6 May 2013

Self-Centred Sundays: A Child's Mind

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sds adventure

I'm not exactly sure what happened to me this week, but after feeling a sense of funk and heavy energy on Monday, and particularly, after a hell of a lot of journalling, I sprung back into my days with a stirring craving for adventure and newness. And, that's exactly what I got. I've slipped back into 'student mode' in many ways, and I gotta tell you, it feels really, really nice to be back.

It's not difficult to see how much I dig entrepreneurship; flying the FREEDOM! flag has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of my life, but I've noticed something lately. I've been getting a little lazy. Not leisurely, heavenly, soaking up the rays lazy. Just, lazy. I remember when I first started on this journey, when everything was so fresh, it got my undivided attention and effort. I've missed that a little, and became aware earlier in the week that it very well might be because I've created a little distance between me and my 'child's mind'.

But, I also believe in divine timing, and have no doubt that my perceived sense of 'laziness' was in fact a case of energy preservation... As I gear up for 2013 Part 2, there's BIG stuff on the horizon, and I'm ready for it now.

I've taken three big steps this week in ensuring that i'm locking back into that state of child-like state of wonder and curiosity.

1. I signed up for a Vipassana next month- a 10 day silent retreat in the middle of nowhere. 10 hours of meditation a day. No books, no journalling, no crystals, no self-Reiki, no exercise. (I know right, holy fuck!)

2. In a few weeks, I start yoga teacher training (!). This calling became difficult to ignore; I've been asking for guidance and there's been no escaping it- Life wants me to get downward. And what I want, is to deepen my spiritual practice. Plain-n-simple.

3. I started surfing! I have much more to write about this, but put it this way: I'm bruised, battered and totally hooked. It takes me back to the time in my life four years ago, when Glen was teaching me how to snowboard. Those days made us fall in love, and the same is happening again this time, but on a deeper level.

I also made jewellery with the beautiful Alex from Violet Gray Design. We sat in the sun, spoke from the heart, and beaded our intentions. It was glorious.

So what's the big deal? How does all this affect the rest of my life?

A child's mind allows me to be even more present for my clients. It opens me up to creativity. It reminds me to chill the hell out. And, most importantly, brings me back into alignment with one of my core beliefs, which is that life is here to be LIVED; enjoyed, cherished, marvelled at and appreciated, all while laughing, if possible.

This week was also made memorable by some serious lifestyle upgrades; think: brand spanking new iMac, the BEST shampoo and conditioner my hair has ever feasted on, and bright clothes that make me feel 'sparky'. I've spent precious time with family. I've watched on instagram as dozens of you replicated Glen's raw snickers tart. I've felt myself levitating in my meditations, and I've spent day after day thanking the heavens for this beyond beautiful weather in Burleigh. We're a few weeks away from winter and I've got the best tan of my life.

As always, even when things feel intense, and funky, and heavy, there is always so much to be grateful for.

How I celebrated Self Centred Sundays this week.

sss siesta

Soul-sister catch ups at the Village Markets (as well as a few bargains!), lunch with my brilliant, lovely, amazing dad, a juicy meditation, a siesta, snuggles galore, a never-ending mug of peppermint tea, and ridiculous raw treats accompanied by (probably one of my favourite movies ever), Django Unchained. In bed at 9:30pm. Out like a light,

Here's how YOU celebrated!


Looking Forward.

My intention for this week: Planning for the future from a place of presence, sustainablilty and authenticity. What feels right to me? What matches my energy? What feels amazing, but a little uncomfortable at the same time? I'm going to move in THAT direction.

I'm going to say YES to: Knuckling down. From a place of soul and love.

And NO to: Like I mentioned above, anything that doesn't 'match' my energy.

LINEAnd you? I'd love to hear alllllll about you and your awareness of your child's mind. Are things feeling a little stale up in the old noggin? Are you craving 'student mode'? Maybe you've recently enrolled in a course and you champing at the bit with excitement? Let me hear it in the comments, and have a beautiful, intention-filled week ahead!

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    • Kristen
      6 May 2013

      Aw Tara! this is just beautiful so so beautiful. I have tears of love and apprecitation filling my eyes for the precious time I got to spend with you on Sunday. You are so lovely to be around :) Gorgeous post. I can feel big things are happening for you and its so incredibly inspiring and beautiful to watch you blossom.

      • Tara
        6 May 2013

        Love you sweet heart. I feel big things will be happening for you soon as well xx

    • Emily
      6 May 2013

      Yay!! How exciting that you're going to train!!! So happy for you :-) where will you be going? Byron?

      Your Sunday looks divine :-)


      • Tara
        6 May 2013

        Thank you beautiful!

        I'll be doing YTT through My Health Yoga, here on the Goldy, at Broadbeach. REALLY excited about it- and very scared, but mostly, thrilled! :) xx

      • 6 May 2013

        Oh I am doing my YTT through My Health Yoga at the moment - such a beautiful experience, hope to see you on the mat sometime soon!

    • 6 May 2013

      Gorgeous recap - your energy is infectious! Love you x

      • Tara
        6 May 2013

        I love you too!

        I miss you Alana. I seem to be handling everything okay (so far!) but more than anything- I just miss ya! Still smiling thinking of your special day. MWA xx

    • 6 May 2013

      Your Sunday posts always make me feel happy, Tara. Love the adventure you're on x

      • Tara
        6 May 2013

        You make me happy too babe x

    • 6 May 2013

      One of my favourite parts of the week are reading these posts. Full of so much beautiful, strong energy.
      I'm so excited for what lays ahead for you. And your retreat is calling me big time. xxx

      • Tara
        6 May 2013

        Thank you gorgeous! Eeeeee! Glen and I have been talking about the retreat A LOT lately, and we're coming up with some AWESOME ideas.. I hope I can see you there! x

    • SS
      6 May 2013

      This post just made my Sunday (still Sunday here in Canada!)--love it!! xx S
      p.s. I've been craving "student mode" too! :-)

      • Tara
        6 May 2013

        Awesome honey! What's it going to be?! (What's going to satisfy your student craving?) xx

    • SS
      6 May 2013

      p.p.s. speaking from the heart while making jewelry in the sun sounds delicious! Fave line: "...even when things feel intense, and funky, and heavy, there is always so much to be grateful for." Love your blog and your energy!!

    • Meg
      6 May 2013

      You have so much exciting things planned for the rest of 2013. Can't wait to watch them come to fruition for you. Such an inspiring read as always. Your boundless love of life is absolutely contagious.

      Meg xx

    • 6 May 2013

      As I'm a person who is drawn to minimalism by owning less things, only doing things that mean something to me etc, I have found that one area has become too minimalist. I have realised that I need to spend a bit more time, energy and money on feeling beautiful on the outside in the way that I work on/maintain the inside. I have acquired a few new exercise clothes, some makeup and am off for a haircut this week. I think it's a subtle shift in self-adoration that I needed. And while it's not a "child's mind" state as such, it is reverting me back to my 20s when I had that intention of loving my exterior self more, which is making me feel younger and renewed now.

    • 6 May 2013

      "What feels amazing, but a little uncomfortable at the same time? I’m going to move in THAT direction."- amen to that!

      Absolutely love these post my darling- I look forward to them every Monday. I've been having huge 'student-mode' cravings recently and am trying to work on finding the perfect (but productive!) lazy balance! I think hugely indulgent Sundays are the way forward!

      So excited for you for everything that's on your horizon! (Excited to read your words of wisdom too!) xxx

    • Chloe
      6 May 2013

      I am just loving this series of posts Tara. Like a big cup of soup for the soul! I had the most wonderful, nourishing weekend, and I have you to thank for inspiring me to live it. I think I'm finally hitting my stride in this self-love department.

      Anyway, I wrote about my weekend on my blog for anyone interested to check it out.


      A big fat thank you for doing your thing xx

    • 6 May 2013

      It's so funny ... yesterday I did a 3 hour yoga workshop focused on opening the heart chakra. As part of that we did a guided meditation back to our inner child.

      It was beautiful, sad, emotional, happy, and tear inducing.

      But the funny thing is that since then (only yesterday) I have seen reference to the inner child SO many times. Whilst your post isn't exactly about the inner child, it is still about the idea of approaching life with renewed innocence and wonder.

      Life and synchronicity are awesome :)

      Ps ... Hope you enjoyed Tool. Of course you did. They are amazing.

    • Lori
      6 May 2013

      Good morning Tara! As I was reading, my oranges were, and still are flying. Settling in for some MUCH needed journaling, cleansing and then my "grind"(exercise!) Have a wonderful day and MANY MANY thanks for sharing. :) Love, light and sparkles to you! xo

    • 7 May 2013

      I love this honey.

      So beautiful.


    • Sarah
      7 May 2013

      I always love reading your self-centred Sunday posts babe, but this one takes the cake! Inspiration station. You have so many wonderful adventures on your horizon, so excited for you! Looking forward to hearing about it all. xx

    • 14 May 2013

      Oh, this was exactly what I needed to read Tara. I totally feel your energy, I've gotten lazy myself and I just had an angel reading and found it's time for new beginnings.

      I'm going to find what feels right to me, what lights my energy up and what feels a lil uncomfortable too. Thank you for this. xx

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