You can probably already sense that Rebel Of Light within you.

She’s a little sassy. She’s ruthless in her search for truth. More than anything, she cares, and she hates seeing you settle.

‘Rebellion’ feels familiar to you; it’s a flavour you’ve savoured in the past; a force inside of you that invites you toward the next iteration of YOU and the life you want to create.

Stereotypical rebellion will remind us perhaps of our tantrums, all those rules we broke, all those curfews we shrugged off, our desire to live on the edge, our ravenous hunger for chaos and disruption.

Me? I’m well acquainted with rebelling without a cause.

I’ve partied (very) hard.
I’ve stormed furiously out of jobs that pinched at my Soul.
I’ve bratted my way through situations with a scowl and a furrowed brow.
I’ve given the middle finger to the systems and paradigms that just didn’t work for me.
I used to love the stereotypical meaning of ‘rebel,’ and wore it as a badge of honour.
(I’ve got the tattoos to prove it).

But these days - for a while now, actually - rebellion has taken on a whole new meaning.

I don’t rebel to escape my life anymore,
or to numb my pain,
or disassociate from what’s unfolding...

I choose to rebel and rise for a reason.  

Rebelling with light is... different.

Instead of focusing on what we’re rebelling against (which only strengthens our relationship with that thing, person or power structure), our gaze is set on what we’re rebelling for. Where can we be agents of divine order in the pockets where human order has sent us so devastatingly off-course?

Rebelling with light is….

Destructive, yes.
Creative, always.
Generative, when drenched in light.
Juicy, interesting, youthful.

Rebellion at its stripped back core has a young, adolescent quality to it; it's the spring which is needed to gather energy and create change in beliefs, behaviours and systems that are worn out, non-serving and oppressive.

This adolescent-like energy is of course just one phase on the continuum of transformation; a phase that we can choose to activate and weave throughout our lives in creative desire. It’s a critical, life-giving phase – one which helps us to individuate as the human beings we are here on earth –  but in so many of us, this inner rebel is fast asleep.

It’s time to stir her awake.

Typically, stifled emotion – and feeling like your needs aren’t being met – precede any great act of rebellion.

With that in mind... I have a sense you may be feeling:


There’s change you want to see in your own life, and in the world, but everything’s moving so fast, and it’s just so noisy out there, and you’re just so distracted from your values and what’s required of you right now, you find yourself frozen in complete inaction and inertia. It’s painful.


All day, every day, the culture – both at large and in niche – is telling you what to believe and what to stand for, and the type of person you are if you do or don’t uphold those expectations. You’re finding it hard to separate out your own thoughts from the beliefs and broadcasts of others.

Closely linked to that, OVERWHELMED

You know you’ve been consuming too much. Social media, podcasts, opinions, articles. All of this data and information is no longer inspiring your creativity or vision. In fact, it’s all inhibiting it.


You remember a time when you were more daring; when the world felt a little safer and you could explore your boundaries. You often long for the courage you once freely expressed.


There’s no other word for it. Where has that creative juice gone? Where is that spring in your step? Where is that audacious Rebel within - with a smirk on her face and a mission on her heart?

This program offers her a stage to step onto, in a safe place, where she can emerge more acknowledged and ready for change than ever before.

How We Roll

Rebels Of Light is a transformational, 11-month journey – a collaborative mentoring program – with a very clear goal: to awaken the catalyst in you, so that individually, and united as a community, real and lasting change can be cultivated and witnessed.

We gather to reignite that spark within, to reconnect you with your innermost self, and to take meaningful and influential action in the world. We understand that to create the world we want to be apart of, first, there must be inner harmony.

Through a combination of stillness practices, inner inquiry, monthly mentoring, group discussions, intimate accountability, guest teachers and participation dares, a container will be created for you to alchemise your life like never before.



  • As you take ownership of your power, not only does your confidence grow, but so too does your profile, your platform, your agency. Your influence in creating ripples of change catapults.
  • Deeper compassion drives you to a place where you are no longer burdened by the dis-empowering energy of blame. That is to say: instead of preaching change, or complaining that there is a world you would rather inhabit, you become it. You deposit your participation into creating that world.
  • You are utterly freed from inner helplessness. Your motion in the world mitigates the guilt and disassociation that leaves little to no room for solutions.

Mindfully sequenced content will support the rising of your inner Rebel. Let’s explore what’s included in your membership.


How We Roll

+ What's included in your program


There are 12 core values that are woven throughout the program. Think of their union as a 12 stranded DNA helix. Each strengthening the other; better together.

Our anchoring values are courage, consciousness and collaborative leadership.


…because life throws curve balls like it's batting practice in the A-Leagues. I’ve learnt that as tempting as it is to turn away, you must face that ball and swing for the bleachers.


…because when the planet needs more light than ever, sticking your head in the sand simply ain’t an option anymore.

Collaborative Leadership

… because no one should ever feel like they need to do it alone. The days of the Lone Wolf are long gone and it’s well and truly time to find your pack and rise together.

These 3 values are always in play in mobilising rebellion and are required to explore the other 9 DNA strands, which include:

Attunement · Curiosity · Sovereignty · Creation · Reverence · Play · Power · Resilience · Beauty



Every month on a live webinar, our curriculum is designed to both drive us deeper and raise us higher, and as a tribe we’ll dissect and discuss, get to work on embodying it, and bring who we truly are into being. These calls are interactive and playful, and have been curated to build upon one another, so as the months go by, our rebellion is rising, we are bringing our light, we are strengthening our collaborative bond. We’ll call this our Guiding Light, and it’ll set the tone of the mentoring for the rest of the month.


A space where you can be you, and we can be us.

A space to witness and be witnessed, a space to participate, celebrate and mobilise.

The digital room that provides hang time and connection with other Rebels of Light.

On Tuesdays I’ll drop DNA Dares into the group via Facebook Live. Each week, we’ll breathe life into one of the 12 values through action, which’ll support our month’s Guiding Light.

The idea? To make spiritual practice and inquiry fun, fulfilling, curious and exploratory – not heavy, dogmatic and burdensome, because we both know that spirituality is not a one-size-fits-all; it’s as individual as the swirl on your fingertip.

The best part? You’ll be traversing dares with other rebels, including myself. I’ll be right there with you; shoulder to shoulder.



Upon registration, you’ll be allocated to smaller groups called Inner Circles. These groups will allow for intimate communication and accountability.

Together, you’ll share experiences, challenges, wins and insights. You’ll unpack the Guiding Lights together. You’ll navigate the DNA Dares together. You’ll hold safe and boundaried space for each other’s expansion. You’ll have each other’s back. You’ll support one another over the finish line at month 11 through a life-changing community project.


You'll be equipped with guided meditations, worksheets and resource lists to support your rising.


What is the link between rebellion and revolution?

How can Rebels organise themselves effectively into tribes that can create change in their communities?

How can we be agents of light in a world where so much fear and darkness prevail?

Our closing ceremony involves REBELLION IN ACTION. You and your Inner Circle will bring your light to a project that calls to your Soul and excites your inner Rebel.

See? It's not about theory. Rebellion is about making it REAL.

Why Rebels


  • You can easily identify areas in your life that require both rebellion and light
  • You want to actively participate in a movement, in a community that learns, grows, expands and embodies alongside one another
  • You’re not afraid to look closely at what’s not working, in order to transform it
  • You’re willing to participate with the group and communicate with your allocated Inner Circle, despite whether you identify as an introvert or extrovert (on that note, you’re interested in transcending such labels ;)
  • You get goosebumps when you’re jamming with visionary, lit up humans
  • Self-responsibility is your M.O (you’re so done with blame and you outgrew victimhood eons ago)
  • You ache to live a life of devotion, but without the dogma that’s often attached to it
  • You sense that superhuman living requires superhuman optimism, and you’re looking for others that sense the same, because communities generate momentum and magic.


Rebels of Light is likely not right for you, if:

  • You prefer to passively consume content, rather than engage with it. Flipping open your laptop to watch a recording of a group training, while munching on your dinner, toggling between screens and then taking zero action is simply not going to fly around here. No change is created this way, and this will only add to the consumption load in your life right now. Participation is not only necessary, and required, it’s absolutely vital for this to be a worthwhile use of your time. Please resist joining if you’re simply looking to be ‘inspired’ rather than activated.
  • You cannot gift yourself the time and space that will be required for you to successfully complete the program. (2-3 hours a week, perhaps a little more in October and November) Please remember that this is an 11-month program. (Wow, right? The miracles that we’ll see unravel in that time will be monumental!) If you can’t realistically commit to this, consider joining us for the next round in 2019, instead.
  • You are not willing to participate with the group’s discussion, or your Inner Circle. During this program, our quest is to explore the magic that becomes available when rebels learn how to organise themselves into communities and take action, together. Remember, the days of the Lone Wolf? Yesterday.

In other words: we're going deep in our quest for light. We're not here to splash in the shallows. 

It is human nature to instinctively rebel at obscurity or ordinariness.

Taylor Caldwell

I took to Facebook and Instagram for a live Q&A session, click play to hear everything you need to know.

Do these 11 glorious months have your name on them? Tune in to hear all your questions answered. <3


Posted by Tara Bliss on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rebels Of Light Membership



OR 6 x payments of $687*
OR 12 x payments of $347*

Open to all rebels at heart.

Join the waitlist

Rebels Of Light Sistermind

By application only


OR 1 x payment of $3497 + 10 x monthly payments of $669*

Limited positions

Applications Now Closed
The Rebellion begins: Wednesday, January 24

*1 x payment when you enrol, followed by subsequent payments which will be deducted monthly.


  • A community of lightworkers; a safe space that celebrates individuation and connection; giving you wriggle room to explore the YOU that is becoming.
  • Life-long friendships. Expand into the inspiration that’s inherent in the Rebels of Light brains trust.
  • Guidance on how to offer your Soul a megaphone. Become less impressionable by cultivating compassionate discernment and following the only wisdom that matters; your own.
  • An invitation to cultivate courage by teasing out the fears, wounds and judgements that have been stifling your light, alongside hundreds of others. (Reminder: you are NOT alone)
  • Greater consciousness, as you deepen your relationship with yourself, the earth, your desires and your community at large, through stillness practices.
  • The true power of collaboration, during a time when the word ‘leadership’ is being completely redefined...


A hotspot for wide-awakening humans who identify as women to gather and grow together.

Those who are ready to transform their lives and as a result, the world they live in.

Those who know that rightful rebellion brings us alive and catapults us into meaningful community action.

Those ready for evolving conversations that span spiritual practice, feminine leadership, the creative process, divine self-responsibility, conscious relationships, courageous communication, and so much more.


  • I recognise that the personal is political and the political is personal. Whatever I do to grow my community, is also going to grow me.
  • I am not just a child of the world, but a parent to it. Whatever the world is going to turn out to be, I need to participate in it.
  • I need to fulfil my potential. It is my Soul’s desire. The way I do that is by serving my community.
  • What happens to one, happens to all.
  • I am a citizen of the world. Over these next 11 months, I am learning what it means to be that.


How do I make the most of my membership as a Rebel Of Light?
Here are some ideas: Make a commitment to awaken action. Inspiration is not enough anymore, it’s what we do with it. Practice presence. During training calls and Facebook Lives, minimise distractions. Close down extra tabs on your computer, put Instagram to the side. Really offer yourself to this. It’s one of the best ways you can honour your financial investment and honestly, it just feels so good to be present and plugged in. Your full-tilt participation really matters. Our Facebook group was not created to serve as a distraction. It holds the container for us as the community to bring this vision to life. This group is served by a collection of human beings working together. Let’s honour it as that. You might like to set aside a little time each day to check in with the group and offer the content and conversations your attention. Bring a journal to The Guiding Light each month and get scribbling. Prioritise kindness and generosity. Lift your fellow Rebels high. Celebrate them.
How will the material be delivered?
Rebels of Light is held on a few straightforward but powerful platforms. Our framework is below, but we’re committed to being flexible. Guiding Light : Private ZOOM Call. DNA Dares and Community Platform: Facebook. Emails will be sent weekly, including reminders of upcoming LIVE call times, and cliff notes of call content and activity in the group. You’ll also have access to a private member site, which stores call recordings, community guidelines, and more.
What if I can’t make a call?
Don’t sweat it! Facebook live calls will automatically save in the group and all Zoom calls will be uploaded to our member site for you to check out with a green juice / glass of wine / bulletproof coffee whenever the spirit moves you!
What technology do I need to access all this magic?
Wifi. You’ll get logins to our member site so you can watch recorded calls. Ideally, you’ll have a Facebook account to tune into our Tuesday DNA Dares. We'll also share with you a few ideas for communicating with your Inner Circle. Other than that, your brains and hearts are the most powerful tech we could hope for you to bring along!
Do I receive Lifetime Access to the Facebook group and membership site?
No. Our time together is most powerful because it is intentional, time-bound and contained.
You talk a lot about taking action and making an impact in the world. What I don't have a business or an online platform?
Great question! Being an entrepreneur or ‘influencer’ is absolutely not a prerequisite to joining Rebels Of Light. This program is about cultivating inner harmony and offering space for your Rebel to emerge in the world. If you already have a business, this may result in inspiration for your next project, collaboration or offering. But truly, regardless of whether you’re in business, or if you’re are a mother or a public servant, this program is for anyone who longs for freedom; the freedom that comes with living an audaciously authentic life.
Am I locked in?
When you say YES to Rebels of Light, you’re saying YES to completing the 11-month journey and we’re committed to you completing it. Rebels Of Light is a transformational program and is bound to bring up stuff for you. If this happens - and it will - please give yourself a pat on the back. Something is going right if you’re being confronted with the desire to run away! This program will help you recognise these triggers and patterns of incompletion so you can live your life in a way that isn’t ruled by your inner escape artist. Fear is a knee-jerk reaction to growth. The scared and vulnerable parts of you no longer need to be the aspects that dictate your decisions. Honour yourself for leaning past the boundaries of your comfort zone. I am an ally to you and your Soul, as is this program. There will be a process in place that will help you meet any and all discomfort with compassion and curiosity.
Can I get a refund?
No. This is a mutual contract. I am committed to creating and holding a space for you to experience yourself as a Rebel of Light, and you are committed to your own transformation. Your financial commitment here is also an energetic one. You are placing your dollars where you want your heart to be. This investment allows and encourages you to show up wholeheartedly. If you decide to discontinue, you are still responsible for paying the balance.
Do you have an affiliate link?
No. We want the intention of this tribe to remain pure and squeaky clean. If you’d like to invite your community into our tribe for the next round, thank you, sincerely. We’d love you to share your experiences with people if you feel it’s in their best interest, not so that you earn a buck from it. Affiliate marketing is amazing, and I do support it, but I feel it’s not appropriate for this mentoring program.
Can I get private coaching with Tara?
The only opportunities to mentor privately with me in 2018 is through the Rebels Of Light SISTERMIND. I consider myself a leader of tribes, not a 1:1 coach. The big, important and truly transformational work I identify with (at least for now), is with groups, and I can’t wait to show up for you in full presence. The SISTERMIND offers an opportunity to take ten women ever deeper into their rebellion journey. Do check it out and feel into whether you resonate with that opportunity!
Can I promote my epic products and services in the tribe’s Facebook group?
What happens if someone does something to upset or offend me?
Online communities are so valuable, but like everything, they’re not without their challenges. We must understand that when it comes to communities such as these – ones in which we cannot see each other, let alone accurately translate tone, inflection and intention – then it’s very possible that we may become triggered at times. This is to be expected, and it’s totally okay. This program will reinstill the reality that nobody can offend us; that it is US who allows ourselves to become offended. We can lessen the likelihood of this by being generous in our assumptions of others. Rebels Of Light take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, reactions and actions, and with practice, they are not easily offended. We cultivate this responsibility by looking within first, and then reaching out in kindness for clarification, if necessary. (Often, after looking within, it is unnecessary) We have to feel safe in this community if we are to expand, and we are all responsible for creating safety in the group. Humans are diverse, complex and magnificent. We will celebrate our differences, raise each other up, and assume the best in one another.
Earlybird admission is now closed. Our doors will re-open again on the 4th of January with standard admission which is $3997. A 6-month payment plan is available at $687 per month. The Rebels of Light SISTERMIND is by application only. Upon invitation, tuition is $9997 (inclusive of standard Rebels program). A payment plan is available with an initial payment of $3997 + 10 monthly payments of $669.
If you have any burning questions that haven’t been answered here please get in touch via and we’ll be able to help you.
Become a Rebel

Rebels Of Light Membership



OR 6 x payments of $687*
OR 12 x payments of $347*

Open to all rebels at heart.

Join the waitlist

Rebels Of Light Sistermind

By application only


OR 1 x payments of $3497 + 10 x monthly payments of $669*

Limited positions

Applications now closed
The Rebellion begins: Wednesday, January 24

*1 x payment when you enrol, followed by subsequent payments which will be deducted monthly

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