10 January 2018

How Rebels of Light Came to Be

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I’d love to offer you some thoughts and feelings that have contributed to the creation of my latest offering, Rebels Of Light - my signature 2018 mentoring program. Scroll down to watch the recording of our recent Rebels Q&A and learn about our extended payment plan.

Self-care. Self-love. Self-compassion.

All so important, of course. Necessary.

But when I noticed that for many, the conversation wasn’t expanding much beyond that, except for the vague mention of ‘service’, I started to feel restless.

I also noticed that over the years, the self-care conversation had been largely focused on things that we do (often to distract ourselves from what requires our attention, but that’s a story for another day), rather than states of being that we must actively and continuously cultivate.

Imagine if self-care wasn’t merely a list of practices, or an act of damage control, but a constant inner adventure of self-awareness, empowered by intelligent energetic practices...

Imagine if true self-care – which is to say, radical self-awareness – became so habitual that you could spend a lot more time turning your keen eyes to your community, seeking out ways to assist their rising, without depleting yourself.

Self-care starts with each of us, but I fear we’ve been going about it the wrong way.

Are you truly connected to your centre?
Are you in relationship with your being, your desires, your emotions?
Are you in communication with your Self; in dialogue with your innermost being?
Do you know how to aptly deal with overwhelming emotions?
Can you hold space for another’s pain and suffering? (Can you hold space for your own?)

Or does disconnection prevail?

When you need stillness, do you instead reach for distraction?
When you desire newness and adventure, do you convince yourself that work is more important?
When your body and soul are longing to express creative, sexual energy, are you packing the dishwasher instead?

Are we so afraid of the silence that we can’t bear to sit in it with ourselves?

When you’re called to show up for people that live outside of your immediate realm of privilege, do you silence that longing with thoughts of ‘what difference can I make?’ or ‘when I have more money, I will make more of a difference’?

Are you truly, madly and deeply getting your needs met with all of these warm baths and green smoothies?

Or are we missing something, entirely?

There is a glorious, creative, sometimes defiant presence within that Self of yours.

I call her your Rebel Of Light.

She is tired of being ignored, and cast aside, and buffered with work, devices and media.

Like all beings, when she’s not feeling seen or acknowledged, she tends to fester.

When she does that, you'll become grumpy. Bratty. Blamey. You won't really know why, and that'll intensify all this emotion.

When you feel grumpy, bratty and blamey, you're in no state to influence your community and their communities.

I’m interested in casting a light for humans to live their most extraordinary lives and I believe radical self-awareness is at the centre of that – and that I must live my most extraordinary life, too –  but only if it results in us becoming more loving, caring and compassionate with others as well as ourselves. There is a force that is required to stir us from our slumber, and that force already exists in within you, with a mission on her heart and a smirk on her face.

In this program, we learn deep and daring skills to develop a living, breathing experience of self-care, so that we may be influential forces to be reckoned with in terms of community-care. This is an 11-month deep dive in being in relationship with your Soul and the unconventional ways that she wants to emerge and create in the world.


It’s time to stir her awake.

I would be thrilled to welcome you into this community and mentor you in freeing your own unique and incredible Rebel Of Light.

Through a combination of stillness practices, inner inquiry, monthly mentoring, group discussions, intimate accountability, guest teachers and participation dares, a container will be created for you to alchemise your life like never before.

This is an immersive experience for those who know that rightful rebellion brings us alive and catapults us into meaningful community action.

And it’s for you if you’re ready for evolving conversations that span spiritual practice, feminine leadership, the creative process, divine self-responsibility, conscious relationships, courageous communication, and so much more.


Pour yourself a cuppa, click play and tune into our LIVE Q&A session that recently went down on Instagram and Facebook Live. This recording will help you make this decision with clarity.


Do these 11 glorious months have your name on them? Tune in to hear all your questions answered. <3

JOIN US HERE: https://tarabliss.com.au/rebels-of-light/

Posted by Tara Bliss on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My inner Rebel roared during this discussion and I can tell you, when you allow yours to do the same, you feel so entriely free.

I answer your questions like:

  • What's included in the program? What are the benefits? What do I get?
  • What does implementing this content look like for me, in business and life?
  • How is the program delivered?
  • Do I need to have my own business / be an entrepreneur to join? (Hint: no!)
  • Is there course work?
  • How much time do I need to set aside for calls and coursework?
  • What if I feel I'm not getting value? Can I get a refund?
  • Will I fit in with your community?
  • Can you tell me more about the Sistermind program?

Finally, I wrap our time together in this broadcast by shaking up your narrative around money and self-investment. It features this tweetable: 'Put your money where you want your heart to be.'

With that, I'm happy to announce that we have now extended our payment plan to 12 months!

Rebels of Light is yours for $87/week.

This is the only opportunity to join this program this year and our cart closes on January 18, 2018.

I’m so excited to see you on the inside.

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    • Mia
      14 January 2018

      This post “GOING DEEP IN OUR QUEST FOR LIGHT” - I am done with the shallows. Bring it! #rebelsoflight

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