23 July 2012

How To Create More Space In Your Life

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Hi gorgeous. Come sit with me in the mountains as we talk about creating space, prioritising and holding ourselves accountable. This is a message that I've really had to implement in my life recently, so hopefully it serves you as a gentle reminder to centre back in and to only accept energy that will fuel your fire.

How was your weekend? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment too? Aaaannnnddd, did you find this video helpful?

Have a wonderful Monday!

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    • Jess Ainscough
      23 July 2012

      Gosh, we are so all on the same page at the moment!! Talk about synchronicity. I needed to hear these awesome tips. Thanks beautiful. xx

    • 23 July 2012

      So much yes. Love this video blogging by the way. So refreshing to see a face rather than reading things all the time!
      I've done all of this so much lately, unfollowing, de-friending... etc. So much better & fresher.

      Love your work. xx

    • 23 July 2012

      Beautiful video Tara. I really needed to hear those things at the moment.

      Buller is usually so sweet and serene too, until you want to film of course! :) Take care x

    • 23 July 2012

      Yes, yes, yes! <3 Clearing out a lot and making more space for growth and expansion. Thanks sweetie for the reminder, and so good to know that there are so much people in this as well! xx

    • Jessica Nazarali
      23 July 2012

      Gorgeous post Tara. I watch this video last night when I was in the midst of overwhelm, thank you xx

    • 23 July 2012

      Beautiful video Tara. I've just finished unsubscribing from newsletters, I feel better already:)We all needed to hear thisxx

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