5 May 2014

Where Your Soul Sisters At? Connect with Your Tribe, Girl!

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Community. Soul Sisters. Ceremony. Sacred communion. Booming laughter fit to fall down from the heavens.

I simply cannot get enough of it. Where has this been all my life? This love, these opportunities, these memories that are precious to make. Perhaps it has all been here this entire time, and instead of landing in my open at the ready heart, they've been rebounding off of me as I burrow back into my coy caccoon (a more likely scenario). But now, I am here, joining hands, raising the roof with my giggles, having the deep conversations, just because. Because it makes me feel like more of a woman to join hands, giggle and have those deep conversations with other women.

Also, I want to contribute in any which way I can to that sense of thriving community that causes sparks to fly. I wanna help cultivate it. After the staggering feedback I've heard from a few recent Such Different Vixens interviews, I have decided to - for the most part - keep Vixens lasered in on local talent.  My nation wide and international readers (who I adore like cray), brace yourself for a bevvy of South East Queensland dreamers, creators, goddesses. This little pocket of the world is rife with big-heartedness, and I want to play my part in sharing them with you.

But I digress. This post is about you. It's about inspiring you to muster the moxie to go grab your girls.

Sometimes, it's not enough to meticulously craft our vision boards and journal for days the sweet nothings that we long for. True manifestation requires us to first understand - cellularly and energetically - that we are worthy of fan-freaking-tastic friendships, then that we are ready for them, and open to them. And then, we must...

Make the first move.

Make the Universe shift seismically for you (because when you step first, it will. It's a given).

There's two intentions nestled into this video. 1) I hope I can inspire you to make that first move in finding your people, and 2) I'm pre-announcing (is that even a concept?) something I've been putting together for a few weeks now - my Blissed Out Winter Coaching Immersion.

Click PLAY, lay-day!



And now... for your community notice board!

1. Susana's Love Sex Desire EMBODIED Sacred Dance Party!


Words fail. I am THAT excited about this. You coming to bust a move with me?


2. Also this Friday night, my girl Alex Olsen (creator of that umnistakable jewellery brand, Violet Gray) is being featured at Revolution, in Currumbin.

10171248_10100469926310839_8015002684657816172_n LINE

3. There's another cacao ceremony this Saturday, May 10th at Ananta in Byron Bay...


... and yes, I'm going.


4. My kinesiologist, Anita, is co-hosting a Petite Retreat, this Saturday May 10th at Kirra Hill Community Centre...

10331641_1422466314681446_567219736_n... and I'll be there.


5. Jo Klima is hosting her first Make Art Monday meet up in Brisbane, May 26.


Do you follow this revolution on Instagram (@thedarlingtree)? You should.

LINEYou're welcome :)

Alright sweet potato, I want a commitment out of you.

For those of you hooked up with those sisters that make your spirit sing, how are you going to connect with them (and I mean REALLY connect with them) this week?

And for those of you who are ready to come out of that coy caccoon – much like I did – how are you going to make the first move this week? What action will you take? I want to hear from you, below.

Go right ahead and share this post with your people :)


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    • Alexandra
      5 May 2014

      You've hit the nail right on the head for me today Tara! I fully immersed myself into a healing and holistic world recovering from a serious illness, although I have incredible friends around me I feel slightly alone in this new world I transported into. I get a buzz beyond belief every day practising self love,my mediation, yoga, sipping my lovely green juices ect just wish I could be sharing it with more like minded people. I've got this deep feeling there is a tribe of sisters( or brothers!) out there just need to find them. I think your absolutely right about putting your self out there,I'm not gonna meet people doing my asanas on my bedroom floor!!!!!! so I'm taking your wise words on board with me today. Big love from the Uk

      • 7 May 2014

        Hi Alexandra
        Just wondering where in the UK you are?
        Carly x

      • Alexandra
        10 May 2014

        Hiya Carly I live in Brighton.x

      • Carly
        12 May 2014

        Hey, I'm in kent so not too far! I love Brighton x

      • alexandra
        15 May 2014

        Its not a bad spot old Brighton.!! my email is alex.young75@hotmail.co.uk

    • 5 May 2014

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Last year I really worked to manifest a big, bold group of inspiring, glorious women in my life. And right now they are literally appearing from thin air, right outta the blue, in every single little nook and cranny of my life! The connections have been instantaneous and so extremely deep. I never knew these kind of relationships could exist! Truly, truly glorious! Thank you for inspiring me and helping me understand that I am deserving of this kinda bliss! So much love to you Tara.
      P.s. Cannot wait to shake it with you on Friday night :)

    • Tanya
      6 May 2014

      Thanks for sharing Tara, I might see you at the cacoa ceremony. I'm in bryon bay from sydney thus weekend for the bryon bay triatholon, so if I'm not cemented to my bed, I'll see you there!

    • 6 May 2014

      This is definitely something I feel is lacking in my life. I think there is such an inspiring group of amazing ladies in Australia and I haven't felt that here so you know what that means :) It's time to create it!

      I love how you have realized how important this is for your soul and as a women. I feel the same way and as I embark on a new journey in my life I am putting it out there that I need this in my life. :)

    • Em
      6 May 2014

      Deeply grateful for this post Tara!! After spending the weekend immersed in Danielle Laporte books (making up for the fact I didn't make it to melbourne!) I noticed some of my strongest desires at the moment are Depth and Connection!
      You are a bloody amazing, open-hearted, radiant women!
      Thank you for rocking your authentic self so well x
      P.S hopefully see you at the cacao ceremony :)

    • Vanessa
      6 May 2014

      Thank you for the link to the make art monday - I've been looking for ways to increase creativity in my life this year and that looks perfect! And it fits well, being in person :)

    • 6 May 2014

      You are so very special..... shine brightly stardust! xx

    • Nc - A Spectacular Life
      6 May 2014

      Tara, I have been feeling the same for a little bit now. There is nothing but love coming to me online,but I crave that personal face to face connection.
      I'm in Melbourne, and don't worry I have considered moving north just to be around the tribe of awesome chicks up there!
      Until then....I'm gonna find me some Melboure beauties! Maybe we can have our own Cacao ceremony.....
      Thank you for this push. I needed it.

    • 6 May 2014

      Gorgeous message today Tara. It's hard to believe that only a year ago I was craving community, friendships and connection. These days I'm out there making them happen and have found myself some absolute angels to surround myself with.

      It was through attending workshops and events and enrolling myself in courses that I made these connections.


    • Anna
      6 May 2014

      This is so what I needed right now. Within the past year I've been emersing myself in the world of natural health, meditation, yoga and spirituality. However, having moved to a new area, I don't know anyone, and am feeling lonely and isolated in meeting like minded people I can connect with. Tara, do you have any fellow UK tribe?


      • 7 May 2014

        Anna I'm in the uk - where are you?
        Carly x

      • Anna
        7 May 2014

        Hi Carly,

        I've just moved to a place near Bristol, where are you based? xx

      • Carly
        8 May 2014

        Ahh I'm in kent so quite a way from you. X

    • Annika
      6 May 2014

      Oh my, you're so right. Your message almost made me cry, it hit me so hard. I never was one with a big circle of friends, and my friends are scattered all over. But in the last couple of month I've been deeply craving sisterhood, soul connections, people who are actually here with me physically. Maybe your video was the nudge I needed to finally go out and make it happen. So thank you for that! You and your blog are amazing!

    • 6 May 2014

      Oh Tara I love this and am another one of those who totally looks up to and admires you and your bunch of soul sistas! I am SO lucky to have a ridiculously incredible group of friends, many of whom I grew up with, but I am still craving connection with new people.

      The brunch with the girls from BE+BH was such an amazing starting point for me and the ladies I connected with on that morning are super awesome in such different ways and I just know already that some of them will be great friends and sources of inspiration and joint excitement in a totally different way than other people I hang out with.

      Thanks for the inspiration to get out there and make some more connections with wonderful women - really digging the feminine energy at the moment it is blowing my mind (I totally agree with there being something in the planets too!!)


    • Katie
      7 May 2014

      I had been craving IRL female friends for many years and when I moved the last time I committed to making that happen. First I wanted to hold space for a community in my home that didn't have anything else to do with my work. So I started Community Cake and now I have woman coming over for cake, coffee and conversation every other month.


      And then I had the same thought your having about taking my business out from behind the screen to come face-to-face with the lovely community that wants to do the work. So I partnered with my soul sister to create Lifestyle Design Camp.


      Now that both of these things are in my life I am so grateful that I had the courage to take the first steps. My life and community have amplified.

    • Lizzy
      7 May 2014

      Tara you are such a mind-reader as always. When you mentioned the organic dinner, meditation and yoga, every week, with a group of awesome women, I felt a really strong pull. I wish, wish wish I had this connection. In fact, you've totally inspired me to pursue something like this in London. Thank you thank you. x

    • 7 May 2014

      Oh darling girl... YES YES YES!

      I long for that connection. To be in the presence of my soul sisters. Those beautiful emails back and forth are one thing - but that soul connection in person?! Nothing like it. I crave it.

      Now to get off this computer and get out there... Thank you. xx

    • Sabina
      7 May 2014

      Love this post. Love this video. Love you. If I could, I would : ) I'm in Melbourne and magnetising my tribe here. Yes! x

    • 7 May 2014

      Hi Tara
      This is fab. We all need and crave connection but it can be hard to find.
      A lot of replies seem to be from UK girls so if anyone is local to Kent come say hi :-) - how cool would that be if connections were actually made directly from this post!

      Recently I started a yoga class and I love the intention of 'going' more than anything. I'm trying to balance health stuff but this summer I want to connect and do/try more ... And build a tribe too.
      Carly xx

    • Sophie- Charmed Heart
      7 May 2014

      Thank you for this post! It's things like this that keep me confident that one day I will find connection and community again. And its wonderful the positives that come from the journey to find it! I've become so confident in myself and my authenticity, and I'm really proud of my strength in still having faith and hope to keep putting myself out there and trying to find my tribe even after several years of lack in that regard. Its this that makes me trust that it will happen and to keep being patient.

    • 8 May 2014

      This couldn't have come to me at a more important time. I have been struggling with loneliness ever since moving back to California from NZ. I feel like I have no soul sisters to connect with here. But I know that is not true...I am totally guilty and haven't put the energy out there. I've been doing some inner soul searching and now I'm ready to emerge from the caccoon. Since listening to your video and reading your blog, I have made plans to go to a yoga festival this weekend to spread my wings with other like-minded individuals. I feel motivated and inspired by your post. Much gratitude for sharing with all of us and being a such a gem. Big love. Namaste~

    • Katie
      24 May 2014

      Wow Tara, I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime for something like your winter immersion...!!! I'm a sunny coast girl but am living in South Africa at the moment so unfortunately can't come but would be so stoked to hear how it goes and if you consider doing more in the years to come...

      This video is really on target for me, I feel like I really struggle in authentically connecting with people but it's what I crave the most. I really admire your courage in just getting out there and talking about the sh*t that no one really talks about.. the real stuff. Am new to your blog and soaking it up :)

      Thanks so much.
      katie x

    • Colette
      24 May 2014

      Tara, I believe the need for soul sisters is a part of every girls makeup. After an extended period of illness and soul searching, and the expulsion of toxic friendships from my life, leaving my party girl lifestyle, I am now at a point where I crave new friendships, new beginnings, new soul sisters to laugh with and share my wellness journey with. Although I have needed to spend more time with myself, I crave the interaction, the connection, authentic conversations, the deep friendships. I am now a clean slate, I am starting afresh, coming out of my isolation. I live in the gold coast hinterland, probably not far from yourself Tara, and it is so easy to hide away in the beautiful wilderness of my home. But I know that there is also so much beauty to be found on the coast and to be enjoyed with great people. By continuing to fill my days with gratitude, kindness, good food, happy thoughts, these friendships and connections will naturally surface. I intend to look for new opportunities to connect with new people, attend workshops, keep learning and growing. I seem to be drawn constantly back to your blog and your posts and you have inspired me to commit to taking the first step and finding my tribe. I need to book in for coaching with you. I would be honoured to meet you and to soak up more of your knowledge and insight. Glad to know you are also so local, I will definitely be in touch, Thanks, Colette x

      • Tara
        25 May 2014

        Atta girl honey, get out there :) xo

    • 15 June 2014

      You know I adore and value each and every one of your posts....absolute treasure vaults for me Tara.

      If there are any Melbourne tribe seekers here, let's connect!

      My email is rebecca@mygoodnessorganics.com.au so we can make awesome stuff happen for each other :)

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