4 February 2019

Rebels of Light Scholarships: Is this your chance to join the rebellion in 2019?

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Note: Rebels of Light Scholarship Applications are now closed. Recipients will be announced on the 15th of February via Instagram and email. Click here to subscribe to Tara's Bliss Notes and make sure you're in the loop.

If you’re new around these parts you might not know that Rebels of Light, the mentoring program I am honoured to have created and facilitate, has landed. She - I call her ‘she’ because she’s her own force of nature - is a 9-month group mentoring immersion conducted online.

Prior to her creation, I communed with the essence of Rebels of Light for years, curious of her evolution (she has had many names, many forms) and often travelled with my ears pricked for the signal that it was time to release her to the world. That it was time to rise, and rebel.

2018 was her debut, and holy smokes did she, and the 60+ women who came together in rebellion for the first time, completely blow me away.

I knew that the time was ripe for a new kind of mentorship, one that steps firmly away from the ‘this has worked for me, so, uh, it might work for you’ model we’re so familiar with, and eagerly toward a model that is founded in respect, reverence, and reciprocity. A model of mentoring more like ‘I see you, I feel and trust your power to do hard things, sister. I’m just putting it out there, now you put it together...’.

There’s only so many books you can read, lectures you can go to, flimsy weekend workshops heavy on the partnered eye gazing you can do before you realise that the missing piece of the puzzle is that you were never shown how to land back into yourself.

So, we did away with standard worksheets and mandatory modules, and instead, we came together to learn fundamental tools of grounding, centring, and invoking our Inner Rebels - the parts of us craving connection and creation, boundaries and play, space to be heard and light to be seen in.

We came together to witness each other in pure, raw, beauty. And we’re about to do it all again.

I’ve seen so many of my community voice their longing to be a part of a sisterhood like Rebels of Light. So many souls are deep in conversation with whispers that say ‘we are missing something… and it’s not outside, please come home’ and they’re listening, they’re putting their courage where they want their hearts to be.

But I’m also seeing comments like this:

  • I’ve been dreaming of this, I just can’t afford it
  • One day I’ll be doing this, it’s just not my time
  • I really don't know if joining Rebels is best ideal when I have a family and could use the money towards something more practical

I get it. Investing in yourself doesn’t come naturally until we work that skill just as we would a muscle in a gym. It feels awkward at first. It can bring up questions of our worth; insecurities. And that can feel funky and uncomfortable, but what’s worse is not allowing yourself to want what your heart wants because you’re hoping there is a magical plane where future you has her shit sorted (without your input right now, in this moment) and she can take care of it.

Honey, I’m here to tell you that you are responsible for creating future you and the life she wants. You are the one who has to master the tools and do the work to come home to yourself.

Nearly every Rebel we’ve spoken to has said that even if there were legitimate challenges happening when they made the choice to join the rebellion, it was the compelling pull of their own heart to the program that they couldn’t ignore. And that it was worth every dollar and ounce of courage it took to make it work.

I want to help make it more possible for you to join us in 2019, so this year, instead of offering just one Rebels of Light Scholarship, we are offering two.

Last year’s recipient, Zsuzsa, knew that Rebels was big, and was nervous about showing up for herself, but she went for it and found that her willingness to do hard things, speak up, and forgive herself has changed.  Hit play below and hear Zsu speak about her Rebels of Light experience:

These scholarships are valued at $3997 each. This includes the full program tuition but does not include the Rebels Retreat (this will be open by application only to Rebels in the first third of the program).

If the financial investment is the bottleneck clogging up your desire to say YES to this opportunity, or if you’re questioning whether you’re ‘ready’ for an experience so rich and transformational, please, do the courageous thing and apply for one of these two scholarships today.

Raise your hand. Take a risk. What do you have to lose?

How to apply:

  • Read about the program here to get a feel for her fierceness, beauty, and flow
  • Tune into your heart and finish this sentence: "The rebellion rumbling within me needs to be explored, understood and liberated now, because …"
  • Create and post a 60-second video to your Instagram feed (the grid, not your stories) with your answer
  • Tag @tara_bliss and include the hashtags #rebelsoflight #rebelsscholarship19 in the caption

I’ll personally review each video application and choose the two that move me the most. Applications are open now.

Rebellion requires courage, it requires a willingness to be seen at the core. This is not about being flashy or polished, oh no sister, rebelling with light is about the raw heart of it all. We want to feel your truth, your fire, your readiness to change, so fundamentally and completely that the ripple effect is felt for generations to come. Yep, you heard me. Future generations feel the effects of your commitment to yourself. That’s the power of metamorphosis and rebellion.

A couple things to note:

  • Profiles must be public for consideration.
  • Only one entry per person will be considered
  • The scholarship opportunity is not open to Rebels of Light Alumni
  • Recipients will have 48 hours to confirm their space or their scholarship will be awarded to another applicant

Scholarship entries are open now, and close at midnight on Sunday, the 10th of February, 2019 (AEST). Recipients will be announced on Friday, the 15th of February, 2019.

Be brave, future rebel, trust yourself and that spark of change inside.


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    • Ella
      7 February 2019

      I’d really love to be considered for the scholarship as I don’t have the money to sign up as I’d like. Reason being really is that I feel like I’ve got a lot to share and create of value but need help in stepping out of my own way and into my power. Also - loving the podcast so far! x

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