5 February 2018

Narrating the 2018 You Deeply Crave

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Credit where credit is due. My sis Peta Kelly introduced me to the idea of 'scripting' a little over a year ago, and since then, I've been running with it. Below is an excerpt from my 2018 script for you to use as a foundation/structure. I've kept certain aspects of it out due to its sensitivity, but this should be well and truly enough to give you an idea. Make sure you watch the video above, and then... enjoy! (Also an ooops -- I accidentally called PK's book 'Earth is Riding' in this video. I meant 'Earth is Hiring!') Disclaimer: you and I live very different lives. We have didn't roles, different responsibilities, different priorities, different tasks and projects and people that require our time. This is my script, and I'm sharing it so you feel inspired to write one that is relevant to you, your life, your desires.



Sister girl, does it feel good to be back! I’ve missed you, woman. I missed your delight and your depth and your desire to seek out the light. I’ve missed your devotion to Soul’s path. I’ve missed the way you create prolifically and unabashedly. I’ve missed feeling at home here in your skin. But here you are, having returned from your call to adventure, and you’ve got more to offer than ever before.

I’m in our body, situated in our life, present to life as it unfolds in front of our eyes and within our heart. I feel the breath as it enters our body. I turn to the sun as it dances upon our skin. I sense every cell in our body vibrate and dance with aliveness, gratitude, eagerness.

2018 is the year I explored radical radiance. It’s the year I committed on a whole new level to honouring this beautiful body, and being in servitude of your needs. It’s the year I became more discerning. ‘Thank you, but no’ became one of my favourite sentences this year because I came to finally understand how powerful it is when I stand behind those words and live them as a value.

My beautiful body. My sacred temple. My vehicle for pleasure, pain, joy, rage, rebellion. I love you. This year we became closer than ever. I moved you and strengthened you in ways that you were craving. We tried new things, we fell back in love with old things. Mostly, we spent more time on our earth, breathing in her life-force, grounding in her magic, remembering who we really are.

Yoga relieved you, spin class empowered you, pilates lengthened you and beach walks always provided us with the clarity and ‘holding’ we were seeking.

I love how we started our mornings in 2018. I love that we honoured them, that we created boundaries of nourishment around them and that you responded to this care by manifesting into the healthiest body I have ever worn. Thank you, body, for always being there and bringing me into the present. Thank you for signalling the MOMENT that something isn’t right in my world. Thank you for being a wonderland of sensation and insight and for providing me with everything I need to know.

Your skin - bronzed from the kiss of the sun, your muscles - stronger than ever and ready to carry the dreams of others, your face - absolutely glowing and radiating from a year of nourishing eating, your spine - elongated, straightened and feeling more liberated and pain-free by the day. Your spine has returned to its optimal state of balance and performance and it feels incredible to have committed to this important process.

I am grateful for this body. I love treating you with the respect that you deserve and meeting your needs. I love designing our life around our menstrual cycle and existing in harmony with the rhythm of the lands. I love living life this way. Flowing with natural occurrences which also allow us to prepare and pre-empt what true alignment looks and feels like. This is a privilege. What a gift I am able to offer you, body; this ancient wisdom, so readily available to us now. I am able to decipher you, read you, intuit you… you are my favourite language to learn. Please keep teaching me.

I have created boundaries for us which are designed to serve us, my relationship, our community, our mission and the entire world, really. That’s the power of honouring your vibration. For starters, how amazing does it feel to have our weekends back! The joy and expansiveness of disconnecting weekly has our Soul doing cartwheels and crumps and fist bumps! Time in the sunshine! Hour-long meditations! Sleep-ins with zero guilt! Hours at the beach with Layla and my ex-partner! Dance parties around the house! Long lunches at home! Hikes, sunset walks, skateboarding! Thank you, boundaries!

Magical mornings, to honour you and your power feels familiar and so welcomed. The creative energy that surges through our body after a morning of delicious self-care is beyond description. Movement, stillness, writing, chanting, reading, snuggles, sex, beach hangs, whatever the soul desires, the soul has! The phone is still in the office anyway, and the wifi is off, and we have reclaimed our power which we so fiercely gave away in 2017. We are supercharged on life-force. We are keeping sacred things close to our heart. We are discerning when it comes to publicly sharing. We are limiting in-real-time shares and instead, uploading later. We honour our community and love sharing with them, but in 2018, we’re doing it so, so differently.

Evening are sacred too! Didn’t we just have the best time putting the laptop and phone away by 6pm? We tidied that office, switched off the wifi and left a beautiful intention diffusing with some oils before we closed the door and walked away each day.

This allowed us to bring such respect and reverence to our work. We honoured that workspace. We honoured our vision. We imbued everything with intention and energy and only touched our business when we felt full. We kept a tidy space, which felt spacious, ordered, creative and still enough to access whatever needed to come through next.

We spent less time on technology, period. We delegated more and more every week. We ate warming, grounding foods. We pleasured this body. We embraced the feminine. We explored the edges of her. Her creativity, her blood, her warmth, her hips. We opened up fully and completely to receive. We were in more creative flow than ever, this year. Our meditation practice became something beautiful, unexpected, uncomplicated. We were still enough to feel. We reeled in our bedtime and drifted off into slumber at gloriously Nanna hours. Radiance was our boon.

Our 2018 was chockers of brilliant, amazing, inspiring, joyful travel, and yet, I am calm, in my body, discerning, fully present and willing to say no to honour the slow, receive the flow. We were organised and prepared for travel, easily able to nourish ourselves with healthy options. We scheduled white space, always, and allowed time to move, be still, eat healthfully, hike and work from a place of joy. We embraced alone time as often as we needed it, with my ex-partner's support and understanding.

[ I go on here to talk about my relationship with my beloved. How it feels. How we relate. What my presence does in his presence. Things that have transformed in the relationship. Things I am committed to continuing to transform. I am NOT writing about what he says, or what he does, or how he behaves. I have no control over that. This is feelings-focused on myself and my experience in the partnership ] Our relationship blossomed and became more juicy with each and every week. We were THERE for each other this year, we CARED for one another, and our commitment to not just one another as lovers, but to the entity of the relationship, continues to expand... [this has been shortened due to sensitivity] ... I accept my strengths in the relationship and honour his. I do not try and change him. We are collaborators in love. Our energy is synergy. We are committed to alchemising love into fear.

This was the year of Rebellion.

This is the year that 60+ women gathered in honour of their rebel spirits, in honour of taking self-care to a place of community care. Rebels of light transformed me and these 60+ women into the women we were meant to become. We are stronger. More discerning. More resilient. Joy radiates through our lives as we heed our feelings and expand into the POWER that comes with rebellion. I feel honoured to have witnessed their transformation. I feel honoured to have collaborated with Rebels Of Light as an entity in this way; knowing that this is barely the tip of the iceberg and that much more is to come. Women blossomed. Got louder. Started saying no. Collaborated brilliantly with each other. And in the end, brought something real and lasting to life with their community projects. This is an experience and a community that they will never forget, one that has touched them, changed them, brought them back to themselves. This was the year of HOME. I came home to my body and my values. These Rebels came home to their bodies and their values, too. I did good work this year. I helped to make a dent in the suffering of this world and instead brought my light in steadfast devotion. I celebrate this, humbly.

Bliss Collaborative - my support team - is imbued with radical creativity, play, obscene amounts of skill and masterful execution.

This team that surrounds me, and their souls, work together magically! How did I get so lucky?! How did I become so ridiculously blessed to work with millennial wizards such as these? I am in my zone of genius. They are in theirs. This collective feels zingy, ecstatic and trustful. Having confidence in others that are energetically invested in the same vision as me is so grounding, reassuring, relieving. I breathe out.

What an honour it is to watch the spirit of Team Bliss influence the humans that make this community.

This team is surging with independence, conscious competence and enthusiasm. We have cultivated a culture of capable, energetic men and women who are brought to life by bringing others to life. This team is boundaried, beautifully. [In more privacy I go on here to describe qualities that I am weaving throughout my doTERRA business, and how that makes me feel, and what's possible when I ensure that I'm feeling that way. I talk here about words that are currently very important to me and the growth of this community: independence, boundaries, excellence, contribution, powerful... ] In 2018, we provided fun, exciting growth experiences for our leaders.. all of which brought joy and expansion to everyone who participated. In this business, I feel whole, spacious and stronger having collaborated more with the spirit of doTERRA. The team has only thrived because of this. Our team calls are relevant, powerful, reaching. Our Facebook lives are on point and inspire action. My relationship with my qualifying leaders is tighter than ever. I am energised, loving, open, compassionate, patient, generous but considered and discerning. I am duplicating strength, possibility and responsible self-care.

As we travelled the world in 2018, I remained grounded, radiant, and connected to my Soul and it’s power. I was present with the lands I was connecting with, receiving their boons and messages and magic in my cells. I remained anchored in the practices and processes that help me to most alive and receptive to Life’s creativity and gratitude.

My relationships flourished on the value of quality rather than quantity. They deepened; became rich and meaningful and anchoring in unconditionality. [In more privacy, I go on here to detail how I want my relationships with my parents and the phenomenal women in my life to feel. I use heavily descriptive words, detailing nuances and emotion]

I prioritised my soul’s desires this year. I honoured them. I valiantly exercised self-compassion. And returned to love, again and again and again, and will continue to strive towards this.

And so it is.

Thank you for reading this far, my friend!

I'd love you to share this post with your people. Appreciative, always.

Also, please do go ahead and follow the work of my mate, Peta Kelly. You can buy her new book, Earth Is Hiring - and see her live in action on her tour - here.

As for a little to-and-fro between us, why don't you go ahead and comment below with one or two sentences of your script in the making? I'd love to witness you in this creation!

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    • Amanda
      6 February 2018

      Thank you for sharing. So beautiful

    • Shannon
      6 February 2018

      2018 is the year I committed to self love. “Free” is my word for 2018 and to finally be free of the harsh, unkind self judgement I have imposed on you for far too long based on my deeply ingrained beliefs of what is socially accepted as beautiful; has brought me a level of euphoria I have yearned for so deeply for so long.
      I nourished you; mind, body and soul with the love and devotion you, my temple have craved for so long and so truly deserve! I fuelled you with wholesome foods from a space of love, not fear. I moved you with intention to nurture, not torture. I apologised for all the unkind words I have spoken to you for so long. You exhaled deeply and showed me your joy by blossoming, by no longer lurking in the shadows and shrinking, but by rising into your power, owning your power and spreading your light into the world...

    • 7 February 2018

      For the past few years I have been creating a vision board, however this hasn't happened yet this year, because I was unknowingly waiting for this, a different idea yet oh so powerful, the script. This feels, this resonates, and this is what I will create for myself as I continue to open up and learn how to express all that is inside. Thank you.

    • Christina
      7 February 2018

      Wow, just wow! Thank you SO much for sharing this x

    • Kim
      19 February 2018

      Your energy constantly inspires me, Tara. Thank you for sharing for your beautiful spirit.

    • 18 November 2018

      Thank you so much Tara really needed this <3

    • Toni Wood
      22 December 2018

      I have begun ‘scripting’ 2019, it includes a year of committing to taking care of myself physically & emotionally, deepening my relationships with my husband & my children, setting time boundaries, saying ‘no, thank you’ a lot more, taking more breaks from cyberspace, planning & expanding my dōTERRA community with love & service

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