25 July 2014

Five Soul Faves: An Ode to Sally Kempton

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You may not be used to seeing videos on a Friday around here, but in all truth this one regurgitated out of me just moments before I left my pad here in Hollywood for a saunter around Santa Monica.

I'm so very much looking forward to writing all about this trip while I'm mid-air, on the way back to Australia. I've given you quite a number of hints on instagram as to how magical it's been thus far, but baby, there's more.

For now, I want to wax lyrical about my complete love and adoration for Sally Kempton. A spiritual guide and teacher who – through her words and audios – has transformed me as a woman. She infuses spirituality with romance. She makes stillness seem provocative. She believes that meditation is an adventure.

And, if you're not already familiar with her, then please, allow me to share her. Keeping her to myself would be far too greedy.

Click play to discover FIVE Sally Kempton resources that'll whet your ascending appetite :)


Maybe you can pick up on a little of my enthusiasm, no?

Here are those resources that I mentioned, sweet potato:

1. Shakti Meditations. Buy this on audible.com.
2. Awakening Shakti.
3. Meditation For The Love Of It.
4. Search 'Sally Kempton' podcasts and download 'em. (They're FREE!)
5. Meditate with Sally on yogaglo.com. ($18/month. You also get access to hundreds of yoga classes).

Hit me back once you've had your Sally fix, okay? I'm so looking forward to hearing about your experience with her!

Love you,


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    • Emily
      25 July 2014

      Hey Tara,
      Thanks for this timely blog on Sally Kempton. A week ago I had a healing session with the amazing Dr Deb Kern who through her intuition led me to Sally's Shakti Meditations, her voice, her knowledge and wisdom, are as you say-super powerful and so divine! doing a daily practice with her this week has helped me get through one of my hardest weeks in a very long time, she's introduced me to a strength that I didn't know I had in me and I'm so excited to see where else it takes me. I really think she is such an important teacher for all of the women who are being led to embody the divine feminine in the true sense of the word. What a blessing she is. May your time in LA continue to be amazing :) Emily xx

    • Kristy
      25 July 2014

      I love this! Meditation that's "not fucking fluffy"! YogaGlo is an amazing resource - I'll have to check out Sally's videos!

    • 25 July 2014

      Loved this video Tara, its time for me to re connect and this is the guidance I needed. Thank you. Love your passion.

      P.S your a glow bug.

    • Simone
      25 July 2014

      Thankyou SO much for sharing. As always, its like you are inside my head and in absolute perfect divine timing. Yipeee have fun exploring today :)xx

    • 25 July 2014

      I absolutely LOVE YogaGlo, and I had no idea that her meditations were available on there, thank you so much for sharing, Tara xo

    • 25 July 2014

      Side note // the length of the Shakti Meditations on iTunes is nearly 8 hours long, whereas on Audible.com it's 4 hours. I wonder what the difference would be!

    • 25 July 2014

      Thanks a lot for your beautiful video, I also discover Sally kempton and connecting to the goddess is a whole inner path toward my inner feminine...
      I feel it helps me connected with the strength of durga or the abundance and generosity of lakshmi...
      I feel your beautiful spirit and I am so grateful you and your sisters entered in my life thanks to the magic of internet....,
      You are really an inspiration in your sharings....
      I wish you a beautiful new moon in leo, which is really openning our heart and vibrating with our inner and sponatneous child...
      Merci merci

    • 25 July 2014

      Amazing! Love this Tara. You're glowing babe. Can't wait to explore Sally xxx

    • 25 July 2014

      Beautiful Tara. Buying Shakti Meditations RIGHT NOW.
      Meg xx.
      P.s. Looking super fresh and glowy.

    • Keara
      26 July 2014

      Thank you Tara - I LOVE finding new resources to help me connect more deeply and develop my spiritual practice. Ordering Shakti Meditations now too! xx

    • Lyndsey
      26 July 2014

      You are a dewy goddess Miss Bliss! This was exactly what I need right now, some new guidance, some new awakenings and some deeper connections to myself xx divine timing

    • Helen
      26 July 2014

      Looking forward to delving into these Tara, thanks. I've been dabbling and exploring different meditations so excited to check out Sally Kempton. Gorgeous hat ;-)

    • K
      9 August 2014

      Hey Tara, I sent this to Sally so she could see your passion for her work. She wrote back instantly and said she loved it and thank you xx

      • Tara
        10 August 2014

        Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I should reach out to her :)

      • K
        18 August 2014

        I definitely think so :)

    • 8 September 2014

      Tara - loved seeing this post! I too share in your immense, deep love and respect for Sally Kempton - and her work. Over the past month in particular she is popping up everywhere in my face online! I've been ploughing through her books over the past few weeks. What a divine being! I pray to meet her in the flesh one of these days also. Perhaps we can get her over to Australia!

      BTW - it's the first video I've ever watched of yours and your voice is so sweet and soothing. A beautiful representation of your inner self coming forth!!

      All love.

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