7 September 2015

Life Purpose, Ultimate Fulfilment & Life As A Modern Mystic

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I believe this is the fourth time I’ve interviewed Belinda Davidson here in this space.

I’m a lucky girl, because these are the conversations that matter most to me.

And an intention of mine is to only share with you what matters most to me.

If you frequent this space, you’re a modern mystic (whether you know it or not).

You’re brought alive in the process of seeking.

You crave meaning, richness, and the D word: Depth.

And most likely, you often feel misunderstood. The depth you crave may not be mirrored back to you by your inner circle, or society at large, which prioritises SexMoneyPowerThingsAchievement.

And this is why the School of the Modern Mystic is such a blessing to us.

Medical Intuitive, SoMM founder and my personal mentor, Belinda Davidson, is joining us today for a juicy conversation on all things chakras and soul purpose. She also dropped these bombs:

‘I don’t want to be happy, I want to be fulfilled.’

‘The spiritual journey is not a journey of moving forward, it’s a journey of moving within.’

We talk about chakric imbalances; about what aspects of our subtle anatomy is ‘out of whack’ if we:

  • Lack confidence and the ability to set boundaries, speak up, and be seen.
  • Feel the need to control others, or judge others, or try and change and influence those around us.
  • Feel isolated, misunderstood and lonely.

Belinda also answers this question of mine: ‘What’s going on with the millions and billions of people on earth who haven’t found a sense of purpose in their life?’

It’s 32 minutes of soul-searching stuff, and I sincerely hope you get a lot from our spiritual riff.

All bliss (and white light!),


PS: Access Belinda’s free trainings on The School of the Modern Mystic.

PPS: I'm honoured to be affiliated with SoMM, full disclosure.

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    • 8 September 2015

      Fabulous! Loved hearing both your voices together. Wonderful insights, information and inspiration especially having taken Belinda's chakra course. xx

    • Phoebe
      11 September 2015

      Amazing interview thank you to both of you,

      I have been pondering joining and this just confirmed to me that I must do it, it's a big DEEP YES!!!! What really struck me was the second common theme Tara you found among your clients, feeling like the bitch in the relationship and expecting your partner to be a certain way or trying to change them, I too have been struggling with this having expectations on how my partner should be etc and I want to change this and heal this part of me so I can continue on in my marriage and be happy so I can then start living my soul purpose!

      So thank you to both of you for igniting this fire in my belly and re confirming that this is definitely the next step on my awakening journey! I'm so excited Sat Nam xx

    • Brianne
      17 September 2015

      Hi Tara, I can't seem to hear Belinda's voice in this recording? Maybe this is just my computer or headphones?

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