These times we find ourselves in, are they made of the same stuff as dreams or nightmares?

Trust is elusive, malleable, being questioned.
Entire frameworks are being rattled vigorously, righteously, by the people.
And yet, amongst it all, personal power, nourishing communities, safe spaces to land are available to us.

Dream or Nightmare? We get to choose. 

Campfires are not places we go to learn hard facts. 

We take our seat around them with people we trust to experience intimacy; through soul connection as self or community, and to Gaia.

The warmth helps us to feel safe, provided for, abundant.
The glow illuminates what we’re ready to relinquish.
The ashes remind us that nothing lasts forever.

And so, we gather.

If you feel the tendrils of The Campfire flame whispering your name please do fill out your details below and we’ll be sure to keep in touch.

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