWN?

This is a tricky one! I think my ability to roll with the punches. To not react from place of emotion, to be more adaptable and streamline. I know I have grown when I can consciously watch my thoughts and make the choice to be the bystander. I pretend they are clouds, just floating past me. It is so empowering. But then, I feel I am growing with each breath, we never stop.

Alex and Violet

Combining my passions with a business I love makes me feel ... Complete. Like I have finally arrived.. I love what I do, wholeheartedly. I love waking up in the morning feeling excited to be creating my days.

Few people know this about me, but I ... am blind as a bat! I have no idea how I even get those little beads on that wire! And with each piece I sell, I donate a portion of profit to a birthing foundation in Bali.

I secretly wish I could ... Speak and understand every single language.. So then when I travel, I could instantly switch it on! So much fun!

To me, the words 'Such Different Skies' mean ... The choice of how you view the world. Such Different Skies symbolises perception, each of us are unique and different. We all share the same sky, but we perceive it from a unique place.


I guess you could call me a gypsy with a eclectic past. From working at Channel 9, to working on Super Yachts in Turkey, to a chocolate shop and now (and always) a Jewellery Designer, I am one girl that loves to travel. Since 2005, I have been away and returned many times (living in NY, Spain, Turkey, travelling through Europe and the mediterranean on boats, to time in India, Thailand and a home in Bali). But now I am back and building a base on the Gold Coast. And a beautiful, enriching Violet Gray community! Although Bali could again become home. I have just jumped full time into VG as it is growing so wonderfully quickly. I need that long-overdue website and time for creative stillness. And I couldn't be more excited!

Connect with Alex and violet gray on Facebook, and make sure you check out the online store- it's delicious. Let's leave her some love in the comments :)


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    • Kristen
      24 July 2013

      Love this interview. Agree with you Tara, Alex is an old soul and she has this incredible calming effect on me. "to not react from a place of emotion" I love that.


    • 24 July 2013

      That video brought tears to my eyes. What an utterly divine thing to give to a new mother. The perfect little gift.
      What a beautiful soul. xx

    • Miss Mon
      24 July 2013

      You used so many fabulous and perfect adjectives to describe this angelic gypsy but another role she exceeds in is - Friend and soul sister. She is up there as one of the best people this planet has ever seen - she is inspiring. We have been friends for a REALLY long time and to this day she never feels far away. Not even when she was in the US / Turkey / Bali / India / Spain did she ever feel far away - she is a part of your soul when she is your friend and you know when she is thinking of you because you just feel like warmth - a light that lets you know she is ok - you are ok. My love for her is endless and whilst you are sharing about her - I wanted to contribute - Because she is worth it xox

    • Becs
      24 July 2013

      Total girl crush on Alex, she is such an inspiration. The message behind VG jewellery is just gorgeous - I welled up when I watched the vid too. xx

    • 24 July 2013

      I'm absolutely over the moon that you've featured this lovely lady, Tara. I'm blown away by the beautiful sentiment and intention behind each piece- if only everything we owned in life was as full of love as Alex's pieces are.

      I've just treated myself and bought a bracelet from the Etsy shop (yippee!) As Alex says in the video, you're always attracted to what you need most, so the beautiful Japanese orange, red and black bracelet was calling out to me big-time.

      Thank you so much lovely ladies and best of luck with violet gray, Alex- love your story and your work! xx

    • 24 July 2013

      What a beautiful soul. My insides were warmed, heart content..

    • 25 July 2013

      Wow, what an amazing artist. Her work and her business' mission is such a lovely story.

    • 25 July 2013

      Great interview. I absolutely love the video and the story of how Alex's jewellery range came about. Pure authenticity. J'adore!

    • Jessie
      29 July 2013

      I've only just watched this video now..geeeeeezzzz how much love and light does this girl shoot out! Goodness, she is just a beaming ray of sunshine, simply beautiful. xo

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