27 March 2020

Solid Advice From My Man

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Hello beautiful,

Felt it time to write you a note. I’m handwriting this at present; which is something I’ve been doing a lot lately, perhaps in an attempt to feel things out and slow things down with everything being so digitised, fast moving and overall just very unpredictable at the moment.

How are you doing amongst all of this, honey? My mind continues to boggle at the unifying nature of all this… how unprecedented this time is and how it’s touching all of us. We’ve espoused oneness for so long, and now we finally may be getting a taste for it.

Like many of you, I’ve felt discombobulated when trying to predict the ramifications of this, particularly in the realms of economy and mental health, and the heartbeat of the collective has been pounding rapidly, thunderously in my heat. Not one usually familiar with the sensations of anxiety, I found myself opening to it, gently, truly desiring to know what my brothers and sisters are feeling.

Are you feeling more connected to humanity than ever, too?

What struck me most last week was being whacked in the noggin by a spiritual teaching that I’ve heard of many times but never had quite the context needed to fully grasp it. To back up a little, it must be said that I am equipped to navigate these times… I have a thriving business built on foundations of emotional wellbeing, self leadership, co-creation, and essential oils - all of which are in high-demand. My business is stationed online (I am so fortunate). My parents are on my payroll - they are safe and provided for.

Personal freedom is one thing, and it is important; a delightful, creative dance between free will, sovereignty and (hopefully) service. But the teaching that I know and feel now, is

“I’m not totally free if we’re not free.”


And then I got thinking about ‘freedom’ - this state of being that so many of us reach for out here... and that the very circumstances that have been acting as a holding pattern of stuckness for so many are being pulled out from under them, like an old rug.

And while I will always understand the reactionary panic and fear that initially ensues (I’m a projector in Human Design, it’s my job to understand what you’re experiencing), I also know and trust that we travelled a great distance to reincarnate at this time for a reason and that accidents have no place. A brief chat with my soul sister yesterday, Heather Waxman, left honey in my heart as her words "I was built for times like these" stayed with me, like music.

Never have the words 'release what doesn’t serve you' been more poignant than now; so much so that your physical release may not even be required, as it’ll get stripped from you as a matter of natural order. And then what? Perhaps love will rush in. Opportunities. A resourcefulness you’ve never quite met in yourself.

Maybe you’ll discover that you love homeschooling your children (or on the contrary, that your gratitude for the school system grows exponentially).

Maybe you’ll pivot to an industry that’s required and thrives amidst downturn.

Maybe your entire relationship to money changes now and it develops into something that breathes, rather than something that falls through fingers week-to-week.

There is no denying that all of us will be met by aspects of ourselves that we’re not particularly fond of as we explore life inside of 4 walls. May that be okay, too; that one person’s cabin fever is not more special than the next. May we find such a sweet solace that we’re doing this together, for each other, never-seen-like-this-before in our generation.

Every downturn has always, eventually, ended up serving you. (Hasn’t it?) This is no different.


Finally, a quick little story, punctuated by the century's best advice, straight from the mouth of my man.

I was working myself into a lather. For context, I’m a 1/3 profile in Human Design - which means as a seeker, I find comfort in getting to the bottom of the bottom of things; I’ll go hunting to find the truth - which makes me a prime candidate for jumping on conspiracy theories and seeing all angles.

Anyway, I was all pretzeled up.
People are dying.
30 Italian doctors have lost their lives.
The elderly feel completely outcast.
What if this thing is about the 5G towers in Wuhan and Milan is true?
What if Corona is a cover up for 5G so companies can make billions?
What if the media are pushing, pushing, pushing to force a vaccine on everyone?
What if this is a power move by Trump so he can call a ‘state of emergency’, delay the election and then claim the next 4 years by default (let’s be honest though, he’ll get elected anyway).

…and on and on and on I went.

‘People don’t know who to trust!!!’

He sat still, listening, nodding, totally present… and simply said:

“All of that may be true, and we may never know. So… we just keep on living.”

I lapped up that wisdom like a thirsty dog and smiled in a slightly defeated way that let him know he won this one.

He’s right.

We keep participating in the gift of life.

I love you.

P.S. I heard on the radio yesterday that it’ll take a minimum of 8-9 people out of every 10 of us staying home to do this self isolation thing properly, for an extended period of time, for us to flatten the curve. Please #staythefuckhome

P.P.S. I have a beautiful experience coming for you shortly. It’s called The Campfire - our digital gathering place - and it’ll be here for as long as we need it. Keep your eyes peeled. 

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    • JoJo
      27 March 2020

      I was worried about some of those things too. Particularly the Trump thing. To ease your mind on that particular hellscape scenario, even if he somehow manages to 'cancel' the election and it is NOT held in November this year, Trump's term -- according to the constitution -- expires when his four years are up in January. If no one else has been elected, the Speaker of the House becomes president. That's Nancy Pelosi, and she is badass. So if Trump tries to pull the rug out from under us with that particular manoeuver, he will shoot himself in the foot.

      • tarabliss
        29 March 2020

        Darling THANK YOU. Clarity is queen, so I'm grateful. x

    • Romina
      27 March 2020

      As always, beautifully written, soulful and relevant. Xx

      • tarabliss
        29 March 2020

        Thank you angel x

    • Ellie Seilern
      28 March 2020

      OH my. We have come to the same teaching. The meaning of true freedom - and that it lies with the collective. And that it's a state of being. Please carry on writing this blog. I miss blogs and I miss yours. Xxxx

      • tarabliss
        29 March 2020

        We have beauty. I was just studying Gene Key 19 for a HD reading.. paints this picture beautifully. x

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