12 October 2020

A Love Note To Friends, From My Third Trimester

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Hello, love.

How our worlds have spun since I last wrote.

I won’t go deep into 2020 talk in this email today, other than to speak a little to the season I’m in, and to say particularly to my Melbournian friends: I love you so much and am so sorry you’re in this inconceivable mess.

Like all of you, I’ve been on my own journey of feeling into and questioning what this global situation means to me and the lenses through which I’m viewing it. It’s a space of perpetual questioning, and if I may just briefly add, diving into and contemplating my Gene Keys has gently affirmed that this is a correct path for me; that it is always about the questions and rarely the answers. Sometimes I feel wobbly in my quest for certainty, but I believe this time has been a critical one in trusting the potency of the question and inquiry.

A few short weeks after this aforementioned spin started to pick up speed, I peed on a stick.


And my entire first trimester was not only imprinted by the impending trauma of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (more on this here, written 4 years ago), but also the upheaval of the planet. 

I write to you now in the ever-growing glow of my 3rd trimester; it feels as though it’s all unfolded in both the blink of an eye and over the span of a lifetime. The gratitude I feel for having travelled through that eye of the needle and into a paradise that resembles even remote feelings of health is… gosh… it’s a lot. 

If you follow along on Instagram, you’ll know how fresh and liberating this feeling is to me right now; eating healthful foods, moving a little more, taking joy in working, the beach at sunrise; all staples of my usual life, but all new now.

This 3rd trimester is pulling out of me both a focus and a surrender, as I’m sure is the natural pattern for most who are approaching birth and rebirth. There is a diligence that is alive in me - and yet - so too are many mental and physical rehearsals for timelessness; boundlessness.

Around the home, my attention is resting on the importance of nourishing myself as best as I can, both for baby and in an effort to mitigate postpartum depletion (particularly after how malnourished I have been the last 6 months). With my mama’s help, we’ve started to freeze down nutrient-dense meals. I’m supplementing with some pretty heavy-duty nutrition, including freeze-dried Oyster, Beef Heart, Bone Marrow, Liver and Native C. I’ve chosen this brand. Of interest to you might also be my low-key rant a few days ago on the fear-mongering surrounding certain foods that ‘pregnant women should avoid.’ Click through to the end of this pregnancy highlight to hear more. 

I’ve found that my morning cacao slices the edge off of my nausea, almost as though that little lick of stimulation that it offers gets stagnant overnight energy moving through the superhighways of my body. (Aren’t I fancy and just so scientific?!) I feel this nuance especially on the mornings I remember to add my medicinal mushies into my elixir. This is one of the gifts of feeling so unwell for so long; suddenly there is an acute awareness of what’s helping the body to feel better, moment to moment. I’ve used Superfeast for years, and have just stocked up on Reishi (the safest and most recommended of all mushies for pregnancy), Jing and I Am Gaia blends for postpartum healing (it’s recommended to avoid I Am Gaia during pregnancy). Also, if you’re looking to support a small Victorian business, my dear friend Danyel sells Otzi Powder which is a medicinal mushroom and Ayurvedic spice mix. (I'm not affiliated with either of these brands)

*I understand what a privilege it is to nourish my body in these ways

I’m getting more rays on my body and revelling in the feeling of Vitamin D in my cells.

I’m noticing my boundaries naturally become more fully formed in a distinctly steady and stabilising fashion. Coming into 2020, my astrology suggested that not only would the systems and structures of my world crumble (ahh… pretty sure that would have been in your chart, too!), but that I would experience huge changes in the realm of relationships. Yes. Let’s just say I’ve stopped trying to fix what’s broken and instead have allowed a handful of connections to unravel and return to the ether, as gently as possible. 

Mostly, I find myself rehearsing for the upcoming lucid and fluid days and weeks of utter beingness and bonding with baby. Rehearsing now affects my nervous system, I can feel it. In jagged moments when I feel myself a little edgy and under the tension of habituated action, or if I’m grabby at my phone, I ask myself how I would like to respond to this moment with a newborn asleep on me, and I feel my breath deepen and a different energy enter. This feels like a necessary and nourishing practice for me. 

Other than that, I’m trying not to think about the fact that I haven’t booked a Blessingway, or a BabyMoon, and that the thought of compiling a birth playlist feels like too big a task, and that I haven’t decided which room to birth him in (keep changing my miiiiiind). :)

When it comes to the world of my business, certainly this is a season of prep, consolidation and collaboration.

2020, perhaps a year when the sheer beauty and power of Rebels of Light could have shone her brightest and supported the most, instead saw her being shelved as I spent most of my days with my head down a toilet bowl.

As did her spinoff, The Campfire, which was penned for a May launch.

My desire to more deeply study and teach Human Design has also fizzled under the very beautiful glow of simplicity and creating space.

Such is life.

I look forward to the next iteration of Rebels being imbued with a greater essence of Mother. In fact, I just felt the value of this beautiful offering increase tenfold in my body, just thinking about it now.


doTERRA and Team Bliss -- the divine engine room of my world. Four years ago, I waxed lyrical about this business model and my love and appreciation for my team after emerging from Hyperemesis, again unable to work for months. My message was clear: You can create and build a business that can look after you and tend to your needs even when you’re having trouble tending to yourself in Life’s BIG moments. Here I am again, feeling the pulse of that message and that gratitude. How this business has nourished and sustained our expanding family is unspeakable. (Thank you)

I’ve had an interesting time stepping back into my business these last few weeks. I’ll experience micro-moments of energy that absolutely flood me; a creative fire will rip through me only to be followed by a 3-hour nap. At times it’s felt destabilising, as though my body can’t keep up with my hunger to work; something I love so much and have missed terribly.  My mentor, Hiro Boga, very kindly reminds me that my body is running the equivalent of a marathon every day right now. I try to remember that in and amongst the delight I feel to even have the opportunity to be working again. 

The gift of this time, though, is that strategy calls have so often been replaced by true soul connection. In many ways, I feel closer to my team and community than ever. With that said, motion and a special kind of momentum is still finding its way into pockets of my business. 

We’re launching our Team Bliss App this week! It’s a never-before-seen digital training hub for those engaged in the joy of sharing oils and growing their communities. It’s been a labour of love, and my right-hand gal, Casey, and I are so proud of it. If you’re in Team Bliss, we hope this offering gives you goosebumps, helps organise your thoughts, and creates space in your life for more of what matters.

Also, I’m currently finalising a weekly roster of Introductory and Specialty Essential Oils classes which will take us all the way to the end of February! (Hello, nesting!) Human Design-wise, it makes my Projector self beam doing this, guiding our customers and teachers alike down a pathway where we can all continue to learn from one another. Plus, putting a platform beneath my women and watching them shine is my favourite. They are so clever, so wise, so humble, with so much to offer.

Here’s a bloody good example of the type of class that will be exclusive for our customer base of 55,000+. Chloe and I decided together that we wanted to share it with you so you could get a sense for the care and education that’s available to you, shall you decide to start your oil journey with us. The class is centred around Emotions and Essential Oils - we dive into aromatic anchoring, working with big, big feelings, trauma release, and give plenty of oil recs with the help of our empowered customers on the call. I think you’ll really dig it.

Coming up this week, we’re offering the following classes:

Wednesday October 14 10am AEST: Everyday Radiance with myself and Tiffany Cowley.

This is open to all and you’re welcome to register here.


Friday October 16 7pm AEST: Essential Oils for Kids and Teens with myself and Shannon Wright.

This is offered exclusively to our customers and those yet to join us.

I think that'll do us for today!

It’ll be interesting to see what portal our boy decides to enter through. Will he join us on the tail end of 2020, timestamping this year as a permanent reminder of how transformational a dark night of the soul can be? Or will he imprint the new beginning of 2021 with his brilliant arrival?

Thank you for holding space for my journey in all its nuance and complexity.

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    • Nicole Capper
      12 October 2020

      Thank you for sharing yourself and your journey with us Tara. I have quietly been following you this year and have loved receiving your insights and beautifully considered perspectives. Thank you. Enjoy the remainder of your preggy adventure and may the arrival of your wee man be a special beginning to another new chapter for your family. Xxx

      • tarabliss
        12 October 2020

        Thank you honey for your support and your witnessing, here. It feels really nice and nourishing to share this way and reminds me of times of old. I'mn looking forward to sharing the next season with you.

        T xo

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