14 October 2019

How to Place a Loyalty Rewards Order with doTERRA

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Hello and happy day!

You've opened your doTERRA Wholesale Customer account (very good choice!) and now you get to enjoy at least 25% off these oils and products, for good.

Now, let's talk about future orders and how to make the most out of your doTERRA membership: the Loyalty Rewards Program.

doTERRA will have already sent you your unique login information, so you'll no longer purchase through the person that enrolled you, but rather, your own shop (just as you would with say an Amazon account). So, start by simply logging in! 👌🏼

You'll likely see a pop-up asking if you want to place an order. You'll see there are TWO types of orders you can place:

  1. One-time Standard Order
  2. Loyalty Rewards Program Order (LRP for short)

You'll get the most out of your account with an LRP order. This is an incredibly generous incentive program that doTERRA has set up for their customers, and obviously, it rewards loyalty (regular ordering) with heaps of free points and products. Trust me, this loyalty program is one of the most abundant I've seen; much better than any laborious frequent flyer program or Fly Buys card, in which you earn a bajillion points and eventually cash them in for an electric razor! 🤣🙈😂  Your points start adding up straight away, and quickly, and can be spent as doTERRA dollars on some of your favourite products.

The LRP kicks into gear the month after you've opened your account, and it works like this:

Months 1, 2 + 3 = you'll earn 10% back in points, based on the points total for your order.

Months 4, 5 + 6 = you'll earn 15% back.

Months 7, 8 + 9 = you'll earn 20% back.

Months 10, 11 + 12 = you'll earn 25% back.

And once you've been ordering for a year, you'll max out and earn 30% back in points on every single order you place.

PLUS, you'll earn points on shipping costs. For example, here in Australia, it costs $7.95 to ship our doTERRA order. doTERRA covers that cost by placing an additional 8 points into your points bank. It's outrageous.

So, let's say you've been with us for two months, and you place a 100PV order this month. doTERRA will put 10 points (which is 10% of that order) into your shop account plus an addition 8 for the shipping costs. That very same order at month 13 would see you earn 30 points (which is 30%) + 8 for shipping.

Important: You can start to redeem your LRP points after 60 days (2 orders), however, I recommend letting them accumulate a little more so you can use them for the more rare and precious oils.

Here's a visual for you.

To earn points, your order needs to be a minimum of 50PV or more. I love to educate my customers on how easy it is to embrace the LRP monthly, because it encourages you not to spend too much at once, to take your time and to build your collection slowly, which will earn you more points in the long run.

You may already have a bit of an oils wishlist – items you have your eye on that you'd love to add to your collection – and you can use the LRP to chip away at that. Perhaps your LRP order will look like this: 2 or 3 oils on your wishlist, replacing a household favourite like Lavender, Lemon or Wild Orange (we always encourage you to use your citrus oils liberally as they're so potent for brightening our moods, and they're very affordable) and even replacement spending other items in your home that you'd typically buy from the supermarket. Our OnGuard range is fantastic (including Toothpaste, Cleaner Concentrate, Handwash and more), as is our Shampoo and Condition and our Skincare. Our supplements are world-class.

These are household and personal care items that you probably buy anyway, but this way, rather than supporting big supermarket corporations, you're making a better choice and earning points back.

This next image shows you what's available to you depending on the size of your order.

Notice how 50+ points will have you continually advance from 10-30%.

A 125PV order processed before the 15th will get you the free product of the month.

And every few months, there will be a 200PV promotion in your market. When this occurs, it's fun because you'll receive both the 200PV free oils as well as the free product that accompanies the 125PV promo. Remember, you'll also be earning back your 10-30% in points, plus shipping points. 🔥

For those of you interested in sharing or building a business, a minimum 100PV order is required. This tells the computer to pay you if you're due commissions from sharing the oils. As for the 150PV reference, if you're sharing the oils with others, and help 3 people also place a 150PV order, you'll receive a structural bonus. Your enroller can walk you through this in more detail.

When you log in, you'll select LRP, choose a date and then start adding products to your cart. When you're satisfied you can either save the order (and it will process on the date you've chosen) or select PROCESS NOW.

IMPORTANT: once your order has processed, it will automatically replicate that order template for the same date next month. Be sure to set yourself a digital reminder to jump back in, change up the contents of your cart and even the date if you like. It's fully customizable, you just need to remember to change it.

The Loyalty Rewards Program is such a valuable incentive to participate in. If you've started to accumulate upwards of 20% back in points, and find yourself in a month where you're feeling satisfied with your collection, I'd recommend you at least order a toothpaste or a lip balm, to keep your percentage stable so you don't lose your points. If you'd ever like to cancel your LRP, ensure you spend your points first and then give Member Services a quick call and say you'd like to cancel your LRP. They'd be happy to help you.

And finally, here's a video to summarise what we've explored today:

Have fun enjoying all your beautiful free product!

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