23 September 2013

Making the Ask: My Creativity Prayer

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Photo: Hannah Millierick

I'm baring my soul a little more than usual today, but this time, with brevity (which is certainly not one of my strengths).

In Spirited, Rach and I talk about the power of prayer – or, if it makes you feel more comfortable, the importance of asking – which is often easier said than done.

It's crucial for you to ask for what you desire. An outstretched, open hand is not a sign of weakness or scarcity. It's humility. It's a willingness to identify strength in team work. You have what I need, may I have a little? 

Making the ask is brave. We know that, that's why we so seldom do it, for fear of exposing our cracks and chipping our armour. We forget that those around us often take pride in stepping into their HERO shoes every once in a while.

As humans, we thrive on being presented opportunities to step up and shine, and often, helping someone with generosity and a big open heart is the catalyst for those endorphins that scream: Yes! I just did something meaningful and important, and it feels good.

So, without anymore hesitation, here is my (gulp!) creativity prayer that I recite everyday before I write. Because, y'know, it's not just other humans we can turn to for a helping hand, we can lean straight into the Source.

Go easy on me, this is an incredibly intimate share.


Soul, Saraswati, Archangel Gabrielle, my muse, the deva of my business...

Hover near me. Be close.

Sustain this work. Let it come and let it live.

I'll sit here for hours and honour your presence and your wisdom.  I've shown up. I'm ready. And I trust you.

Whisper in between the loud, booming echoes of my ego.

Take any change you can get.

Your wisdom disintegrates the rigidity of my fears.

It reminds me of what's real.

It reminds me of what's important.

And it reminds me why I take this seat everyday.

I am grateful.


I then proceed to light a candle (no matter the weather or time of day), reach out for my chunk of fluorite (for clarity and psychic de-cluttering) and get cracking.

This ritual has gotten me through a huge couple of months, and I'd love for it to help you too.

So, feel free to let this prayer become a part of your life. Take it. Use it. Print it out.

And most importantly, share it with your peeps, with the buttons below.


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    • Jen // Creating a Colourful Life
      23 September 2013

      So beautiful Tara! Thank you so much for sharing <3 I'm going to give it a try before I sit down to write today - I've got my fluorite at the ready! xx

    • sandy
      23 September 2013

      thank you. it is so beautiful.

    • 23 September 2013

      Really beautiful. Thank you for sharing sweet one. xx

    • 23 September 2013

      I felt my shoulders relax when I read those sweet words. Ready to write! Thank you for sharing x

    • Kristen
      23 September 2013

      Thanks Tara. It was just last night I was excited about the idea of saying a prayer before sitting down to write and press publish today. I found myself a little stuck for exactly what to say, and here it is. Those beautiful words you put together are perfect. Thank you.

      Love Kristen xxx

    • Naomi
      23 September 2013

      Thank you for sharing Tara. so beautiful and so inspiring xx

    • 23 September 2013

      Thanks Tara! This is blissful and gorgeous.. have been following you from so long, wanted to hear your story, how do you come up with such great work every time, you are so grounded and creative and yet so upright focused. Love your blog and your words always lift me up.. will try the prayer and let the magic unfold :) :) Thank you for your (online) presence!

    • 23 September 2013

      Intimate, honest and truly inspiring. Thank you Tara for your transparency and sharing this precious gift. xox

    • 23 September 2013

      Thanks for sharing those beautiful words Tara. Completely agree that 'making the ask' can be tough. Becoming a mother ended up teaching me that sometimes it's ok to ask for help and to understand that it doesn't have anything to do with weakness or inability. Think I might need to come up with my own, butt kicking creativity mantra now that you've inspired me!`

    • 23 September 2013

      Love this, Tara. Always so vulnerable, so honest and generous. Thank you! Asking has been such a HUGE lesson for me lately. And it is opening up so many opportunities and connections. Sending you lots of love, Karina

    • Bec
      25 September 2013

      Tara, this is amazing!! Absolute divine timing, this is exactly what I needed to stumble upon today! Thank you so much for sharing. xx

    • 25 September 2013

      Wow- thank you so, so much for sharing this with us my darling. It's breathtakingly stunning and grounded me straightaway when I read it.

      Printed out- stuck on my wall. I can feel the anticipation and potential in those words already.

      Thank you lovey- xx

    • Jessica
      11 October 2013

      After reading that prayer it just made me feel calm. Very well written words. Keep doing what you are doing. I'm definitely printing this and putting it on my wall. :)


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