19 August 2014

Make the Unknown Knowable

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I mention this in the video that you're about to watch, but I'm going to punctuate it again here:

There isn't a self-deflating, disempowering thought that you've thought about yourself that I haven't thought about myself.


And I often have this conversation with my clients, too. After two years of coaching wonderful women, every invitation for growth gets stunted at some stage or another by one of these fundamental false and limiting patterns and beliefs:

I'm not good enough.

I can't do it.

I don't deserve that.

It's too hard.

Why bother? Someone else will do it better than me.

Trust me - we all get sent through the ringer with those echoes. So firstly, let's put that little myth of you being perpetually flawed to rest.

There is nothing wrong with you, and you are not alone. Ever. And it's not those thoughts that are shaping you, it's how you're responding to them.  Quick question for you:

How are you digesting the presence of limitation and fear in your life?

One of my all-time favourite ways to move through scary shit is to become outrageously curious. To become a disciple of my vision. To quit flirting  with the concept and instead immerse myself in the possibility of it all with an open heart and no judgement.

(For me, the steep learning curve I'm traveling is centralised around sensuality and sex, and this journey commands that I show up with an abundance of both of those things: open-heartedness and non-judgement.)

So, let's get excited about taking the leap. Let's answer this call to expand and grow with inquisitiveness rather than inhibition. Let's just see what happens.

Ready to immerse?

Let us know in the comments what full on vision immersion looks like in your world, moving forward.

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    • 19 August 2014

      Hi Tara,
      This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks lovely xx

    • Claire
      19 August 2014

      Thank you again Tara for your astute, loving and amazing wisdom! Much appreciated as am facing some huge changes at the moment and you've helped me to welcome the fears coming up which feels graceful and more self compassionate than punching then down with brute strength ;) thank you dear lady. blessings and love to you : ) xxx

    • Jade
      19 August 2014

      Oh wow! I LOVED this video! Thank you Tara.

      Was great timing as I've just handed in my notice for a job I thought would be fun but isn't, and have decided that I'm going to learn how to make EarthShips, or some other form of eco housing!

      So off to google all thing eco house I go!

      Thank you :)

    • Jenna
      19 August 2014

      Wow Tara, I don't even know where to start! This video...

      I think the thing that struck me most was a beautiful joint effort from the feminine and masculine in this one. You look so gorgeously female in the video, and you're talking about "leaning in" and energy and vibration, but also on the flip side its all about structuring your environment (internal and external) so the flow can actually happen. The structure and specifics of the people you talk to, blogs, your own thoughts, and systematically making them reflect the reality you want.

      This is what it looks like when the yin and yang, feminine and masculine are working in harmony. Stunning and inspiring.

    • Hannah
      19 August 2014

      Wow Tara , your words always get me!

      Every time I listen to your new blog post I get excited! You have this special way of telling your message that I can understand so clearly!! Always resonates, always is what I need at that time!

      Thank you for your amazing guidance.

      Hannah x

    • Kelly
      19 August 2014

      Hey Tara,
      Have you checked out…Layla Martin "the sexy revolution"?
      If not, you so totally should she is awesome!
      she is about to start Obliss Masterclass, which sounds like just what you are looking for.


    • 19 August 2014

      Thank you, again! You just speak to me every week! xx

    • 19 August 2014

      Wow!! This really spoke to me today. I have been working on leaning into fear and really taking action even when I am feeling scared. I had not considered how what I am taking in online and in my life may be counter productive. I am going to take a look at that and realign things.

      When you said,"I get down on my knees to that vision", I had this visceral, Amen sister response. That is where I need to go!! Thank you so much for your beautiful words.

      XOXO Angie

    • 19 August 2014

      Thank you for verbalising my inner dialogue of late, Tara. I'm right there with you. After a completely awesome experience at the recent sacred dance party, I re-connected with a part of myself that I had built a hefty piece of armour around. Then I had an amazing sesh with my coach a few days later about inhibitions and loosening up. OPEN HEART was the guidance I received. I set that in metal by making a pendant stamped with Open and a heart on it. A few days later I spent an evening meeting kindred spirits for the first time and this further reinforced the sheer need to be open to accepting what the universe is offering up.

    • Molly
      19 August 2014

      Did I have any 'aha' moments? Uh, yes! As per usual Tara, this video has had divine timing. You, my friend, are the trail blazing beacon I am following. Thankyou for sharing your message. Booking in for some kinesiology now I think! Xx

    • 19 August 2014

      Oh...this was just yummy! Thank you.

      I have you firmly tucked away in my trinket box of soul-sister loving inspiration. Danke xx

    • Claire
      19 August 2014

      Thank You for talking about sex! So much of the time it gets left out or not mentioned! Great Vlog Tara!

    • Emma
      19 August 2014

      Hi Tara,

      I loved what you said about fear being an invitation and that when we get close to it it dissolves and you realise it's the push needed to grow. that is so insightful and a new perspective on fear's purpose.
      I also love that you are exploring sensuality and sex, it is something that not many people openly talk about in a 'meaningful' way and I think the way you address it as important as a spiritual practice is pioneering and bang on (no pun intended).

      Thanks Tara, I will be reshuffling what I'm exposed to and jump into the fear!

      My partner and I are moving to Canada so there is a lot of 'feel the fear and do it anyway' going on!


    • 19 August 2014

      Tara, I really love this. I love the different perspective. Thank you so much for sharing xo

    • 19 August 2014

      Ah, divine timing as always Tara. I've been trying to embrace this leaning into the unknown lately - we're getting there, slowly. I've been working on embracing and thanking my fears, as they're showing me where the resistance is, and what needs to be done to move forward. And, can I just say, you are just beaming this gorgeous feminine energy! So so so beautiful, as always. xoxo Much love!

    • Justine
      19 August 2014

      "I get down on my knees to my vision and I am a devout student." MAGIC!!! Thank you so much Tara xxxxxxxxx

    • Anthea
      19 August 2014

      Thank you. Thank you so much. I don't usually watch the video, just reading the text before I move onto the next snippet of info. But today, something said press play. You are awesome. Exactly what I needed to hear to help me with what I have been writing about, struggling with and trying to move through. As it seems very similar to a whole lot of other beautiful souls out there. xx

    • Shawna Anderson
      19 August 2014

      In the recent weeks, as I've discovered you and Rachel MacDonald, your beautiful messages, and everything you stand for I've felt such an awakening in my own spirit to living a deeply authentic life. For me, authenticity, simply being who I am underneath all the masks, was something I was afraid of - not for the act of it, but what comes after - the potential rejection, not fitting in, the reminder that I'm alone in my truths (all lies, btw)... A few weeks back now I underwent some energy work myself and it was so deeply and divinely healing for me - and out of that came this post - http://www.shawnaathome.com/2014/08/13/some-questions/ As much as it's a call to action, it's a reminder to me of my heart's cry. I love what you said about fear - that it's an invitation to grow. I also see it as an opportunity to challenge the fallacies and step into the unknown to discover what we're truly made of. Too often we're held back and afraid of our 'not-good-enough'-ness, and we think if we don't 'arrive' we'll never find our place in this world... when in fact - it's the beautiful truth that we'll never arrive that is in fact our greatest truth, our calling in this world. We're all on a journey - but truly, I feel, there is no destination - I really believe it's all about the journey, the act of being, in all our imperfections. I too love the idea of allowing fear to be a gateway to curiosity, immersing ourselves in that which we don't understand. It disarms the fear as a weapon against us and turns it around to be a tool to help us grow. So beautiful and as always, such an inspiration friend - thank you!

    • Tracey
      19 August 2014

      Love it Tara!!
      As per usual hit straight to my heart and timing beyond perfect...
      Isn't growth just the bomb?

      I have a clear vision at the moment with what I am doing.. Where I am heading.. But It does feel a long way away from where I am today. However I feel each day is getting me closer and closer- and by 'faking it til I'm making it' I'm surrounding myself and putting myself out there so that I start feeling it as it is here and now.. If that makes sense haha!

      I've been pondering on this subject for a little while and you've just nailed it beautifully.
      Thank you Xxx

    • 19 August 2014

      TOTALLY do not mean to be shallow - but you look BEAUTIFUL today :D xoxo haha

    • Ness
      19 August 2014

      I would love to hear more about your journey of discovering your sensuality and sexuality. I feel like I've been a good girl (labels from last week!!!!) and all that that brings to sex. I've also had bad Pap smear results and previously I've blamed them for my relationship with my sensuality and sexuality, but i'm now flipping it, and wondering if that is because of the negativity I've brought to the area that has caused the results-(a bit of Madonna/whore I guess). Lately, femininity and divine femininity and sensuality have been popping into my head, and my world-manifestation at work!-and it's definitely an area I'm going to dive into. Where are some good places to start?

    • Louisa
      19 August 2014

      holy shit balls, YES! This is just what I've been trying to work out in my mind. I knew it was coming, and here is is. Thank you for delivering the message the Universe has been eluding to all year. Now instead of watching mindless tele, while trying to bang out another half arsed blog post I'm going to hop in the shower and then to bed for an early night. Thanks Tara <3

    • 19 August 2014

      Seriously - thank you.
      The whole last minute and a half of that video was one big "aha" for me.
      Love you so much babe. xx

    • Amie
      19 August 2014

      yesssss! talk about an 'Aha' moment - the crappy communication issues i've been struggling with over the past week or so involving a difficult client is actually an invitation for growth…ooooh i love it! thanks for the reframe Tara :)

    • Wilma
      19 August 2014

      Fabulous! The nicest kick up the arse I've had (and now realised much needed!!) In my corporate job I used to hate it when people came to me with problems and no solution to go with it. I'd be like 'ok then, where there's a problem there's always a solution - lets do something about it' and my mantra to myself used to be 'Where there's a Wilma there's a way' How did I forget it all at the most important time of launching myself into my new business endeavours?! Loved the bit about fear disappearing as you leaned into it. Thanks darling xx

    • 20 August 2014

      Always love your videos Tara! You have such a beautiful soft and strong energy at the same time! :-)
      Immersion, yes amazing concept! I found out that giving me permission to make a step helps opening doors, and immersion could be the next step to te be in that energy of change and slowly carried away and guided to the second steps and so on.... I get this image of some water coming around me and gently being immersed in it and moved away to be in the stream! Love that!

    • Nic - A Spectacular Life
      20 August 2014

      Tara - as always you manage to send a message at the pristine moment I need to hear it. I NEEDED this babe. Thank you. The whole freaking thing was an AH-HA for me. Bliss.

    • Cindel
      21 August 2014

      Ahhhhh, I love you! Thank you babe, amazing message. Perfect timing. THANK YOU! x

    • Rachel
      21 August 2014

      Hi Tara

      I don't usually comment but I needed to post you a big thank you today. For the past couple of weeks there's been a piece I've been wanting to write but each time I've sat down and tried I'm overcome with self-deflating thoughts and not surprisingly each and every draft has been terrible. After watching your video I decided ok, enough is enough. I opened a new blank document and just let the writing flow out of me, without judgement, without editing, actually without even really trying. The fears and limiting beliefs didn't disappear but I stopped allowing them to do the writing. So after struggling with this story for hours and days and weeks and eventually putting it in the too hard basket I sat down and wrote it from start to finish in less than half an hour. And I'm really proud of it! Muchos gracious for the divinely timed inspiration chica x

    • SB
      21 August 2014

      Love this Tara! Love how you say fear is an invitation...once we get close it will dissolve. I whisper in my head 'you are fearless. You are beautiful. You are soulful'...you inspire me so much!! Peace.

    • 22 August 2014

      Oh thank you. I needed this one today. Xx Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

    • Ruth
      22 August 2014

      Oh Tara thank you babe this was perfect timing x x I loved this vlog! X x

    • Taya
      25 August 2014

      By golly you are amazing, thank you for this well timed reminder and guidance x

    • Tanya
      3 September 2014

      Tara, I love your openness and honesty. I need a bit of help working through my biggest fears (I'm very much used to running away from them!!), and I get heaps of inspiration from your blog. This video really hit home for me! x

    • K
      22 December 2014

      Loved this !

      • 24 December 2014

        I love that you loved it!

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