13 November 2014

From My Heart to Your Hands: HIGH is Here!

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Is it too much to request a drum roll right about now?

My book, High: A Party Girl's Guide to Peace, has landed.

It’s been two years since I started working on the first incarnation of this project… From guiding hundreds of women through what was once a six-week online experience, to its evolution today: ten intimate and love-soaked chapters that do a dance between memoir and transcendental how-to, coming at you in any form you desire - audiobook, ebook, or good old fashioned book book ;)

I wrote it because it breaks my heart when I see young women search for their worth at the bottom of an empty glass, or through relationships that stifle them, or through pursuits that don’t nourish their spirits or sustain their joy (hello, horrific hangovers!).

I remember so vividly what all of that feels like.

And I want to help.

If finally experiencing peace like you never imagined possible would feel like a complete miracle right now… If learning to love your core, elevate your relationships and become more confident sound like a dream come true, then this book is most certainly for YOU.

You can make it yours right over here.

I don’t care about how much you drink. I care about how you feel the next day.

I’m not concerned with how late you stay out on the weekends. I’m concerned with what motivates you to stay out.

It’s none of my business how you treat yourself. But I’m making it my business to reveal a few alternative options, regardless.




PS: I’ve included a bunch of groovy video workshops that are mentioned in the pages of High. Keep an eye (or ear) out for them!

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    • 13 November 2014

      AHHHHH!!!!!! OMG!!! I think i'm just as excited as you are!!!

      Tara, Congratulations! I've seen this coming to form for years now and i'm so proud and excited for you.

      I've got the audio on my phone ready for my drives and I'll be buying that paper back!

      Big love to you!

    • Al
      13 November 2014

      So so happy for you, you beautiful, radiant child of the universe

    • 13 November 2014

      WOW absolutely gorgeous funk-tastic cover! #1 for Self-Help/Spirituality in Aus! So meant to be!

      *patiently waiting for my copy to arrive*

      Congrats Tara, I can feel the pumping excitement from here & I'm dancing with you!!

    • 13 November 2014

      Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I've also been so excited and cheering you on from the sidelines. Can only imagine how incredible the rest of this day will feel for you.

      Can't wait to dig into your labour of love!

      Sending so much sunshine xx

    • 13 November 2014

      YAY BABE! Just bawled my eyes out over your promo vid.


      I've got the Kindle and I'll be getting the audio and paperback too #groupie

      So much love xoxo

      • angela
        14 November 2014

        Where can I find this promo vid or cant see from phone.. been listening all night shift to the audio its beautiful.

    • Helen
      13 November 2014

      Big big congrats to you gorgeous Tara! I can't wait to dive in.

    • 13 November 2014

      CONGRATULATIONS TARA! This is such an amazing achievement! I'm so excited to dive in xx

    • 13 November 2014

      Oh my goodness, Tara! This is simply divine, as are you. It has been such a pleasure to watch you bring this to life over the years. CONGRATULATIONS, you are magnificent! This may have to be a multi-buy xxx

    • 13 November 2014

      Awesome work Tara!! I can't wait to dig into High. =) Absolutely love your work.


    • 13 November 2014

      Well hello there Miss Published Author!

      Absolutely hanging to sink my teeth into it and so crazy excited for you!

      So much love. x

    • Ash
      13 November 2014

      So proud of you Tara! she's BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to get my hands on the hardcover (YEP I'm old school). Love you billions x

    • 13 November 2014

      Ahhh holy shit, CONGRATS lady! So fucking stoked for ya. And damn, the design is so so killer. Perfecto. Stoked to dive in. xo

    • 13 November 2014

      Oh babe, you are an inspiration. I am so proud of you and knew you would always do this. Keep grinning and reminding yourself how far you have come and how rewarding an experience it has been. Thank you for being so vulnerable, open and brave. Thank you for sharing your radiance. xx

    • 13 November 2014

      Bowing to ya, baby. Soak up every magical minute of this launch! May all the love your poured in be sent back your way — tenfold. xo

    • 13 November 2014

      Awesome Tara! Congratulations!!! x

    • Jessie Kavanagh
      13 November 2014

      Congrats Tara! I have already started delving into the pages and love it intensely, even though I was never really a party girl in the sense of booze, pills or late night clubs I do have a different 'party' of my very own that I have and still tend to get wrapped up in and your words still relate perfectly. All I can say is WELL DONE and THANK YOU xo.

    • 13 November 2014

      Oh my gosh this is so exciting!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this babe, congratulations and just... Wow. I know we're not meant to judge a book by its cover but I can already tell this is gonna crack me right open (again!). Well done Tara. X

    • 13 November 2014

      Hip! Hip! Hooray!
      Dear Tara, this is wonderful news!!!! Congrats! I've been reading and following you for a long time now and I have so much to thank you for!

      Your dream come true is just another reminder that the Universe works in our favor, as long as we are willing to do our part and to pursue those beautiful dreams of ours.

      Thank you once again for all the inspiration and I can't wait to get my copy of the book.

      Best regards from Bucharest,

    • Sam
      13 November 2014

      1 chapter in and I'm already in tears.

      Tears of joy. Tears of release. Tears of the lost little girl who is finally being heard. Tears of relief at finally being understood, so that I may understand myself.

      I wouldn't have even classed myself as a Party Girl anymore - I still go out every now and then, especially on semester break, but I thought I had it all down with my meditation practice, my smoothies, my dream career mere months away, my solo time, my loving relationship...

      But this baby right here just broke down a whole lot of that, looked me square in the eye and said, 'Yeah Sam, you're doing those things... but are you FEELING the love behind them, every single time? Do you really think that mindlessly munching on organic corn chips is any more loving towards yourself than a bag of normal chips? Or neglecting your practices for the next ep of Beauty and The Geek is any better than drinking at the pub every Monday night? Or that you can write off the rest of the day and spend it playing games just because you spent the morning walking your dog and enjoying a nutritious breakfast with a good friend?'


      Bring on the rest of the revelations.

    • 13 November 2014

      Congrats beautiful lady! I'm meeting the girls from my book group tonight... might just have a lil' recomm for our next book!

      Vari x

    • 13 November 2014

      Holy cow girl I think I could feel your energy through the screen! I had an urge to squeal! I'm so gosh darn excited to get my hands on a copy.
      Congratulations beautiful lady, what a journey

    • Yolie
      13 November 2014

      Aww, so many congratulations Tara! I'm thrilled for you! :) This is such an amazing thing you've done.

      I'm reading the book right now on my kindle, and absolutely LOVING it. It's divine. So many things have leapt out at me already. Thank you for all the guidance and inspiration <3

      PS: Have a gorgeous time basking in the joy of this all!! :)


    • Melinda
      13 November 2014


      You are so amazing and inspiring..............not to mention wise and intuitive beyond your years!

      You rock madly........and I cannot wait to dive into my hard cover of HIGH.

      Bravo you super star.

      See you at our next sesh.

      Mel. X :)

    • 13 November 2014

      High fives and happy dances babe!!!! May this beauty spread her wings and fly all over the world into the arms of those that need her most. (And thanks for the delicious interview this morning!) Big Love XOXO

    • 13 November 2014

      Lady-bird. I can feel the blood, sweat, tears and JOY in this creation. You've birthed something incredible - needed, tuned in, resonant.

      I take my hat off for you for being so true to the journey and process of this creation and to yourself, your story, in all of it.

      I'm inspired, moved, and cheering for you and ever (ex) party girl out there!

      Soak in every moment of this experience. You deserve to!

      Grateful for your contribution!! Love you x

    • 13 November 2014

      Oh honey pie - I am smiling from ear to ear after watching that. You... being you... just beautiful.
      Love, love, love, love, LOVE.

      Now hurry up postie!! :) xx

    • Fiona
      13 November 2014

      Huge congratulations to you - what an awesome achievement and such great results already. Just watched your video and all I can say is WOW. Tough choice between audiobook or paperback - the power of hearing this story from your voice is amazing. Just purhcased and cant wait to read.

      Well done

    • 13 November 2014

      Wow! Huge congratulations, my beautiful girl. What a beautiful baby you are birthing into the world today! I know your words will heal so many souls and enlighten so many women, just like you did for me. I can't wait to read it! I'm going for the hardcopy all the way. xx

    • 13 November 2014

      Happy Book Baby Day! Ahh it's so exciting, congratulations, you totally deserve it, I can't wait to dig in when I get a chance!

    • 13 November 2014

      Tara, you beautiful soul! I've been following your blog for a while now, read Spirited at least twice, and was always amazed by all the wisdom and love you send out to us.
      Now I am so excited for you... and this soulful book you created. Congratulations girl, you rock!
      So sad the paperback isn't available in Germany. I would love to get my hands on a copy to give it to my sister. She's struggling and I'm sure would benefit a lot from your words.
      Sending lots of love and hoorays your way.

    • Tara
      13 November 2014

      So super excited!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on this beauty... And HELLO Christmas presents! Thank you for lighting up the world! Here's to a late night tonight stuck in 'high'. Totally worth it! X

    • 13 November 2014

      Tara massive congrats beautiful lady!! What an exciting time for you!! The book looks amazing, love the promo vid and like the others I can't wait to get a copy

    • Samantha
      13 November 2014

      Only a couple of pages in and I'm HOOKED! I'm so unbelievably happy for you. This book is not only going to change the lives of people I know personally, but indeed many many hearts around the globe. Congratulations beautiful x x x

    • Katie Lee
      14 November 2014

      Congratulations girl! This is so profoundly inspiring. When you pursue greatness you give all of us to permission to pursue ours. I just put "work on my book." into my calendar for 2015! Thank you for being you, because YOU inspire me.

      Book ordered!

    • brigitta dau
      14 November 2014


      You're promo video made me cry! YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! I bought the book...now I have to wait for the snail mail to bring it to me!

      I adore you and I'm so freakin' excited for you...and for me to have it in my hands soon!

      love you!

    • Ashley
      14 November 2014

      Just ordered my paperback copy of this beautiful book that I absolutely cannot wait to read!!! Congratulations Tara, you have already been such a wonderfully inspiring influence in my life and I so happy to be able to dive into this new adventure that is your book! Thank you so much for putting this out into the Universe for all us.

      Sending lots of love your way,


      • 14 November 2014

        You're so lovely. Thank you! xo

    • 14 November 2014

      SO excited! Can I add this to my own "Bliss List" on my website? Started digging into it last night, and I teared up just reading the dedication!


      • 14 November 2014

        Of course you can! (Thank you!)

    • Breanna
      14 November 2014

      Just ordered the paper back so i can hold it in my hands. :) I'm an old school girl! Think this is the wakeup call I need to help me move and create the life I want to be fully present and living in, and rid the yoyo high cycle. I loved reading spirited! Makes such a difference when spirited and generous souls like you miss bliss that shares there heart so openly. I deeply value the rawness and thank you so much! I look forward to reading high! Big love and smiles B :-)

    • Roberta
      15 November 2014

      You are such inspiration for me since I end up in one of your vlogs an year ago...

      Your beauty {inside out} - calm - presence - authenticity - truth... got my attention right away...

      I see you as a truly representation of Shakti...

      I am so excited for you & for me that will have the pleasure to read your book ;)

      That by the way ... Is already in my kindle waiting to be delighted during this weekend!

      Love Love from Brazil

    • Phoebe Hook (Soulful Warrior)
      15 November 2014

      This is so incredible. I am so happy for you Tara. Well done. What a gift to the world. x

    • 16 November 2014

      Congratulations gorgeous soul. Such a gift you are. Cannot what to dive into this beauty…will make a lovely Xmas gift too xoxo

    • 18 November 2014

      HUGE Congrats beautiful girl!! I'm looking forward to diving into my copy.
      Wishing you all the abundance in the world xx

    • 19 November 2014

      I am really excited about your book, Tara! I just watched your interview with Rachel and your trailer. I love the cover and energy this book has exuded even before it has reached my own eyes.

      Thank you Tara for the vulnerability and for sharing! I know this will be a great addition to the universe.

      Brandy xo

      PS. I love the new site!!

    • 20 November 2014

      Gorgeous, amazing YOU! Your book looks absolutely divine and you are so beautiful, courageous and soft & powerful as always. I can't wait to share this book with my tribe. Big hugs and so much love, Karina

    • Victoria
      20 November 2014

      I just purchased the book on Amazon after hearing your interview with Susana Frioni - I can't wait to read it! What you were saying touched my heart and connected directly to my soul - its like we've been living parallel lives :) THANK YOU SO MUCH! xx Sending you much love and gratitude today.

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