5 August 2014

You ARE a Master Manifester

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I've got some bloody good news for you today. It's nothing new, but its worth repeating.  

In case you didn't already know, you're powerful beyond measure. You're a magnet that's jacked up to its most potent strength, and because of that, for better or worse, you have a knack for pulling into your life whatever it is that you're allowing your mind to settle on most. We're rather sensational in that way.

It's often easier to land back at the little belief that we're simply in this world, rather than co-creating it. When I'm not present and aware, I slip back into that unempowering mindset, too. In fact, in this video I talk a little about the skeptical bone in this body that every so often distracts me from what I know is the Truth with a capital T. It's an insidious little bone, and it's incredibly seductive. But in the end, it's got nothing on the Truth. Faith rules.

So, what does manifesting a drug dealer (a sneak peek at a story that's included in my book) and co-creating a dream life have in common?

All will be revealed when you press play. You really ARE a master manifester. (Yes, even you!)

Quick little heads up: mind the swearing. This video poured out of me without a filter (obviously).


Care to out yourself in the comments?

Without shame, and with total self-compassion, share with our tribe here something that you've recently unwittingly manifested. Can you find the empowerment that comes with identifying that? Following on from that, where do you endeavour to refocus your attention?

I'm so looking forward to hearing your input in the comments feed!

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    • 5 August 2014

      Hi Tara!

      BEAUTIFUL message. Thank you for sharing your story, as it rings true for me. We all have CRAP that festers and sometimes smacks us across the face. The power to redirect our energy and how we choose to receive the circumstance is so empowering. Wonderful stuff :)
      Lots of love to you and your new book!!

    • 5 August 2014

      relationship. drama. yeeeeeeah.

      I feel like you made this video for me exactly. thank you for the honesty, the words, the timing. you are lovely.

      xo Ashley

    • Melina
      5 August 2014

      Hey Tara...thank you so much for this timely video....your words are resonating so deeply with me and some big realisations just happened! xxoo

    • 5 August 2014

      Whoop! Hells yes! I am such a believer of this. Thank you for telling us your story and beign so honest. & I can *so* relate to you & the process of writing a book - I am currently writing a book (on connecting to your inner self and higher self with crystals!) and am working on the idea that I can manifest confidence and manifest just what my potential readers need to read. It's amazing what we can call into our lives -- whether good or bad. What we focus on increases. Here's to calling in high vibration goodness. Sending you such love. xo

    • 5 August 2014

      YES!! Loved this video - and love this story in your book. You are a woman of action babe <3. PS. I'm diggin' that yellow on you!!

      • Lina
        5 August 2014

        Yes, the yellow suits you sooo much!

    • Linda
      5 August 2014

      Hi Tara,

      What a perfect example of how manifestation works! Thankyou for reminding me what we are all capable of.


    • Lauren
      5 August 2014

      Thanks for sharing without the filter - makes it so much more authentic! Just realized this sense of doing too much and overwhelm has got to go...and I can set clear boundaries with my time/energy/work that I take on. Today, I'm choosing to focus on the GOOD and things that light me up and bring me real joy...and removing the unnecessary things that drain my energy.

    • Claire
      5 August 2014

      Bloody legend you are!! Many thanks for this reminder Tara. Wishing you a happy Tuesday xxx

    • 5 August 2014

      Oh my gosh Tara! I just love you! You are so full and radiant! What a powerful video my dear :) xo

    • Katie
      5 August 2014

      Last year when I heavy into creating Lifestyle Design Camp my girlfriend/biz parter sent me this by email

      "Ummmm, PS, you're manifesting like crazy right now, meditate and throw some good things out there."

      She was able to see what I wasn't. That I was focusing all of my energy on this work that I felt so connected to.

      Now much later I am able to see it for myself. I see the focus I've given into house hunting and the property that came our way. I am also able to see that when I'm in a heavy space it's so easy for me to manifest relationship struggles, sluggishness, and self-doubt.

      I can see now that I am a master manifested. And that's a skill I need to protect and use carefully.

    • Tracey
      5 August 2014

      Thanks Tara, timely and .......goosebumps!! x

    • 5 August 2014

      You are radiant babe. I watched one of your first ever videos recently - and that wise soul that spoke with such enthusiasm and grace is definitely still there - but she is now confident and even more luminous.

      This was an "ah-ha" video for me. The DRAMA that kept coming into my life - I couldn't understand it. I now do. It kept coming up because I kept focusing on it. I asked "why" too often. But I see now that I needed those experiences. I needed that hurt. I called it in because it made me stronger.

      So grateful. xx

    • 5 August 2014

      Love this Tara!!! I don't regret any of my party girl days but man it's great to be on the other side. Blessings to you!!! xxx

    • Sandy Perrino
      5 August 2014

      Thank you for saying in your intro that you question all this. I do too!

    • tee
      5 August 2014

      My mind is blown. This is something I really really needed right now and I NEVER thought about the fact that we manifest the bad just as much as the good.

      Thank you.

    • Melanie
      5 August 2014

      Tara, I have known this for a very long long time. I have put it into practice and have had it work over and over. Master manifested I am one. But it is wonderful to hear someone else validate it all. Namaste xx

    • Tracey
      5 August 2014

      Morning Tara!

      Have been thinking about this a lot lately, and you just summed it up like a badass! Loved it. And soooo true!!!
      Crankin the vibes up today

      Love to you x


    • Nadine Lee
      5 August 2014

      Hi love, I really like this. I feel I can really relate .. looking back realising wow i am a powerful manifestor I have always manifested what I wanted, good bad ugly whatever. I feel the key for me was not judging or making it BAD those things . I feel what helped me was completely loving those times when i was manifesting drugs, my 'dream job' at the time, which i now cringe at. But part of the healing is LOVING it all... loving our dirty past, owning it completely, and realising well that is EXACTLY what we needed to manifest at that part of our soul journey.... our soul needed that.... hence why it manifested it... now as we unveil layers and layers we manifest what is more in alignment with where we are at now....who knows maybe in 10 years time we will be like what the fuck manifesting a yoga course, 10 clients a month etc etc? By then our alignment, vibration, will obviously be different, our soul will be on a different path & i feel the key is just to fully allow what wants to come through & never make it wrong or right... It is what it is...it is all love sista... love u woman. keep shining as you do cuz ur brilliant <3

    • Angie
      5 August 2014

      Thank you so much for this post. So beautifully timed. I have been struggling with negative thought patterns around money and feeling a sense of lack in that area of my life. l have been trying to turn it around, but only half-heartedly. This was such a great reminder that continuing this thought pattern is not serving me and in fact is probably manifesting the opposite of what I really want which is abundance in every aspect of my life. I will take this reminder to raise my vibration and hit my mat and get back to meditating on abundance. Thank you for your rant and for shining your beautiful light in the world. Sat Nam.

    • Amy
      5 August 2014

      Tara, you are ON IT. Thankyou for another great, inspiring video. I'm hooked. :) x

    • 5 August 2014

      Love it Tara!!!! We tend to think of manifesting as the positive things that happen to us but this is a great reminder that we also manifest the negative or not so great. Let's turn that shit around!!! xxx

    • Clare
      5 August 2014

      This was one of those moments.. boom! I read your blog regularly but have never really felt the need to let you know, until now. That video!!! it's a game changer. Manifesting.. i feel like it's something we all know of/ consciously practice to a certain extent but without that much awareness.. That video really bought me back to home base, with myself and i LOVE it. and i can't thank you enough... THANKYOU x

    • Jess
      5 August 2014

      FREAKING LOVE THIS. Manifestation is so embedded within us, yet the one thing that we constantly need to bring to the forefront of our mind. Love. You are amazing xx

    • 5 August 2014

      Yep, awesome and totally agree. Although I'm still not in my purest of manifestation modes, my awareness is shining light on it more and more often enough that it's slowly shifting to a higher plane. Thanks for always delivering your message with such rawness and being so real. It's so cool to see spiritual awareness being integrated into peoples lives whilst they're still being very involved in society and business and the material realms. I love it sooo much! xx

    • Lisa
      5 August 2014

      Oh my! *light bulbs* galore! Loved this! x

    • Kate // Word Love
      5 August 2014

      Perfect! Lately I've been feeling myself expand into the feelings of pure delight. And whaddaya know? Freaky good external things are coming my way. Love it!

    • Kimberley
      5 August 2014

      You rock my socks Tara. :)

    • 5 August 2014

      Jeeeez lady. I could listen to you talk for hours xoxo

    • Abbie Major
      6 August 2014

      Beautiful message! It makes so much sense!! Thank you so much Tara! xxoo

    • Emma
      6 August 2014

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      This is such a great message and perfect timing. Like you said, this is something that we all need to be reminded of sometimes. :)

      Love it!

    • 6 August 2014

      Tara you're a light beam! You have the most awesome knack for jolting awake those sleepy parts of us with your message. I get teary over the realisation of just how powerful we are. It is SO amazingly beautiful and I do forget ALL.THE.TIME just how much I'm in control of my little world. Thank you for shining your light lovely lady. C.x

    • 6 August 2014

      Loved this hun. Gosh you have a wonderful way on camera + love that colour on you too. xx

    • Lori
      6 August 2014

      Oh that was goooood....Thank You for sharing! I can feel that video resonating with oodles, and oodles of us. xx L

    • Jenn
      6 August 2014

      What a beautiful reminder that we are powerful enough to bring both the good and the not so good experiences into fruition. Beautiful Tara! xo

    • 6 August 2014

      Another amazing video Tara, holy moly this is SO true! It's all too easy to focus on the problem but that shift to focusing on the solution feels so different and empowering xx

    • 6 August 2014

      Love this message. We often only think of manifesting the things we WANT -- but we are also manifesting things that we don't want when we put certain vibrations out into the world. Gotta pay attention! And I also love the rawness of this. Go Tara :)

    • Ruth
      6 August 2014

      Ohhhhhhh. Niiiiiice. x

    • Cori
      6 August 2014

      Mental! Sums it up really....

      Thanks for bringing the awareness around manifesting what we don't always want into the frame... what we're thinking about...what we worry about... so so true!

      Loving the energy, wisdom and authenticity you inject into your videos... love it!

    • Lyndsey
      7 August 2014

      Holy f-ing shit that was so good!

      I don't really have any other words, mind blown, eye-opening, transformative!

      I am about to completely change some of my thought (manifesting) patterns around. This made me realize just how much bad crap I have manifested myself (seriously holy crap why would I do that haha)...focusing on the good from now on baby.

      I adore you, so much love xx

    • Sharon
      7 August 2014

      Yep. Loved it!! Loved the reality that co-creating, manifesting isn't about epic highs and beauty all the time!! It's sometimes just the simple things. Thank u. x

    • 7 August 2014


      So often we only think about manifesting in terms of the "good" shit.
      Every thought, every little ounce of our energy is constantly working to "create" our reality.

      Thanks for the reminder Tara. xxx

    • Bridget
      10 August 2014

      Nailed it again Tara! Your posts always come at the most perfect times. I can't wait for your book!

    • Linda
      11 August 2014

      Time for me to change my mindset and to change direction! It never everoccurred to me that I have been busy manifesting so much negative stuff ....! Thanks a million and a big hug to you Tara.

    • 12 August 2014

      Boom. You are a rockstar and this is the exact thing I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Danielle
      20 August 2014

      Thanks Tara. I love, love, love this post! Here I am feeling powerless when I've been getting what I think about all along....time to change the record I think :)

    • Katie
      23 August 2014

      SO MANY HAPPY CLAPS for this video woman! You just blew my mind. Thank you for making my Saturday start with a smile :)

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