29 July 2013

Self-Centred Sundays: Write Like a Motherf*cker

Get your bliss notes

Have you read Tiny Beautiful Things, by Cheryl Strayed?  If you haven't, I recommend you do.

A few months ago Rach lent me both of Cheryl's books; the one I just mentioned, as well as her epic memoir, Wild.  Wild had me aching for adventure; for journeys into the unknown, for sore, tired, hiked-out legs. She's unlike any writer I've ever had the pleasure of pouring over. Compelling doesn't even cut it.

And Tiny Beautiful Things; Advice on Life and Love from Dear Sugar, has left me hungry to scribble.  I'm burning for the written word right now.  Burning to write it and read it and paint it and type it and cross it out and start all over again.

Her advice is this book (which is in response to the seeking, suffering folks who write to her, asking for her guidance) is soul-shakingly brilliant.  It's beautiful and brutal- together, and to be honest, I'm at a loss for words at how to describe it, so just buy it.  Put it this way, after receiving a letter from a reader who was concerned whether her writing career would take off, Cheryl's advice was shocking:

Write like a Motherfucker.

They even make 'Write like a Motherfucker' mugs.  No joke.

So. I'm writing like a mofo. I'm reading like one too; at the moment, I'm reading about magic and sacred wheels and native traditions and a whole bunch of other stuff I never thought I'd be interested in reading. And I'm getting excited. I want to read stuff from eons ago and start making a Book of Shadows and buy a new moleskin and attend creative workshops.

Basically, I feel really alive. And I'm channeling much of that energy in a joint project with Rach, which is sure to swallow you whole and light you up.  So watch this space.


This morning I had my first personal training/yoga/intention setting/massage session with Brieann from Wabi-sabi Well, who - apart from being a total Goddess -  happens to be a lover of creative writing, also. She shared with me that moving our bodies - getting the blood moving, getting our sweat on - cracks open our meridian lines so energy can flow freely.  The move we move, the more creative (and productive) we are.

Makes sense. It's all about flow really, isn't it?  Unlocking what's blocked. Clearing the channel. Allowing nature to do as nature does, without getting in the way and screwing it all up.

Which brings me to my next point.

I do not believe in writer's block.

Holding onto a belief of writer's block means holding onto a belief that you are the sole keeper of the creative force in your life.

Nope. That doesn't work for me.  For one, it's too much pressure - the self-constructed burden of Being the Source of All Things Wonderful and Creative - and secondly, I like to think that I have a cosmic team, cheering me on with each and every word that comes through me, via them.

I love the way Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the creative process in her incredible TedTalk: Your Elusive Creative Genius.  Maybe this is why I feel closer to Spirit, closer to the mystery of life when I'm in my journal or writing from heart-space.  Maybe there's a fairy that sits on my sill, throwing articulate glitter on my keyboard as I type this.

It's all about surrendering to creative flow.  It's about writing like a motherfucker when the juice is on, and being okay with yourself - with life, with work, with blogging, with inspiration - when it's not. Just like a bear hibernates in winter, so too shall we experience 'Writer's Block', or what Wayne Dyer calls 'the joy of this present moment as a writer.'


So yes, give me a pen and note pad, and a quiet place to sit, but don't let me sit there too long, because while this soul longs to express and philosophise and make sense of things with letters and punctuation, this body damn well likes to move.  Let's tango.

There are some stereotypes to break here.  Stereotypes that suggest all writers are sufferers.  All writers are hermits. All writers are pale and socially stunted and perpetually perturbed. Can a 'writer' have a long, yogic body, a sun-kissed complexion and a bright disposition?  I vote yes.  

How I celebrated Self-Centred Sundays this week.


Reading. Epsom salt bathing. Nut milk making. National Park walking. Self-crystal-healing. Throw in a coffee enema, some zucchini spaghetti and the season finale of The Block, and you have yourself a delicious, slow-paced, nourishing Sunday.

Here's how YOU celebrated!  Hashtag that shit #selfcentredsundays


Looking Forward

I've got an eBook to finish! A husband to welcome home! About 7639 books to read! Candles to light!

Can you tell I'm stoked?

Let's say my word for this week will be: ZEST.

Care to share yours?  Let me know, mofo.



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    • 29 July 2013

      Haha, our same brain holds no bounds. x

    • 29 July 2013

      There's no such thing as writer's block. Love that. I was thinking to myself this morning that I didn't have anything to write about this week for my blog. Then I realised I did. Its just things I've got all wrapped up in fear, so even speaking about them publically is too much. I'm trying to draft something today that is stepping into those fears a bit. To open the crack, force me to think about them more and start acting on it, not hiding from it.

    • Jessie
      29 July 2013

      hmmm word for the week......EMBRACE.....embrace love, embrace stillness, embrace focus, embrace movement, embrace my lover, embrace every freaking thing that gets thrown my way! Love your little nuggets of wisdom as always :) xo

    • 29 July 2013

      Love this post as always, and just wanted to say: thanks GOD you want to write like a motherfucker, because your words are luminous and need to be shared. Love you x

    • 29 July 2013

      P.S. Wild was the best book I've ever read. Can't wait to read her other one!

    • Ashley
      29 July 2013


      My word of the week: Patience.

      Will add Tiny Beautiful Things to the reading list STAT. Xoxo

    • Em Ehlers // Olive on Blonde
      29 July 2013

      I was literally just cussing and spitting about my writers block.

      Again the right words have found me at the right time!

      Big love!

    • 29 July 2013

      Love it Tara!!

    • 29 July 2013

      Hell yes! What a post! I'm reading 'Wild' at the moment (or should I say devouring/unravelling/auditing/adventuring/grasping it!) and this is third 3 time today that I've read a post mentioning this book. I'm just about to hit the order button for 'Tiny Beautiful Things' because hell yeah, this woman just- knows.

      I'm also in that 'word-obsession' juiciness at the moment- to be honest, it's always been there, but now I can't resist it's power. Words, light me up, spit me out and put me back together again, all in the blink of an eye. Writing from the heart and moving with your soul are some of the best feelings on the planet. Together, they spell universe implosions and vulnerable truths- love it!

      Keep rocking your words my darling- hell yeah! xx

    • 29 July 2013

      I love that you are rebelling against the stereotypical writer Tara, you have hit home for me right there. How can I call myself a writer? They're moody, dark and mysterious types. I love the outdoors and exercise, I have a joyful spirit and I don't smoke or drink a lot of booze (or coffee for that matter) haha! You rock my world x

    • 29 July 2013

      How awesome is this post! I've had "writers block" for weeks but it's really just been a lot of built-up fear. Que Marianne's "our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure" quote. I always feel just about close enough to break through the "block" but haven't made that step yet. Thank you!

    • 30 July 2013

      Love it!

    • 30 July 2013

      I love writing with a pen and a fresh notebook. I seem to get better ideas than when I type away on my laptop. Definitely going to write like a mofo this week! :)

    • Leah
      30 July 2013

      Enjoyed this thoroughly Tara!! Writing is amazing. It centres and connects me, and when I'm doing things to open my flow like yoga (or other forms of movement) and meditation, the writing flows. Can't wait to read this book and get all juicy high on the good stuff like you xx

    • 2 August 2013

      So needed to read this Tara. My soul screams to write all the time but something holds me back. I want to sit in the grassy fields, gazing at the wonderment of creation and just write from my soul. Shit, I'm going to just do it. I think I sometimes feel like if I don't have something monumental to say then why write anything at all. But what I'm realizing is that even if it's a few lines in a journal it's still writing and I'm a WRITER!

      Love this and thank you!

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