31 December 2015

A Life Devoted to Love with Melissa Ambrosini

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It's New Year's Eve.

I don't know what your end of year / new year rituals look like, but this year, mine are looking a little something like this.

After a few hours of work today, I will pause my inbox, sign out of Facebook and play some beautiful mantra in the background.

I'll sit on the floor, probably with Layla close by so I can reach out and offer her love whenever she gives me those eyes that say, 'Mama, please?'

I'll open up my journal and what will flow from soul to paper will be my reflections, gratitudes and rambling thoughts of what unfolded this year; my way of consolidating the undulating months that brought me here. In plain terms, I'll spend some time paying my respects to 2015.

I like to create some space at the end of the year to remember what I may have temporarily forgotten in and amongst all the doing. Did I nurture my well-being? Were my boundaries strong (with round-ish edges)? Did I participate in my relationships as fully as I could have? Did I live my life from a home base of trust, love, faith? Where did I over-commit and how can I combat that happening again in the future? Did I honour my creativity? The list goes on...

This is one reason why I'm utterly delighted to share this conversation with you. My luminous friend, Melissa Ambrosini – who I assume you will be no stranger to – is gracing us with her presence and wisdom as we sit down to celebrate the launch of her highly anticipated and downright stunning book, Mastering Your Mean Girl.

The reason I love this book so much (and can't wait to give it to my future daughter one day, shall I have one), is that it reminded me of so very many (many, many) things that I'd forgotten this year; a year rife with change that I had trouble keeping up with at times.

Mel reminded me most poignantly, that I Am LOVE. That I attract the relationships and circumstances that I think I deserve. That participating in a conscious partnership takes patience and work and spiritual accountability.

I couldn't be more grateful.

In this conversation, Mel generously shares:

  • Why mastering our critical inner Mean Girl is crucial
  • AND, why mustering gratitude for our Mean Girl is equally as important
  • Vulnerability hangovers and how Mel felt about publishing such intimate stories
  • Why Mel wants to cheekily 'smack people over the head' when they say they feel 'lucky' or 'blessed' ;)
  • This one's hilarious: Why Mel and her husband Nick send each other out to the balcony for Time Out when they're in Victim Mode
  • 'There is nowhere to hide is a spiritual, conscious relationship.' More on that.
  • Rapid fire Q&A (What are you most excited about? What are you most grateful for right now? How has your Mean Girl tried to influence you lately?)
  • and of course, much, much more.

Boil the kettle, get comfy and enjoy the radiant light of this beautiful young woman.

Melissa Ambrosini is the author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and self-love teacher. In her signature straight-talking style, Melissa teaches women how to master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs, and ditch the self-doubt so that they can start truly living the life of their dreams.

Named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine, she is known for her inspirational live events, books, booming online community, her weekly Goddess Groups, game-changing online programs such as the MA Academy Business Bootcamp, her soulful guided meditations and empowering keynote talks.

Her mission is to inspire women across the globe to create a heart-centred life that’s wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love.



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I'd absolutely LOVE it if you could help me spread the love about this important and relevant book. Please feel free to share this post using the buttons below, and while you're there, leave a few love bombs for Mel in the comments. Lastly,


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    • 1 January 2016

      I love this so much, this is so beautiful, It gives me so much hope and I realize how my mean girl is always saying to me that I am not worthy of having an healthy body and how I keep have this very delicate relationship with my body, and find excuse "oohh in Guatemala i have noone to help me in body work"!!
      You are so inspiring and I hope one day I can fly to Australia!!
      Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart, can't wait until march!!!!or maybe I take the risk and trust guatemalan post office and order one to Guatemala!!

    • 3 January 2016

      Thank you so much for having me angel. It was a pleasure (as always) to speak with you.

      I love you SOOOO much and I feel so honoured to be your soul sista! Big love to you always. xx

    • 4 January 2016

      Tara, I am so grateful to have watched this gorgeous interview with Melissa. Having just finished reading Mastering Your Mean Girl, I'm already being hit with mean girl moments where I know I need to do the work. Melissa, your story about being worthy and having crystal clear communication in your relationship with Nick is exactly what I needed hear. I know I need to make this the focus of 2016. Thank you so much for spreading such a beautiful message, and I hope I can inspire other women in the same way this year and beyond! So much love to you both! Amanda xxx

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