3 June 2014

You DO What You ARE (So Move It)

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Sometimes, I sit in stillness in the sand, looking out to sea, wondering what today might be like if it weren't for the cumulative change I've made over the last few years.

I think to the times I was struck by annoyance, frustration, burn out. My medicine for those states would be a big old bitch-fest, or a six pack of lo-carb beer.

When I felt unloved, I would justify in my mind all the reasons why 'this is so bullshit', and I'd wage a mental war with those I deemed responsible for doing me wrong, before becoming flat out exhausted from all the internal wrestling.

When I felt uncomfortable, I would bolt. Speedy exit, here I come.

And if I was resisting and important responsibility or priority, I'd distract myself with the means of food, drugs, over-working.

So yeah, those sandy moments by the sea? They amuse me sometimes, as I remember how self-righteously I used to manage my life. Finger pointing. Escapism. Arms that would fling up into the air with an exasperated sigh when it was all too Hard Basket...

Life's clearly a little different today, and not because I've perfected the art and science of zen (trust me, I am still quite skilled at throwing the odd tantrum). What's changed most radically is the awareness of my awareness; the presence in me that watches as my life unfolds. Watches, as I sometimes psycho-analyse, and sometimes surrender. Watches, as I sometimes cultivate gratitude, and sometimes fall into the fiery pit of comparison.

In many ways, my life back then - one which was rife with excuse-making and subconscious sabotaging - was much easier.

Without ambition, you lessen the chance of 'failing.' Without passion and purpose, you tend to go a little easier on the expectations you place on yourself.

Only thing, is this - I'm pretty sure I didn't sign no freaking grey ass sacred contract that would bind me to a life of safeness and mediocrity. BLEURGH to that!

I'm here to feel.

I'm here to - yes - scrutinise myself. And not with hard edges; claws out, but with unbounded curiosity and wild wonder.

I'm here to know when to feel expansive and proud and whole, and also, when to tell myself that 'Tara, this behaviour is unacceptable'.

I'm here to be the fly on the wall of my own life.


All of this is a round about way of putting faith to the idea that we create a life based on what emotional state we're in.

I'd hazard a guess at what your days might look like if you're often experiencing frustration, jealousy, resentment, impatience (like I once was).

How might those states influence the decisions you make, and thus the actions you take?

And why is it that joyful people live lovely lives? What's their secret sauce?

When you're in a good state - you make good decisions. 

Woah, man.


So lately, I've had a choice. Am I going to be a brat, throw a tantrum and get frustrated at a certain soul project of mine that's challenging me and stretching me more than ever? Or, am I going to do what I've endeavored to do for the last few years of my life - and pull my socks up a little, take a deep breathe, and consciously...


I have incredible passion for this topic, so please click play and we can explore it further. I'll teach you my totally whacky technique for busting through resistance, too.

Now, this could be one of those videos that you watch and think, 'Oh yeah, cool' - but never implement. Not this time!

Your body - your physiology - is the homebase for productivity, creativity, intimacy - so use it! Shift it, change it, move it!

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    • 3 June 2014

      Really cool! Can't wait to try it.

    • Erika
      3 June 2014

      Congrats on completing chapter four! Thank you for the insight. Gonna move my way through some "shit pickles" ...starting NOW! No wonder two albums made their way into my life this weekend.

      • Tara
        3 June 2014


    • 3 June 2014

      WOW! I can relate to the state you used to live your life in. I feel like I flirt with the border between the world of internal struggle and awareness. Thank you for reminding me I am on the way!


      • Tara
        3 June 2014

        You're welcome xo

    • Lise
      3 June 2014

      Tara please don't rush your book. Take your time. We will still be here waiting. It's not organic if it's thought out too much. I'm no psych but maybe the resistance is due to the Bali retreat where you were under the pump to write. Even though the retreat is well intentioned maybe there is an attachment to that time. I worry that your going to force what I know will/could be a beautiful thing.

      • Tara
        3 June 2014

        Oh I can SO feel your love in this comment Lise. Thank you.

        But trust me - rushing is not the issue. Haha. This is 18 months in the making. I'm making every attempt for my writing sessions to be the OPPOSITE of Bali - free and organic - but resistance is a motherfucker and rears her head any chance she can get. A little strategy is absolutely vital to move through her. That I know for certain.

        This isn't a video about forcing. It's about removing the blockages that are preventing us from doing what brings us JOY.

        No writing = cranky Tara.


    • 3 June 2014

      Thanks for sharing Tara. Great tip. I love to dance when I feel really blocked, then I have a shower and then when I sit back down to right the words flow. This is only for blogging so I can only imagine how tough it would get when writing a book! I will imagine typing the words coming out next time I dance.

      • Tara
        3 June 2014

        Let me know how you go !

    • 3 June 2014

      Love this Tara. Thanks hun xx

      • Tara
        3 June 2014

        Ever so welcome!

    • Michelle
      3 June 2014

      Love this!
      My shit pickle is actually that I am just not moving at all! I have all these ideas and dreams of how I want my life to be (healthy eating, meditation, exercise etc.) Yet I am stuck. Stuck in my usual routine, stuck making excuses or saying there is always tomorrow. Im actually just stuck.
      This sounds perfect! Exactly what I might just need! ♥

      • Tara
        3 June 2014

        Just move in crazy freaking ways babe, and see what happens! It might inspire you into action xo

    • 3 June 2014

      "Without ambition, you lessen the chance of ‘failing.’ Without passion and purpose, you tend to go a little easier on the expectations you place on yourself."

      Love love LOVE that line! Soooo much of that resonates with me and where I have been the past few weeks. And I adore this idea of moving to create inspiration.
      I feel a bit of a soul dance off coming on to help me feel creatively inspired, and to let go of my resistance to meditation.

      Thank you beautiful. xx

    • Liz Issitt
      3 June 2014

      Geesh! My hubby were sitting on the porch swing soaking up the sunset last night and I chanced on your vid. I said let me introduce you to one of the Bali women I love. And what a great way for you two to meet. We now have a new favorite term "shit pickle".
      Love what you are doing and I know it is working for you--you are positively glowing! By the way-I see you book being completed with an amazing flourish, ass kicking design and gut grabbing, heart thumping and soul smacking greatness. Good speed Tara. It all is perfect timing!

      • Tara
        4 June 2014

        I freaking LOVE YOU miss Liz! And miss you BEYOND xo

    • Kimberly
      4 June 2014

      Great video Tara! I love the idea of moving the body (along with the visualization). It reminded me of an exercise I do everyday and anytime I need to "shake it off". Here is the link for the exercise http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/VDR00157/Shaking-the-Bones-With-Dr-Chiasson.html.

    • Lori
      4 June 2014

      Oh yes, there sure is something to just freeing yourself, body/mind/spirit to the beauty of moving to your own beat. Thank you for sharing. :)

      • Tara
        4 June 2014

        You're welcome gorgeous xo

    • Chloe | You Can Go your Own Way
      4 June 2014

      Love, love, love this vid Tara, right on time, as always. It sounds so obvious doesn't it - to get unstuck we have to move - but there is beauty (+ clearly results!) in how literal, simple and yet elegant this is. I've been following Susanna lately too, inspired by her creative approach and using music as an energy force of sorts, thanks as always for sharing your light. Chloe x

      • Tara
        4 June 2014

        So obvious - and so easily forgotten :) Glad this landed for you honey xo

    • 4 June 2014

      Aha! Exactly the answer I've been circling around. Thanks, as ever, for sharing your wild and wise tips. X

    • 4 June 2014

      Just wanted to let you know that this post created a tremendous ah-ha moment for me - one that I'd been trying to crack for quite some time. Thank you very much for sharing your words, spirit and gifts with us all. xoxo

    • Charmaine
      4 June 2014

      Never has a blog post been so perfectly timed. Was in the middle of simultaneously freaking out about all the stuff I need to do, and procrastinating. I cranked the stereo and danced like a crazy lady in the shower, and then put on soft music to study. Made it sooo much better, it made me feel ... Safe, for the first time in a very long time. Thank you Tara!!!

    • Jade
      5 June 2014

      Oh Tara you are so beautiful! I really want to try this technique. I've got numerous shit pickles such as:- Networking (professionally and personally); Intamacy with my partner; Meditation; and Learning to sew. How do you suggest I move for the networking one? I'm a Highly Sensititve Person and this causes me to feel incredibly nervous in large groups and around strangers which makes talking to people and making new friends very hard.

    • Amy
      5 June 2014

      Oh yes!! Couldn't agree more! So so so often, when home with little ones and feeling stuck, I've found the best thing to do is... move. Get out of the house. Get the little one into that pram and pound that pavement. Suddenly, the energy shifts, the sun shines, the body wakes up... and I think differently.
      Thank you for reminding me again of the power of shifting our state and body to really shift our energy. x

    • 6 June 2014

      Love this creative and beautiful technique you shared Tara. Anything that has to do with music and creativity, I'm in. I'm going to try this next time I feel stuck and watch what magic unfolds.

      P.S. I love when you put your hand up and say "GUILTY" with regards to strangers bumping into you. Haha I've been there too.

      Thank you sweetheart x

    • Alex @ Kenzie Life
      11 June 2014

      I'm a big fan of changing my body state to shake things up physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc. My movement of choice is Pure Barre and I go about 4-5 times a week. Recently, a woman who works at my apartment building's main office told me that every time I come in, I'm "so nice and friendly" and that I "never seem to have a bad day." Of course, I do have my moments like everybody else, but I credit movement with getting out my negative energy so I can keep it high the rest of the day! Beautiful post, Tara!

    • Em
      14 June 2014

      Hi Tara - thank you for this! My 'shit-pickle' is exercising...my plan is to put together a playlist of awesome songs I grew up with as a kid and loved to dance to,then start busting some moves! ;) Will keep you posted! Cheers, Em x

      • Tara
        15 June 2014

        Good stuff babe !

    • Cori
      18 June 2014

      Love love love this!

      So true - music gets me into the right mood... it energises and gets me going.

      My shit pickle is getting started - I procrastinate, but then I'm fine once in flow... just pushing myself to start (more on my MBA and my impending move back to Australia!).

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