23 December 2014

Stop the Silly Season Sabotage

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silly season self-sabotage

Yep. Holidays can feel like this.

Let's put this word 'sabotage' where it belongs...

I love the way Caroline Myss so poetically and powerfully writes about the Saboteur Archetype. (Highly recommend her book Sacred Contracts if you want to dive more deeply into that.)

First thing's first: we all have one. No exceptions.

Secondly, our Saboteur Archetype is not on a hell-bent mission to make us miserable. Quite the contrary actually. Its becomes present as a way to alert us when we're sabotaging ourselves.  So, in other words, just like fear, or resistance, or envy, it's a divine invitation to course correct, re-gather yourself, and get with your life without the restriction of limitation.

I love knowing that the power is within me.

I don't want to feel victimised by anything.

Not a person, not an unconquerable archetype that I perceive to be separate from me, not the busyness of the holiday season.

When I know that the power is within me to design my life the way I want it, I have just that - the damn power.

And I'm all up for having a power-full end to the year, rather than succumbing to Silly Season Sabotage. What about you?

Let me help:

Here's a quick re-cap.

1. Rearrange your reward system.

What else can you do (besides getting hammered or eating your weight's worth of turkey or pudding) to celebrate your year?

2. Identify your triggers and your unique way in which you 'sabotage.'

Do you overeat? Do you get super sedentary? Do you find yourself becoming anxious amongst all the holiday happenings? Bring awareness to this and know that you can support yourself with small actions at any time.

3. Make it easy to 'win.'

'I'll meditate for 5 minutes rather than 20.' 'I'll slow down and walk rather than run.' 'Mindfulness will be my meditation today...'

You might also really dig this:

This time last year I shared the best hangover cure ever. (I cried recording this. Not sure how that happened)

There's no better time of year than right now to get honest with yourself and identify who you may need to forgive and release. We don't want to be carrying self-built resentment into our new year. This is an outstanding example of how to do just that; a beautiful reminder that actually, no one can make us feel anything. Anything. All the power, and all the peace, is within each of us.

Here are 3 questions you need to ask yourself if you want to have a peaceful holiday.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Instead of telling us what you're out to avoid this holiday season, share with us your small commitments of how you do want to live out these next few weeks. And remember, make it easy for yourself!

All shares appreciated. 

Photographer: Tahl Rinsky

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    • Fiona
      23 December 2014

      Loved this - as always, so well put. Love giving yourself permission to commit only a portion of the time you usually spend on your practise - making it so easy for everyone to take the little steps it takes to feel good xx

      • 24 December 2014

        It's gotta be easy! Otherwise sabotage is way too easy, and too prevalent.

        If it feels good, you're onto something :)

        T xo

    • 23 December 2014

      Yes, love this, Tara, thank you. I am upping the ante on self love in a BIG way and letting go of social obligation and expectation. I feel like snuggling and hibernating and eating berries and dark chocolate and listening to Abraham recordings (and you)... so that's what I am gonna do! xxx Peaceful Christmas xxx

      • 24 December 2014

        Oh that sounds bloody GOOD! Yum! I love Abraham :)

        Enjoy darling and thank you for being here xo

    • 23 December 2014

      Perfect words Tara x
      Lately I keep being reminded to be grateful, to rest and to honour my body with healing foods.

    • Amy
      24 December 2014

      Thank you for this. I love your approach and I am so grateful for your work. Xx

      • 24 December 2014

        Thank you sweet heart. Lovely of you x

    • Sine
      24 December 2014

      Beautiful, beautiful words (as always).
      Love you, love Myss, love the message.
      I'm lucky to be celebrating christmas with my Mother who has chronic fatigue and a million good intolerances - so it's a very merry and a VERY healthy christmas xx
      Ps my mini Chrissy present to myself is doing the Desire Map for me and my new business, in preparation for diving back into the Spirited companion for the new year ;-)

      • 24 December 2014

        So much joy in this comment Sine! :D

        Can't wait to see what comes out of your DM experience - and of course, Spirited :)

        T xo

    • 24 December 2014

      So glad I watched this, totally shifted my mindset around the holidays :) thank you so much and holiday blessings to you and yours!

      • 24 December 2014

        Awesome! Blessing to you too, babe.

    • Laura
      24 December 2014

      Just one word - love!
      PS! I might have a girl crush on you :D

      • 24 December 2014

        I don't mind that :)

    • Ruth
      24 December 2014

      Fabulous! Would it be ok if I sent this out to my little mailing list? Steering them to your site of course :)

    • Teresa Valentina B.
      24 December 2014

      Tara, I am so overwhelmed! I am warching the forgive and release video for the second time but I couldn't finish yet, because of those feelings coming up. Thank you so much for another eye-opening lesson, I can't wait to thank you personally on your retreat in Bali and I wanted you to know that you and your book is featured in my upcoming blog post about 15 must-reads for 2015! Love you, Teresa

    • Lisa
      24 December 2014

      Oh my GOD this is so fucking hard! I'm at my parents for christmas and I find myself drinking more than I want just because I don't want to make other people feel bad about what they want. Someone say I feel like a glass of wine, do you want one? I say no and then they say Oh maybe I shouldn't either. And then I feel I need to say yes just to give them permission or maybe I feel like I need to be their partner in crime. Thing is though, to drink is not a crime, and I don't want them to feel that way. I just don't know what to do. I don't feel as good as I know I would if I would have stayed within my limits. I really wish it wasn't like this, this is not how I want to end this beautiful year! I don't know what to do. Thank you Tara, for being here.

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