23 July 2015

So Our Souls Can Light Up Like Candles

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"We meditate so that we may be sharp and alert. We chant mantra so that our souls may ignite like candles. We walk in the beauty of this light."
- Yogi Bhajan

As we all sit in sacred circle with our lovingly crafted graduation mandala in the centre of the room, I unfold the piece of paper in my hand and recite these powerful words from Yogi Bhajan, before placing the prayer in a gorgeous crystal singing bowl which just minutes before had caressed us into a space of meditative bliss.


I think about the young woman I was 6 months ago, before beginning this journey to becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Even after years of walking my Heart Path, I have struggled to look people deeply in the eye, or even to smile big, open-mouthed, teeth-showing smiles. I have polluted silence with excessive noise to avoid the discomfort of 'quiet'. I have always tried to adapt to enviroments rather than simply allow myself to be in them...

Well, something has shifted...

Paper is stuck to our backs as we seal our final week together by looking into the cosmos beyond the eyes, before writing what we see.

'Wait. I need a little longer,' I say, several times.

Where once I would blink, or dart my eyes away in discomfort, here I find myself wanting to stay in the full presence of someone, reflecting their radiant light back to them and getting to know them in that beautiful, word-less space.

As we return to circle and read the words that were written on our backs, the room gently bubbles into a soft little orchestra of tears and smiles, awe and gratitude. Joy and sadness that All Of This Is Almost Over.

Salty little tear drops fall and smudge statements like:

'Amazonian Spirit whose subtle energy is as strong as steel.'
'The essence of mother and sister of divinity.'
'Angel of awesomeness.'

And I think to myself, wow.

Because that's exactly what I saw in them.

What an honour this has been; to grow, to experience more of myself and others, and of course, to leap head first into the future of spreading the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

Wahe Guru!

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I write this to you today to portay the power and importance of community. As my teacher so eloquently wrote just this morning:

The time of the Lone Wolf is over, we need to come together.

Coming together might mean practicing at your local yoga studio, attending Full Moon Ceremonies, working in a close-knit team, or hosting a fantastic dinner party with friends...

The people you spend time with reflect you back to you, in every - this is so important. It's easy to see our darkness in someone else; what's often more difficult, is owning the light that we see there, too. I'm grateful to have seen and owned a little more of mine this past week :)

Have a beautiful day, wherever you are in the world!

Sat nam,

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    • 23 July 2015

      Congratulations Tara. You are truly an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing you journey. x

    • 23 July 2015

      Wow. So beautiful. I'm so grateful that you have shared parts of this journey with us. I've been teaching yoga for a decade, but have felt a very strong pull to do my Kundalini TT and your words have inspired me to take the first step in that journey for myself. Thank you. xo

    • 28 July 2015

      Congrats to all you beautiful, bright souls. :) Beautiful story, Tara. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jess
      6 August 2015

      Congratulations Tara! Such beautiful,
      powerful words. Time to ignite our souls! As always, thank you for sharing xxx

    • Melany Davy
      11 October 2015

      Tara, I have just read this. It was so lovely reading this, bringing me back to that beautiful time. Lots of love to you. Xxx

      • 22 October 2015

        Thank YOU beautiful! xoxo

    • Hannah
      24 April 2016

      Hey where did you do your training? there's something about kundalini that really draws me to it :)

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