20 May 2014

What Rules Can You Rebel Against?

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Is it noble to suffer in silence as you carry on adhering to a way of life you once decided was right?

I’m leaning towards No, no it isn’t. Misguided, maybe. Stubborn, perhaps. Well-intentioned, yeah okay sure. But noble?

True integrity - I believe (with conviction) - comes from identifying what is it that’s right for you (on a soul level) in the moment, and acting accordingly. Integrity is an expression of authenticity, and it is bound to you - you get to decide what it means to live with it - not others.

Falling into the trap of creating lives rich with integrity based on the expectations and definitions of others, is doing nothing but making a flock of sheep out of ourselves. Yes, speak your word, walk your talk, drink your own medicine, but also, allow yourself to loosen up a little. You are growing, changing, becoming mightier and mightier with every breath… and when there’s that much change happening in your physiology, your psyche, your sentiments - then your view of the world is bound to take a few blows and shift and change, also.

This is a tremendously beautiful thing; this change.

This willingness and curiosity to decide to change your mind.

To see things differently.

To become a rebel in the most purposefully and passionate of ways.

Today’s video is an enquiry into whether there’s a few rules in your life begging to be broken.



I gave two example of personal rules that I’ve recently disassociated with in the video. Would you care to share with us any rule, belief, identity that you’re willing to (lovingly) rebel against - in the name of growth, compassion, contribution? I’m so looking forward to hearing from you!

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    • Becs :: Think Big Live Simply
      20 May 2014

      Ooh, love this, it's something I'm thinking about ALOT lately - for me, something I'm wanting to stretch my definition of is being an Introvert...I mean, I am undeniably an introvert and don't wish it to be different, but as far as letting that label define HOW interact with people and my life, nah, too restrictive! xx

      • 20 May 2014

        Oh fuck babe what a FANTASTIC comment.

        I HEAR YA sister!

        It's that fine line between accepting behavioural / societal patterns, but at the same time, not allowing an identity to limit or completely define you.

        I'm consciously trying to lean into the 'ambivert' - right in the middle of the spectrum :)

        Thanks for you share here gorgeous. xo

      • Tara
        21 May 2014


        Babes, I hear ya.

        It's that fine line between:

        a) I feel safety and a sense of recognition in this 'introvert' label - like I belong somewhere. This is nice. This
        explains things.'


        b) This is entirely limiting and I no longer want a 9 letter word to define who I am as a person. I can transcend any and all identities.

        Thanks gorgeous xo

    • Nic - A Spectacular Life
      20 May 2014

      Tara - I'm a rule breaker from way back! I was with my ex boyfriend for years, we were expected to get married and have kids - I decided that wasn't for me. Fast forward 7 and a half years, I'm now married to an amazing, beautiful woman and we have a gorgeous daughter!
      I love busting the stereotype, and it was so refreshing to do that back in the day. Lately I've been facing the same expectations about being a mum, and I'm trying to remember to do things our way - the best way that suits us. It's hard, but it's going to be so worth it.
      Thanks so much for this post. I truly love listening to your voice - so gentle! xx

      • Tara
        21 May 2014

        A rebel from way back! :D

        That's awesome babe, I encourage you to think smaller though. Rather than - what stereotypes can I break? - instead ask: 'what personal self-imposed rules that are limiting me can I break?'

        Make sense?

        Thanks babe xo

    • Jessie Kavanagh
      20 May 2014

      There was something about this vid that was just so centred and STRONG. For some reason I found the whole vibe a wee bit different from a lot of your other vlogs. You just seemed to reaaaaally own this, powerful simplicity happening here lady. Go you! xo

      • Tara
        21 May 2014

        You are so spectacularly sweet. Thank you Jes

    • Katie
      21 May 2014

      I really love this video. I'm learning that it's OK for me not to rebel. HAH! I've spent many years challenging the conventional path of my area of marriage, babies, suburbs and now that I'm seeing myself want some of these things it's causing an internal struggle.

      Day by day I work on being OK with my wants.

      • Tara
        21 May 2014

        Beautiful. Love this aspect xo

    • Angie
      21 May 2014

      Hi Tara

      I think this was sent to me from the universe, at the exact right time. I recently got fired from my well paying professional job in which I spent the best part of ten years studying and working toward, and am now working in a pub. I've been feeling pretty shattered but I'm breaking the rule that I have to be a certain thing/profession to be me. To impress others, to gain respect and my own self acceptance. I can do that whatever I do to earn some coin. At the beginning of this year I picked my word, which was "authentic" and only now do I finally feel like I am starting to live that how I wanted too.

      Thank you for this video.

      • Tara
        21 May 2014

        I love this so much Angie, thank you.

        Life works in weird (and wonderful) ways, no? Sometimes a 'firing' can be the greatest blessing ever, if we can lay down our weapons and feel.

        Sounds like you're doing just that, particularly with your new friend, 'authenticity', along for the ride.

        Thanks for being here babe x

    • Lauren
      21 May 2014

      So wonderful. Something I've been working with as well for myself + clients. Since starting my own practice, I've had to let go of the parts of me that want more structure + certainty that a full time job could offer. I've definitely been trying to let those parts of me know that working for myself is more fulfilling and is totally secure. When I let go of the money fears for a few weeks, I realize that the money and clients will come. With my clients, I'm always working on challenging their food rules & fears to bring food freedom + true intuitive eating.

      • Tara
        21 May 2014

        Thank you gorgeous girl for bringing this into the light :)

    • 21 May 2014

      'This is a tremendously beautiful thing; this change.' --- yes. Yes it is. As is this vid.
      Love you x

    • 23 May 2014

      I used to be such a goodie girl but now I'm getting better at breaking the rules and not being scared of what people think.

      Loved the video X

    • Camilla
      24 May 2014

      Absolutely love this! It's amazing how sometimes the toughest rules we feel bound by are the ones we've imposed on ourselves! This is something that I am continually working on as I try to shake this image in my mind of who I should be to others in my relationships, workplace etc. It's ok (in fact, GREAT) to be me! In all of my contradictions! Thanks again Tara xo

    • sam
      26 May 2014

      Hey Tara. A rule I have recently rebelled against, is living within the confines of certainty. I have played it safe all my life, always trying to be prepared and a step ahead so that nothing took me by surprise. A couple of months ago I resigned from my corporate job. I jumped head first into uncertainty and haven’t looked back since ;)
      Awesome video as always. Love Sam x

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