19 September 2013

Stuff Worth Sharing

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There are some incredible people in the world doing incredible things right now. Stuff that deserves a shout out. Shall we give these folks a round of applause for hustling they're little hearts in the name of passion and purpose? Let's.

Spirit Guide Connection Retreats

My gorgeous friend Karina Ladet is following a dream of hers and making the journey from France to Australia next month to hold intimate workshops with us Aussies.

Unfortunately I'll be in Bali at the time, and I'm sad I'll miss her. I really adore this woman, she's one of the most generous souls I've ever met, and I'll tell you what, she is a divinely open channel. She gave me a reading last year that left me bawling with tears of joy, and has made a similar impact on the majority of my clients (who have also sought her out). Here's what Karina has to say:

Join me for two Spirit Guide Connection Retreats, where you will learn how to communicate with your spirit guides and step into your soul's purpose. This is a unique opportunity both for beginners and for experienced healers, coaches and other light workers to connect deeply with who you are and receive clear intuitive guidance.

The first retreat will be held at Beautiful Bush Beginnings in a lovely house with an enchanted garden outside Brisbane (Birkdale) on October 19-20. The second one will be at Pachamama House in Kuranda, a magical place in the middle of the rainforest, onNovember 2-3. Join us for a weekend of guided meditations, laughter, tears, love and big shifts. Find out more and sign up here.



Corona Brady and Kirri White have teamed up to create Nourished, an online coaching program for women who are looking to transform their relationship with food and move to a greener, cleaner and more holistic way of living. I love a good collaboration! :)


Stunning Praise

Juliet honey, I love you. Thanks for bouncing into my life twelve months ago. This video really touched both Rach and I.

Ps: Are you inspired to make video testimonials now?  Man, I am! What a powerful way to say thank you. I'm-a write myself a list I reckon, and start sending sweet words out to those that have impacted me.



Tahlee Rouillon (one of my favourite bloggers  – and yay! she's a local girl) is the brains and voice behind the most incredible meditation music to ever saunter its way into my skull. The first time I listened to Allied Forces, I wept.

The beat, her voice – it moves you, carrying your meditation to powerful places. I listen to it as I'm writing, when I'm sitting at the beach, and when I'm doing crystal healings.

Actually, if Spirited has a soundtrack, Tahlee's music would be it. No word of a lie.

Get around it, here*.

*This is an affiliate link.


Hello Sunday Morning


This website is amazing! I can't even tell you how much it inspires me to see other people and organisations offering young people around the world an opt-out from the Party Trap. It's absolutely free to take part in, and you can decide if you want to stay sober for 3 or 12 months. Set goals along the way to keep you focused, and connect with other HSM-ers.

Oh, and by the way, I've committed to 3 months of sobriety.

Speaking of sobering up, Ashley from Your Super Awesome Life is giving away a spot in my online program, The Party Girls Guide to Peace today, on her blog. Check it out, right here.


And finally...

Susana's Group Immersions: True Desires & Real Priorities

My girl Susana Frioni is bringing her powerhouse presence to small, intimate groups around Queensland. This woman rocks it, and I should know, because she's holding space in these immersions in the same way she did for our winter retreat back in July.

How it works + Who’s it for

These GROUP IMMERSIONS are part reflective, part how-to and 100% soul-centered and inspirational.  With me as your guide, we’ll be celebrating where you’ve already been,honouring where you are right now and visioning where you are going (and why!).  We’re not talking 1 year plans, 3 year plans or 5 year plans…we’re working on a 6 month timeframe to keep this potent and powerful.  By the end of the day, you will be very clear on your true desires and your real priorities.  Plus, you’ll have the support of other like-minded peeps.

These GROUP IMMERSIONS are for women who are seeking more clarity, more focus, more connection, more expansion, more wholeness and more intuitive guidance in the realm of their life and their career.

To find out more, and to hear some killer feedback from some of Susana's stoked folks, click here.


As I take a moment to look over this list I have to pinch myself as I soak in the goodness from the community around me who are shamelessly being generous and bold; moving steadfastly into bigger versions of themselves.  It takes guts to launch, to put yourself out there, to say Thank You! so publicly. I salute you, friends.

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    • Jade
      19 September 2013

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Tara! And t'is nice to have you back on your blog!

      Loved the sound meditation! Reminds me of Tom Kenyon's stuff (his pituitary gland meditation is better than drugs!)

      Thanks again, xxx

      • Tahlee
        19 September 2013

        Thanks Jade. Sound is so powerful, hey?! :)

    • Tahlee
      19 September 2013

      Freakin' MAAAASIVE salute to you Miss Bliss. This round up is epic (and I'm honoured to be on it).

      Big love girl.

    • 19 September 2013

      Oh, Tara, you are the sweetest and most generous friend! Thank you for sharing and I am so honored to be mentioned next to such amazing people (Juliet: You blow my mind!). Sending you so much love and good vibes, Karina

    • 19 September 2013

      Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I have landed amongst such a supportive, encouraging and inspiring bunch of flowers such as the women you have listed above! I cannot shout Karina's, Corona's or Juliet's praises enough either - you're a beautiful gem to continue to share the love Tara girl. x

    • 19 September 2013

      Tingling with gratitude to be doing this work together! Thank you - ALL of you fabulous women xx

    • 19 September 2013

      Such a beautiful, beautiful collection of soul, creativity and authenticity. I've learned so much already from many of these lovely people- can't wait to see what the future holds! Thanks my love! xx

    • 19 September 2013

      Feeling so much love within this one post. It's incredible the bond sisters (souls) can make from thousands of miles away. It's quite simply amazing - and I'm so damn proud to be a part of such a powerful bond. So much love to you Tara, Karina, Corona,Tahlee, Kirri, and Susana x

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