25 November 2016

Patient Impatience: Your Sweet Spot for Success

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patient-impatienceMy friends,

I have some thoughts for you today,and a call to action, also.

First, a confession: I'm somewhat obsessive when it comes to exploring human states and the conditions, circumstances, thoughts and actions that help up to best thrive. I observe myself and the people around me constantly. What makes us tick. What turns us on. What repels us.

It's different for everyone of course, but something I've been asking myself lately is: 'Where is this person on the Patience / Impatience scale and how is that serving them or holding them back?'

Shall we have a look?

A little extrapolation on something I just said: Your patience determines your entitlement.

I realise that may not have made too much sense so let me unpack it a little more.

You know how you often hear Generation X and older refer to Generation Y (us!) as entitled?

Bratty. Spoilt. 'Expecting their life on a silver platter.' 'No work ethic.' Impatient.


I believe that that reputation stems from impatience that isn't being funnelled into anything of substance. 

Impatience that isn't backed by action.

Impatience that isn't ignited by a deep care of humanity and the planet.

Impatience that simply Wants It Now. (Isn't is enough that I'm simply breathing?)

But when we see impatient people Get To Work, few things are as breathtaking, and few people are as powerful and influential during this time, as millenials. That's you and me, by the way.

How exciting is that?!

I'm just a smidge worried that you're about to give up on something too soon, before knowing that you absolutely took the necessary action to create change. Like fear, impatience often comes with a message to lean further in, rather than dash away. Of course, if it's time to quit gracefully, I recommend a swift exit, but it's worth the inner enquiry.

Can't wait to hear from you in comments, beauties. I love having you here.

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    • 25 November 2016

      Patience = faith/impatience = action. One of my favourite sayings is "When Passion and Action collide the universe provides". I'm not sure where it originated but it just really resonates with me. You need to have both to get where you want to go. Love it!

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