9 July 2015

Kundalini Yoga, Addiction & Limitlessness

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I remember when I was writing my book, when time felt scarce and I needed to be careful of how thin I spread myself... it came as a great reprieve to be able to share excerpts of my book here, as blog posts. It allowed me to restore a little of my energy and share with you some stories, insights or guidance that you otherwise may not have experienced.

A few nights ago, I was on my computer at 11:30pm. Fresh off launching a wonderfully delicious new business, I had an assignment deadline for my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

When I was proofreading my document, sections stood out at me as messages that would seem right and appropriate to share with you here.

So, I hope you don't mind, but I've done the ol' copy+paste job again, below. But can I just say how IN MY ELEMENT I was in having assignments such as these? Heaven On Earth, I tell you!

The greatest addiction of our times is the addiction to separation.

Although addictions to alcohol, drugs, money and relationships run rampant in our society, at the heart of all addiction lies a complete attachment to separation. We believe with conviction - mostly because we’ve never been taught any different - that we are what we have, think and achieve.

And if we are what we have, think and achieve, then naturally a barrier is created between you and I.

If you have something that I want, I may perceive that I’m without that thing, and therefore, I lack.

If I’ve achieved something that you haven’t, I might perceive that I’m better than you.

Herein lies the greatest tragedy: humankind falsely believing that we’re each separate from one another. That life is a competition. An archetypal mindset of ‘every man for himself sets in.’

Couple that with accelerated technological advances, added pressure to do, have and achieve more (more, more!), and almost complete disconnection from the earth and ancient cultures, and we are a people doing a whole lot of doing and very little being. The salve we often add to these wounds is an attempt to do even more, have even more, and achieve even more. We’re left absolutely starving.

Put simply, these last 2000 years (the Piscean Age) have been the years of: ‘I’.

How do I get what I want?

What will I get out of this?

What do I need in order to survive?

What’s it going to take for me to win?

This constant battle with not only the rest of the world, but also with ourselves, has left us exhausted, unfulfilled and in many cases, isolated. Despite the buzz of activity around us, we sense something is undeniably missing.

That missing piece of the puzzle is the inner knowing that God – choose your word here – is within us; that we are a speck of the divine, and though we’re an individualised expression of the Infinite One, there is a thread that binds and connects us all.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awakening; a yoga of consciously raising the dormant potential within; of expanding the lung capacity so we can give more and receive more from life (just as we give and receive the breath); a yoga of opening the heart chakra so we may live a life of truth and authenticity.

This transition into the Aquarian Age will demand that we deposit our egos. As we make the journey from the solar plexus to the heart – the journey from 'I' to 'we' – we’ll be deeply challenged as the veil is lifted; the one that will reveal our masks, the games we’ve been playing, maya (illusion).

Kundalini Yoga is a technology that can carry us through to the Age Of Aquarius. Through practicing asana (posture), pranayam (breath practices), mudra (sacred hand positions) and mantra (sacred sounds), we learn the tools to live in a truthful way.

Here's what I really want for you. I want for you to get this, fully and completely:

If I can sense the limitlessness in me, I can recognise it in you too.

My friends, Kundalini yoga has helped me to sense it, to feel it, to deeply know it.

Not just contemplate the limitlessness, or to wish for it, or assume it, but to experience it.

It's my greatest hope that you'll get to, as well.

For friends local to the Gold Coast, my kundalini yoga teacher, Adi Shakti Kaur, is hosting an incredible 21-day Kundalini Yoga Challenge in Burleigh Heads.

I attended the very same challenge this time last year, and afterwards, became a full time member of her transformational school.

I'm going to encourage you to do it, as well.


For everyone else, please google Kundalini Yoga in your area, or if its unavailable, there are also some great meditations on youtube as well.

Here's to knowing deeply how divine we each are.

Sat nam.

T xo

PS: Do you live on the Goldie? Share this post with those in your life who would benefit greatly from these yogic technologies.

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    • 10 July 2015

      As usual, your words really hit me. Especially the illusion "That life is a competition." And that separation is our greatest addiction of all.

      Thank you so much for sharing. I'm ready to let go of seeing the world through the lens of separation.

      Keep writing and sharing please :)

    • 10 July 2015

      Yes, yes, yes. In my short journey with Kundalini yoga, I have experienced the Divine within me, and within everything. I feel blessed to receive these teachings and intend to do my teachers training next year. Wahe guru!

    • 15 July 2015

      Hi Tara,

      Myself & hubby are about to start attending yoga classes together. We're only at the beginner stage but hope to reach the point that you talked about in this post both physically & spiritually.

      I look forward to reading more about yoga journey.

      Lia xxx

    • 22 July 2015

      This is absolutely beautiful, Tara. I think I'm going to try my first ever Kundalini class, thank you.

    • 23 July 2015

      Every time I get an email from you with a new blog post released I get SO excited. Your messages and words remind me of what I know deep inside, but have forgotten. Your book was life changing half a year ago and your journey and the messages you share are so inspiring, thank you! / The light in me honours the light in you

    • 23 July 2015

      Ah, this blog post- you have such a gorgeous way with words lovely one.

      Every time I do kundalini yoga, I come out with the feeling that I'm melting into everything else. A tiny fly landed on my jacket the other day, and I just couldn't bring myself to flick it away. This is such a beautiful technology.

      Thank you beautiful- sat nam.

      Katie xx

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