13 May 2014

Overcome Fear and Defrost from Doubt

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You're fearful, and you feel stifled by your grandest dreams.

You want to move forward, but a lifetime of conditioning is keeping you stuck beyond stuck.

To overcome fear and take risks in pursuit of your visions - it all feels a little too big, a little too effortful, more than a little impossible.

I know this, because you email me and tell me so.

In this video, I share appraoches that you can utilise in your life that will help you reframe your doubts, leverage your fears in a positive and productive way, and create almost-immediate change in your body.

I'll also give you two examples of how I myself have felt frozen with fear this year, and how I used these tactics to defrost and gallop onward.

(Featuring cameo wisdom from Steven Pressfield, Tony Robbins and Danielle LaPorte.) PRESS PLAY.


So, ma lady, hold onto your hats, ya hear? Because now you're equipped with the means to lock eyes with your dreams and move toward them with conviction.

Remember, pain can indeed be extrememly helpful, if (and that's a gigantic if) we know how to properly use it (instead of allowing it to use us). Put your pain where it belongs, and prioritise pleasure :)

I gave you those four questions to contemplate in your journal, but like I mentioned in the video, in the comments below, share with us:

1: What's the monkey in your mind that's paralysing you? That beautiful, big dream that you've been turning your shoulder to?

2: What action can you take immeditately  that will give you the sensations of progress in your body?

Thank you for being here, as always!

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    • Elizabeth/ Your Highest Self
      13 May 2014

      Tas, grrlll. Can I just say holy shit?!?!?! Yes.

      Sitting in anxiety today. My business has taken off and now I'm afraid I can't keep it going!The whole "I'm going to fail and have to go work in a call centre/corporate world" etc.... And until now I've been trying to push it down and ignore it but all your tips feels WAY more productive!

      Love you long time.

      • Amie
        14 May 2014

        Elizabeth, YOU GOT THIS! Okay, I promise. I'm in the same boat as you (just became a PT, can't afford it!) just try hold it out. If you need to, seek casual work but don't you dare let go of your dream in the process. Money pays the bills, but money can't rule us (as much as it tries) and there's 365 days in a year, make them count! With you all the way :-)

    • Charmaine
      13 May 2014

      Started crying in the laundry room listening to this! Your so good Tara!

      1) So many dreams, vet school and starting by business(es) are the two biggest.

      2) Book a life coach session with my gal, and find the money to start up my website.

    • Carla
      13 May 2014

      Thank you for being so very genuine!

      Your message really resonated with me.

      I think I connect pain with food and weight issues, it's a cycle that I've been struggling to both break and acknowledge


    • 13 May 2014

      Thank you so much for this today Tara, it came just at the right time.
      I have fear that the hard work isnt enough and isnt worth it. I have been working hard at it for weeks and when I thought I was gaining ground it started to slide away over the last few days.
      I know I need to keep going and when I think about not continuing I cry, it hurts. So I have no choice, I must keep going.
      Leesa xo

    • 13 May 2014

      Thank you Tara. I was feeling sad this morning and I just needed to listen to a soothing guiding voice. Yours was perfect and the message profound. I really love your video blogs when normally I always prefer to read. With love Carly xx

    • 13 May 2014

      Tara hun, thank you! I found myself paralysed today - paralysed by potential and all the possibilities, mainly linked to fear of not being good enough. I love the 'replace fear with freedom' that you spoke of, as well as 'acknowledging the vision'. I'd be pretty pissed off with myself if I stayed paralysed like this! Great tips - thank you! (And way to go over tackling your two fears!) Love you xx

    • Marina
      13 May 2014

      Thank you.

      I think I hold fear because I feel uncomfortable with being different, unconventional and going against the norm of the people around me. I don't take risks because I worry what others will think of me, especially if I fail. It's not the fear of failure, it's the fear of being found out to have failed. I battle with my dreams when I know I should follow them, and my heart. I resist what I know makes me happy - it's absurd?! Thank you for this message, it's really made me gain a bit more courage,

    • Lauren
      13 May 2014

      Wow, saving this one. One major fear is the idea that I'm not experienced enough to help my clients overcome their disordered eating. I know I can help (because I see the changes in them), but this fear still gets me stuck sometimes. The change I can make is simply that today - realizing all the changes I've seen over time in clients that I've helped guide.

      • 20 May 2014

        Lauren, one thing that helped me overcome this fear in the beginning was to start writing down the compliments & praise I received from my clients. Whenever I had a coaching session (or just a chat with a friend where I helped them out) I would put any words of appreciation and praise down in a nice little google doc.

        When self-doubt popped up, I would just go to my google doc to remind myself that my work is valuable.

        Maybe this is something practical that could be fun for you to play with? xx

    • 14 May 2014

      Tara- this vlog resonated so much with me today...fear has definitely been looming over my head this last week! I have just read Steven Pressfields chapter on fear ...god I love his words "resistance feeds on fear" and how he asks is our biggest fear actually the fear of success?! Hearing your words and others sharing above gives me reassurance I am not the only one out there having these moments of fear, and is an inspiration to guide me on how to overcome my own fears and keep moving forward one step at a time! :)

      • Tara
        14 May 2014

        The man is a beacon! Thank you for sharing here sweet heart xo

    • Katie
      14 May 2014

      Hi Tara, your words and messages are so powerful. I think I am paralysed by being almost 28 yrs old, having an almost 2 yr old daughter and having my almost 10 year relationship where I was married for 3 of those years, break down. I guess I am fearful of the change from being a single parent, to living in a town & house, my group of friends have changed, feeling rejection as I didn't want the relationship to end but still having to maintain a positive relationship with my ex for my daughter. I feel an abundance of overwhelming fear and pressure to have a dream whereas at this time I'm trying to claw my way to a normal reality for myself as well as grieve & be a positive person for my daughter. Thank you for your powerful messages

    • 14 May 2014

      SUCH a great post! I have read a few posts tackling the beast that is fear lately and I love how each offers such a unique view and resonates totally differently. Great post!

    • 14 May 2014

      Love you Tara! Your enthusiasm for being a beginner helps me so much xo

    • 14 May 2014

      Thanks so much for this amazing video! I have been feeling quite fearful of my dreams and am I good enough. I love your steps and will be implementing them from now on. Thanks Tara xoxo

    • Ashlee
      14 May 2014

      Tara! I love you so freakin' much :)

      I asked for guidance this morning and I received this post!

      Launching my new program has brought up uncertainly and therefore what I am going through atm are those 'not good enough' 'fraud' fearful feelings and thoughts.

      Today I took action on them by going for a much needed walk to ground myself and then I came back all inspired to write.

      Write for the program, my blog and ME.

      Thank you my beautiful friend and inspiration xoxo

    • Amie
      14 May 2014

      Tara, I swear I just pulled about six quotes that really hit me in the face (in a good way, "wake up, Amie!") and wrote them down as you spoke, and now they are pinned right above my PC on my inspiration board. Girl, I love your videos! They are always right on time and spoken to naturally and from the heart. Endless amounts of respect for you Tara. xx

    • Amy
      15 May 2014

      Holy moly... you just get it girl. Love love love love love every word of this, and was pausing to write and journal throughout. Thank you beautiful! x

      • Tara
        16 May 2014

        Thrilled for the transformation that awaits you at the end of this journalling session :)

        Love you x

    • 15 May 2014

      Absolute gold! You speak to my soul every week, and all of us here are forever blessed to have access to your wisdom and love. Thank you Tara! This week I choose to celebrate being a beginner, cut myself some slack and just take the leap. I have everything I have ever wanted in my life right at this very moment because I have worked so damn hard to get here, and I will not let fear take that away from me and leave me stuck and stagnant. xx

      • Tara
        16 May 2014

        Oh this warmed me. Thank you xo

    • Tegan Ballinger
      16 May 2014

      Tara, this is such a great video, so inspiring and insightful, and actionable steps which really got me moving toward my dreams.

      Thanks so much for your beautiful and genuine support. xo

      • Tara
        16 May 2014

        You are so welcome honey pie xo

    • Vicki
      16 May 2014

      Honey - thank god, thanks to Party Girls, I am home on Friday nights watching soul stirring videos like this... xxxx

      • Tara
        16 May 2014

        I love you so much!

    • 19 May 2014

      Beautiful babe. Such insightful, heartfelt and bloody practical wisdom. Again, your messages always come at the right time and in the perfect way!

      Thank you!

      You will make a DELICIOUS yoga teacher! Go for it girl...x

    • SB
      2 June 2014

      Hey Tara! U inspire me so much! On mornings I feel blue, I crave a new video from u. U bring me up, encourage me. You have a gift! Grateful for u! I need to face my fears...I need to find the strength with in. Peace.

      • Tara
        3 June 2014

        How friggen awesome. Rock on sista xo

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