12 March 2014

Step Into My (New & Improved) Playground

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shit's getting realOh yes it is.

If you've been visiting this site over the last month or so, you'll have noticed that there have been some cheeky changes being made behind the scenes. Slowly but surely, Ellissa and I have been heart-storming ways in which to bring this precious (to me) space more alive, and now, after tying a bow around it yesterday, I'm ready for The Big Reveal.

There were a few motivators for updating Such Different Skies, and most of them revolved around you.

+ I wanted to dissolve any confusion that may have been floating out there on what is is that I can offer the world. Clarity is potent, and while I know that this will continue to morph and evolve as time passes us by, I feel more confident from where I sit that these changes in design, copy and functionality allow you to get to know me more deeply.

+ Interaction - fun - curiosity - adventure. I want you, as a beloved reader, to feel a cocktail of these experiences when you clickety click my way. I was done with everything being so 'texty' (my blog posts are long enough as it is), and so instead went for visual inspiration, more gorgeous colour, slide shows and floating text.

+ I've never been huge on the word Professional, but I do resonate highly with the word Pro (and yes, I believe there's a distinct difference between the two). While I don't envisage myself ever reaching for the holy grail of professionalism, these blog updates are a pro expression of Who I Am. My website feels like HOME now. If I feel more at home, then I'm more able to welcome you in with loving, ready arms.

Also, I wanted to dance between the energies of the masculine and feminine. Which is why we've incorporated smoke and hard lines. Pastel and boldness. Ellissa has truly done the most amazing job.

So. The updates. Here goes.

First of all, I invite you to click on over to my About page. It's succint, straight-shooting, and I'll admit it, a little shocking. It's about you and I, and how alike we are; and how clearly I can see the two of us in each other.

At the bottom of the About page, you have an option to click on through to my story, which basically details the chain of events that brought me to the Here and Now. Keep your eyes peeled for the fancy timeline down the bottom. (Fun!) :)


I write about...

i write aboutOver on the sidebar, you'll see a text image titled 'I write about'. Clicking through to that one will take you to a groovy little page detailing the categories of my blog posts; each with fitting piccies. Be patient with me here. I'm still in the process of re-categorising all my posts.

LINEI Seriously Love...

who run the web

Clicking on this option in the menu bar will carry you to a page filled with recommendations from yours truly. One on one professionals, website superstars, as well as my favourite programs and products. #ThankMeLater

LINE my books

I adore what Ellissa did with this page. I wanted to display the eBooks I've co-created with Rach and Glen in a beautiful, interactive way. Click through and marvel at the pretty floating text! :)

LINEMeet my clients

i love my clients

And, what's probably become my favourite aspect of this website, is the way in which my beloved clients are showcased. The page features slide shows of their thoughts and reflections of our time together, as well as an opportunity to get to know each of the girls on their websites.

LINEOther bits and bobs:

+ To avoiding scrolling overload, there's now a floating menu that will follow you down the page, and a Back to Top button that appears in the bottom right corner.

+ In the sidebar you'll find a list of Favourite Posts – both yours and mine.

+ My Work With Me page has been updated.

Thank you, so very, very much for witnessing these little changes online. I hope they make your time here a little brighter :)

LINEI feel a little uncomfortable adding this as a footnote to this post, but if boundaries are indeed loving (and I believe they are), then it's my intention that this will be received with love: If you are in the midst of building or re-inventing your website, please don't copy these design concepts. I understand that it's always going to happen to some degree (I myself have been guilty of implementing blog elements that aren't authentic to me), and that imitation is a form of flattery, but I've witnessed a lot of plageurism online lately, and it upsets me a little. We are ALL infinitely creative, with endless opportunities to express ourselves in unique ways that make a difference. Please, think twice before lifting anything that took significant amounts of time, energy, love and money to create. It cheapens the art of it, and I don't know about you, but I'm ALL for feeling richer, creatively.


Have a lovely time exploring the site; getting to know it; getting to know me a little better. If you'd love to share all this new fanciness (*said in a posh accent*), you can use the buttons below. I'd love to know what you think of my new digs!

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    • 12 March 2014

      Oh my god! She's a stunner Tara! The feel of the site is so YOU! I'm so proud to have played a tiny part in it. I can tell this is going to be a wonderful home for you and all of us who delight in your words. Congrats lovely!

    • 12 March 2014

      Ahh this is so amazing. I knew I hadn't been imagining the smaller changes! Looks so great.

    • 12 March 2014

      I have loved seeing these little subtle changes over the last few weeks and have been excited to see where they have been leading. Love the new look Tara.

      • Tara
        12 March 2014

        Thanks beautiful x

    • 12 March 2014

      Love your new digs Tara - bright, bold, unique, soft, eye-catching, forward thinking, fun, adventurous and free. An array of awesomeness, just like you.

      Particularly love the footnote - owning it! Its your genius, not someone else's xx

      • Tara
        12 March 2014

        How lovely! Thank you lady x

    • 12 March 2014

      Digging the new changes HARD babe and grinning from ear to ear reading that footnote. So crazy-honoured to see my smiley face floating around your stunning, new online home! x

      • Tara
        12 March 2014

        Thanks Claire Bear!

    • Sarah
      12 March 2014

      Love love love the changes, Tara! What a funky little online home you have! x

      • Tara
        12 March 2014

        Cheers darlin :)

    • Jess Ainscough
      12 March 2014

      Stunning honey! Love the new digs. Leaving your site open so that I can have a proper wander through over a dandy tea this arvo. Love you. xx

      • Tara
        12 March 2014

        Oh you! I love you too x

    • 12 March 2014

      Absolutely love it. Looks unique, amazing and colourful - so the design now matches the words! xxx

      • Tara
        12 March 2014

        What a beautiful thing to say! Thank you Em :)

    • 12 March 2014

      Wow, wow, wow! Fabulous my darling- very unique, chic and oh-so 'you'! Love! xx

    • Ashlee
      12 March 2014

      Tara! It is SO GORGEOUS! SO YOU! I freakin' LOVE it so much!!!

      Love you billions
      Ash xx

    • Ness
      12 March 2014

      Love it! Looks so good on my computer! It is quite a bit harder to read on my iPhone though. Just thought I would let you know-with lots of love! Xx

    • Al
      12 March 2014

      I freaking LOVE the redesign. So inspiring and inviting and fun. Going to have a little wander through right this second.

      Love your stuff, as always!

    • 13 March 2014

      Its so lovely to have a new home Miss Tara! I can see how comfortable you are in your abode. Much love to you. xx

    • Lana
      13 March 2014

      Oh Tara! This makes me smile big. I LOVE it! The organization, the pics, all the little bits that really feel good. Way to go beauty! Off to have another look around and click through everyyyything! xxx

    • 13 March 2014

      Whoop whoop! Hope your having a digital savasana! xxx

    • Lori
      13 March 2014

      Love it!

    • 19 March 2014

      Bra-fucking-vo Tara and co - looks belissimo! :)

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