27 October 2016

Quality Over Quantity: Are These Words Holding You Back?

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I’ve been thinking about what ‘Quality Over Quantity’ means to me.

As it turns out, the way I’ve been defining it has revealed itself as a beautiful little excuse not to show up, not to do the work, not to gather energy and move forward.

The mantra of ‘Quality Over Quantity’ has, until now, reverberated secondary thoughts such as these in my mind:

‘Tara, if you can’t find the time to sit down and write meaty 4000-word blog posts, don’t even bother.’

‘Tara, publishing one epic (quality) blog post every 3 months is better than publishing one okay one every week.’

‘Tara, if you don’t have anything profound to say, don’t say anything at all.’ (I mean, that one is just brutal)

And then I started to see things a little differently.

You, voice of Quality, are very sneaky; the way in which you err on the edge of perfectionism, thinking you’re doing the world a favour by keeping me silent when I have so many thoughts to rumble with, so many perspectives to share, so many opportunities to connect with humanity.

Very sneaky, Fear. Hiding your terror of expanding into great creativity by stuffing every crumb of it down behind a pretty mask of ‘I’m busy elsewhere’ or ‘I have nothing important to say’ or ‘I have nothing to contribute right now.’

This worked for a while, Fear.

Until I started to notice that I was starving, not to consume, but to express.

And so, back to you, lovely reader. If it’s alright with you, I’d like to share with you the upgraded and very personal relationship I’m creating with the word ‘quality.’

Quality is in the magic that comes with trusting that life will give us content, trusting ourselves to notice it, trusting that if it means something to us, it will be valuable for others.

Quality is observing in sheer awe as that creativity and impact duplicates rapidly, nourishing us with energy, rather than being something we once thought would maul us with its process. (And tortured artists in the house? *Raises hand guility*)

Quality, for me, is knowing that this space, right here, may very well end up being a space that you visit most mornings, with your latte, or your juice, while catching the train to work, waiting for your lecturer, scrolling while you're on the loo, whatever… You stop by, and have a little snack of these words, and see if there’s anything here that feels as though it may have been written just for you.

Quality is the TRUST that is able to be developed.

Quality is the TRANSPARENCY that is created.

Even if there are grammatical errors.

Even if the post leads to nowhere.

I have been romanticising the creative process for far too long – with conditions that it must be wrapped in ritual and reverence, but what if… WHAT IF… it was the most normal, everyday, ‘average’ process that we could devote to?

What if we’ve been getting in our way this whole time, by turning an everyday occurrence into Everest basecamp.

Let’s kick off our hiking boots, team. All our content is right...here.

T xo

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    • 28 October 2016

      Holy cow, you've just perfectly articulated the very issue I've been grappling with, and gifted me a wonderful perspective. Thank you Tara, I love your words xx

    • Amy
      28 October 2016

      Great post!

    • 28 October 2016

      It's like you read my mind and talking to me - thank you for your words and for your permission slip. This is a dilemma that I have been battling with and I'm sure others have been too. Love Michaela xxx

    • 28 October 2016

      I so needed to hear this!!! I just watched your fb live and I am stopping myself from posting regularly as I am obsessed with triple checking, re-writing and crafting my blog posts. Then I get caught up with the fear of not adding enough value or what people will think! Far out we make it hard for ourselves don't we!! I am going to try and let it flow and see what happens! Thanks lovely for your words!! Xx

    • 28 October 2016

      Great post Tara

      For me, as a writer, I think quality isn't about anything other than truthfully and authentically transfering my thoughts onto the page - however messy or jumbled they seem - because to hold back until we have clarity may mean we just hold back forever. I'm a continual work in progress after all. And although it varies, I do think quality can be found in the 'midst' of everything rather than just at 'the close'. Basically though quality (for me) is truth (and heart) plus desired intention - transfered onto page - without too many other rules. Expression is so good for us. Whatever tugs you - write that.
      C xx
      Ps - loving your evolving thoughts and posts of late. Xx

    • 28 October 2016

      So much yes. Thank you Tara! I just got giddy with excitement at the thought of writing...daily...like it was the most normal, brush your teeth kinda ritual.

      And yes, I do believe your words were meant for me.

      Tash xo

    • 30 October 2016

      Wow, this resonated with me so much Tara, and I feel this is exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life. We put so much pressure on ourselves and we compare ourselves to others too much, rather than just following our own journey and showing up in our own life!!
      As an artist, my philosophy has always been, that unless I get an idea/thought out of my head, and onto paper, then it will stay in my head, and not allow room for another creative spark to be released. I'm sure you know what I mean :) x

    • Claire
      31 October 2016

      Thank You - this was written just for me, wasn't it (wink wink)? LOVE

    • 5 November 2016

      Wow, I needed this so much Tara. Loving you from afar.

    • 29 March 2017

      Thank you sooo much for this Blogpost. I love it!
      Because I had this topic in my head for sooo long.
      You are so right.

      lovely greetings from Berlin

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