18 November 2014

Kundalini Meditation For Self-Authority

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Today I'm sharing a tool which I'm claiming  saw me through one of the biggest processes of my life thus far: the launch of my book.

Like, um, everyone, I have an inner Saboteur. An archetype that rises up at the faintest whiff of vulnerability with an intention to derail my hopes, visions, nourishing routines.

In my world, that looks a little something like this: The moment I'm on a mini-holiday, or a break, I get a powerful urge to press pause on my spiritual practice altogether.

When I've got a 'busy' day, my mind often thinks it's best just to 'push on' than go to yoga.


When I'm THISCLOSE to reaching a new milestone; an important stepping stone, there's a swelling desire for me to shrink instead of expand.

What I've discovered through a lot of self-enquiry is that, obviously, we are not our sabotaging behaviours.  Instead, we can learn to witness them, or even sense when they're about to rise up, and combat them with total presence  and awareness.

The discomfort is always an invitation to grow and expand. An invitation to stretch in a really fulfilling way.

That's why, when I'm on a holiday, and I uphold my meditations, I feel like I'm worthy of a gold medal. I did it! I kept doing what was important to me! I didn't tell my saboteur win!

I felt the exact same way when I High launched last week.

I did it! I kept doing what was important to me! I didn't tell my saboteur win!

This here meditation helped me stay grounded throughout this process immensely, and I want to share it with you.

Press play.

One thing  I forgot to mention in the video is how to seal this meditation.

Upon finishing, reach your hands above your head with outstretched fingers and stretch everything up, while simultaneously holding your breathe and squeezing your pelvic floor and belly in and up.

With your eyes closed, lift your gaze up into your third eye. This helps direct the kundalini energy up your spine.

Hold your breath for as long as your can. Then exhale completely. Repeat two more times (inhale > suspend > squeeze > gaze up).

Relax your arms, relax your posture, relax your breathing. Take a few moments to feel and observe the sensations in your body.

Check out  my meditation playlist on Spotify.


Did you like to video? It comes at you from  multiple requests to share more about kundalini and my own spiritual practice.

I hope you find it super useful. Maybe you'd like to try this for three minutes and then hit the comments and let me know about your experience! Don't forget to share this one with your friends :)


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    • Jessie Kavanagh
      18 November 2014

      I always love your spiritual shares :) I really wanted to just sink into this, to finish it feeling amazing but actually found this really tough and uncomfortable. I couldn't do more than the 3 minutes which I find really interesting as I don't tend to struggle too much with lengthy meditations. It makes me even more intrigued to keep trying this out and to see what it brings up :D Yes for getting out of the comfort zone! xo

      • 19 November 2014

        Oh good, keep trying honey!

        Kundalini yoga is such a profound mirror on what it takes to regain control of the mind.

        It's usually at the 3 minute point that the mind swoops in insidiously with intrusions (thoughts, itches, discomfort, distractions). Try really MERGING with the breath and gently bringing yourself back every time your mind casts you out.


    • Liza
      18 November 2014

      Thank you, Tara

    • Phoebe Hook (Soulful Warrior)
      18 November 2014

      Well I just found that really awkward. I ended up having to close my eyes completely and focusing on the point internally, and boy, do I need some practice with my breathing. Great playlist, I'll try again each day for the next week and see how I feel.

      What's the significance with 3 minutes, 11 minutes and 22 minute lengths?

      • 19 November 2014

        Hey beautiful!

        Here's an excerpt from 3ho.org:

        To help you plan for yourself, think about your own schedule and needs based on time and the results you are seeking. For example, within three (3) minutes of meditation our circulation and blood pressure change. At five (5) minutes, our breathing changes. By 11 minutes, there is a change in our glandular system; our so-called nerves which create stress and increase cortisol in our bodies, and our cortisol level decreases. In 22 minutes the different sides or minds begins to make connections crossing the corpus callosum allowing our different sides, meaning right and left to connect and heal.

        By 31 minutes our glands, lungs, blood pressure, and both sides of our mind have synced together. And, if possible to meditate 62 minutes a day, you can change the gray matter of your brain. While 62 minutes may not be feasible, 3, 5, and 11 minutes is doable for most folks even on a busy schedule. No matter how long you meditate, it is important to remember it takes practice just like running, swimming, tennis, golf, or any other type of sport or hobby. It is better to practice consistently, rather than just one time a week for a long period of time.

      • Phoebe Hook (Soulful Warrior)
        20 November 2014

        That's really interesting. Why don't more people explain this when they suggest to meditate for 60 minutes? I am sure if they did more people would be motivated to see it through. Thanks honey - a real (minds) eye opener! <3

    • Lucy
      18 November 2014

      I felt really cleansed whilst doing this, almost like there was spearmint in my mouth that I was breathing through. I found stillness really quickly doing the cycle breathing and was able to listen to some inner guidance which was so really awesome for me because usually it takes a while for my mind to quieten down. I lost focus around 9 minutes and thoughts started to stream back in though!

      I loved your playlist with the 11 minute mantras... kept me present and way better than a timer to finish a meditation :)

    • 18 November 2014

      I thought this was a really beautiful meditation technique, thank you for sharing. I plan on doing trying it again tomorrow morning :-)

    • Carissa
      18 November 2014

      Loved it! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Mel
      18 November 2014

      Such a powerful meditation Tara......and thanks for putting up the playlist - just what I needed!

    • Tracey
      19 November 2014

      TARA! Seriously, divine timing right here for me today

    • Tracey
      19 November 2014

      TARA! Seriously, divine timing right here for me today! I am about to release a big vision for my business that I am soo passionate about and KNOW it can help young people, yet that badass Ego keeps crawling in and convincing me to just wait a bit longer.. And maybe it won't be that good.. Etc And now it's just ridiculous haha! This is perfect timing for me to use this meditation in the week leading up to it being officially put out to the World. Awesome awesome THANKYOU!!!! Xxx love & sunshine

      • 19 November 2014

        You are so welcome!

        Maybe you'd like to try it out for 40 days?


    • Mia
      19 November 2014

      Thank you for sharing, you magnetic soul you. Me + this kundalini meditation have a date tonight. :)

      Mia xx

    • Barbara
      19 November 2014

      Hi Tara,

      Thank you.
      For your insights with self publishing and the wonderful meditation.
      It feels good to connect with breathing. Love the simple and so effective positioning of the thump.
      Congratulations for your book, your ebook and your audio.


      • 19 November 2014

        Thank you so much Barb xo

    • katie
      19 November 2014

      Hi tara. . Thank you that felt nice.. ive not tried kundalini before is this a good way to start in mornings? To help confidence. .thanks Katie xx

    • Pam
      20 November 2014

      Lovely Tara this is beautiful and of course perfectly timed. I'm so glad you're sharing kundalini practices here too. I felt relaxed and invigorated at the same time. I'm going to commit to it to 40 days like you mentioned above - maybe, just maybe I'll finally launch my blog!! Love you dearly! Pammie ;)

    • Paige
      26 January 2015

      Hi Tara!!

      Ok so I am a little bit confused about the eye placement. Should it feel like my eyes are crossed?? It almost gives me a headache like I am crossing my eyes. And did you ever get told when you were a kid that if you cross your eyes for too long they will get stuck haha? So silly but it scares me to hold my eyes like that during this meditation.

      I really want to practice this meditation though because this is something i really need right now! So any advice on the eye placement would be super helpful :)!

      Much love,

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