31 January 2014

The Truth About Living in the Moment

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living in the moment

You're toggling between a dozen open tabs.

You're half way through reading that chapter when you reach for an Instagram update.

You're scooping your oatmeal into your mouth while getting riled up at the morning news, or scrolling through Facebook.

Your hands are on the steering wheel and your mind's out two days ahead of you: planning, structuring, making sure the pieces of the puzzle fit just the way you like.

It's not just you. I promise.

Let's do a 180, together.

When you’re living in the moment, you’re not worried about:

  • Whether you meditated for long enough this morning

  • How many emails are lurking in your inbox, ready to pounce on you after a few clicks of the mouse

  • Whether or not your lunch has bloated your belly

  • How the outside world is perceiving you

  • The clock. What clock? You're here, right? You're doing what the moment calls you to do, and far out, that's more than enough.

It's a lighter, more buoyant, brighter world. In fact, 'the moment' feels like a whole 'nother planet.

Blues are bluer.

Reds are riper.

You can feel the breeze sweep over every hair on your skin.

You can feel the being of who you really are. You can’t label it, or even think about it really, but dammit, can you feel it...

You notice the miraculous and deeply loving energy of animals. The idiotic joy of puppies; the curiosity of seagulls dancing with the tide; the ants, who march in lines towards the scent of sugar.

You could look up at the clouds for eons.

You could love deeper than what feels legal, or safe.

You could intoxicate the world with your honest existence.

And let’s be clear here: presence ain’t all Om Shantis and Kumbahyas.

When you’re present, you’re more productive. Time expands as you mingle with the moment.

You’re more engaged in conversation, and you show up with zero agenda.

You’re quick to respond (instead of react), because you’re living from the guided space of your heart, rather than having to consult the Pros & Cons lists of the mind.

You can place one foot in front of the other – for longer. Used to having your mind convince you to slow down? To stop? That you can’t possibly run any further? That you're unfit? That you're just plain DONE for the day? Next time you tie up your shoelaces and take stride, rest your awareness in your lungs; on the bottom of your feet and they bounce off the ground; on the kiss of wind that touches your face. See what happens? Your body is fine. It’s willing and able. It’s your mind that’s unfit.

You quit sabotaging your joy. Let’s swap the word presence for openness – just for a second. When you are open, receptive, HERE, you take in the world as it is. Not how you wish it were, or how you’d prefer it to be. And that’s a beautiful thing, because it means the mind can take a back row seat as your heart sits front and centre, bearing witness to and participating in the natural unfolding of your perfect path.

living in the moment 2

Being present, from the outside looking in, can seem like a giant pain in the ass. Something else to add to the beastly list of Things That Would Probably Make Me A Better Person If Only I Just Bloody Did Them. Screw that approach. It’s unsustainable, incredibly frustrating, and it has Oh Hey, I’m A SABOTEUR written all over it.

What if presence was instead something we approached with patience and persistence? (RIP Goenka)

What if it were something we played with, dipped out toes in and out of, poked a few times, tried on for size? What it we took to it with a beginners mind?

What if every time we realised that we were NOT being present, we silently celebrated the very awareness that came to that realisation?

And what if we were gentle with ourselves? If we could forgive how seductive the vortex of our mind is, and blow it a knowing kiss each time we wrestle away from it for favour of our heart – the place where life is easier.

Not lazier. Just… easier. More supportive. Guided. The place where life feels good.

The truth about living in the present moment? Well, apart from all that we’ve already been told about it, such as:

  • It’s all we’ll ever have

  • It’s impossible to suffer in the present moment

  • Nothing exists without it...

... Can we also just settle into a high-vibrating opinion that it is simply undeniably blissful.

I’m talking magical, Narnia-style, Fern Gully Fairy Wing style blissdom here.

In each moment of presence, unfolds a special kinda motion picture that super exceeds any blockbuster hit.

It’s the movie that your entire life force has created.

Take notice, will you? You’re the freaking star of this one-moment show. And you’ve been typecast for this role, because babe, ain’t nobody able to play it like you.

Let your life be magical. Even if you’ve got four kids under four. Even if you’re over-committed, or physically healing.

Open your eyes a little wider. Just a little.

It’s all arranged, sublimely, right here, for you.

That’s the truth.

My favourite tools for landing back in the eternal Now?










+ Guided Chakra Cleanse for Busy Peoplemeditation, by Belinda Davidson. I LOVE that she's made a shorter version for the busy peeps out there. Her original chakra cleanse is about 50 minutes long (and every moment of it is divine), but at 34 minutes, this edition is definitely more accessible to the masses. Every time I do this meditation, I'm left wondering why I don't do it every day. It's that's phenomenal.

Meditones*, by Tahlee Rouillon. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this is the best damn meditation music I've ever heard. Nothing compares. I sit in silence to it. Write to it. Sometimes even run to it. Get it in your ear drums, ASAP.

+ This 'I'm Back' approach from Josh Pais (Marie Forleo's honey).

+ The Hot Potato, taught to me by Belinda. When you become aware that your mind has grip on you, imagine yourself dropping the thoughts like a hot spud. You can replace this with any ritual you like. A sigh. A shake of the hands. A subtle stomp of the foot. Better out than in.

+ Laughter. Laugh at the insanity of the mind's processes. Laugh at how it needs you to know what's in store for you. Laugh at how it constructs arguments in your mind. Laugh at how quick it is to jump to your defence and prove others wrong when there's no fricken issue in the first place. Amusement is a high frequency emotion. Be amused.

Let's laugh together,


PS: What's true for you, in THIS moment. Not What's your mind thinking, or what have you got planned for your day ahead. What it your truth, right here, right now. Start typing, below :)

PPS: In Spirited, Rach and I have dedicated a whole lesson to Stillness and Surrender, which of course goes hand in hand with moment-to-moment living. Have you checked it out yet?

As always, I'm so appreciative when you share my posts. Thank you.

*Affiliated with love and support.

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    • 31 January 2014

      What's true for me right now is that I know this girl who writes words that make me sigh the biggest sigh of relief.

      Words that cause my eyes to well up, whilst simultaneously elating me.

      Words that remind me, reflect me, re-center me, and release me.

      I love you Tara xo

      • Tara
        1 February 2014


        That's me not quite sure what to type...

        I love you too Jas x

    • 31 January 2014

      OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you for posting this today Tara! I'm having a whopper of a day and presence and openness have been replaced with frustration and apathy. It's the opposite of where I like to live and it just kind of exploded on me after my morning meditation. Such a strange thing to witness and to experience the waves of emotion override any mental notions, ideas or wise teachings I've learned about acceptance. I can see how not being present is causing my current state of suffering and in trying to be somewhere else - further down the road of my career - more successful, more abundant, more more more…I am just noticing all that I don't have. So thanks for the reminder to refocus my attention and center myself in the depth and beauty of the present moment - because I have everything I need, could want, and value right in front of me and in my life. As I type this I'm feeling the frustration give way to the tickle of laughter. I am returning to myself - my true nature. The blissdom you spoke of. YES! Many thanks and gratitude to you for reflecting back that truth to me. Love from California <3

      • Tara
        1 February 2014

        You've got it all sister girl! No question about it! xxx

    • Alexandra
      31 January 2014

      Greetings from the UK Tara!!!!! I stumbled across your blog a wee while ago, so glad I did! Its just brilliant! I taking these beautiful words of to bed with me now and tomorrow I will be renewed and ready to embrace the present moment. X

      • Tara
        1 February 2014

        Hello there! :)

        Well I'm so stoked that you felt moved to comment today. Thanks Alex! Stay warm :)

    • Jessie @undermybodhitree
      31 January 2014

      Ahhh the laughter!! This is my crack! Deep down I know I gotta just do this more when I get frustrated, caught up, riled. Nothing is as hard as our minds sometimes make it out to be. Simple simple simple. Let it go. Laugh it off. Love it!! Xo

      • Tara
        1 February 2014

        Big belly laughs at our egos for the win! hehe

    • 31 January 2014

      perfectly said. so so lovely.

      xo Ashley

      • Tara
        1 February 2014

        You are x

    • 31 January 2014

      Love your words Tara...absolutely beautiful and always manages to bring me back to this moment. xx

      • Tara
        1 February 2014

        How beautiful. Thank you Kylie. Thanks for being here xx

    • Kristy
      31 January 2014

      Reading the first few paragraphs I kept thinking "Oh shit. This is me". Even as I read I was eating lunch and keeping one eye on a Facebook chat on my phone. Whew! Ok. A little more yoga (always puts me back in the present moment), hydration, and presence is in order...

      • Tara
        1 February 2014

        Haha Kristy like I said up the top - you're not alone.

        I read this post and I'm like 'Oh shit. That's me' too. We're all in this together :) x

    • 31 January 2014

      Your posts always seem to come exactly when I need them xox (you magician, you!)

      • Tara
        1 February 2014

        Abra cadabra!

        Is that even how you spell it?

        Well, you know babe, I'm a firm believe in that if I need to hear it, then so do my peeps. Love you x

    • Leah
      31 January 2014

      This is beyond superb. I feel delighted right here, right now. I feel excited. Expansive. READY to lean deeply into presence. Thank YOU xx

      • Tara
        1 February 2014

        Awesome Leah. And if you lose the present moment - bloody brilliant, another opportunity to 'try again'

    • Erica / The (Non)Sense Of It
      31 January 2014

      I love this! Beautiful :)

      • Tara
        1 February 2014

        I LOVE that you love it :)

    • Katherine - The Beauty of Life
      31 January 2014

      Oh this is magical! Right now I am unsure, uncertain but accepting of that. I don't know what my next move is but, guess what, that means there are unlimited possibilities in front of me! I'm excited to try and be more open in the current moment because as much as I try and live like this, so often I find myself falling back into the past or the future. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Tara
        1 February 2014

        Thanks for sharing beautiful x

    • Steph
      1 February 2014

      What's true for me right now....everyday, every hour, every minute, every second is a new chance for me to write myself a new life story. A new truth. How exciting is that!!

      • Tara
        2 February 2014

        I loved how stoked you are about that! Woooooo! :)

    • 3 February 2014

      What's true for me in this moment is that I am feeling completely happy, taking in deep breaths and just living and being where I am :) SUCH beautiful place :) Thank you soooo much for this Tara.
      I don't forget to include you in my gratitude journal and in my prayers everyday :D you and your words have had such a powerful, positive and loving impact on my life. I love everything you do and am soo inspired by it. Thanks T. I simply Love you! :D Cheers! Keep rocking!

    • 4 February 2014

      Thank you for not only this beautiful post, but for reminding me about Fern Gully! Going to hunt it down for my girl. ;) xxx

    • 5 February 2014

      Holy wow, Tara. I don't know how I missed this post, but it's phenomenal!

      So much wisdom and practical advice. Wrapped in your beautiful words :)

      Thank you!

      • Tara
        5 February 2014

        Oh babe! You're so welcome x

    • Tahlee
      6 February 2014

      Just flippin' incredible babe. Your words dance straight off the page and into my heart.

      Bless you for sharing meditones too. Deepest of bows.

    • Jemma
      9 February 2014

      I keep revisiting this whenever I feel like I'm not in the present. It brings me back faster then anything! My favourite post of yours ever :) xx

      • Tara
        9 February 2014

        Gosh I love this. Remember, give yourself a little high 5 every time your awareness notices that you haven't been present. That's incredible x

    • Katie
      25 March 2014

      What's true for me right now is that I'm happy. It's sunny and I'm drinking hot lemon water. I'm feeling stiffness in my legs and lower back. I'm at peace. What's true is that I'm here right now, existing quite perfectly.

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