24 June 2015

Quench Your Thirst For Passport Stamps: Introducing The Gypset Adventure

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"Gypset is an amalgamation of the whimsical ways of the gypsy, and the structure and sophistication of the jetset."

How freaking GENIUS is that!

What is it about travel that sparks our voltage?

What is it about this thing that we do – that we dream, crave, ache to do – that has us swooning at the very thought of packing a bag, and stepping on board a plane, and sipping in the sights, smells and sounds of places far away....

Anticipation. Uncertainty. Expansion. Defiance. Adventure.

Travel is intoxicating in nature.

Sometimes uncomfortable. Sometimes ecstatic. Always stretching, in one way or another.

And seeing as the first iteration of this blog – which was once called Such Different Skies – was at its core, a travel blog, it gives me great pleasure to walk down memory lane with you today.

Let's kick this off by pressing play:

So that's my story, and it's a story of beginnings; a story of getting my ass, somehow, on a plane, all those years ago. There were backpacker hostels, nutritionally void but delightfully cheap two minute noodles, $5 bottle of red wine (!) and – as I mentioned – maxed out credit cards.

Today, my version of travel looks very different.

Often, business-class flights are involved.

I've skyped clients from an apartment in LA in between attending personal growth events and hot yoga.

I wrote the first chapter of my book in Bali, immersing myself in the healing heart of Ubud for twenty-eight days.

I set up the foundation of my new network marketing business in Japan, while sipping green tea, watching the snow pile high outside.


Both are beautiful, and perfect.

The backpacking, with it's adrenaline and faith-building qualities of winging it and going with the flow. It ignites our inner gypsy.

And the luxe of shuffling through time-zones in comfort, revelling in the greater world and making money by yourself, for yourself. It actives our inner jetset.



"Imagine you had 2 powerful mentors, and a whole tribe of like-minded and like-hearted gyp-setting sisters, who had your back (and your front), while you massage your growing business into a spectacular: location, time and lifestyle-individualised adventure vehicle.

And then imagine these 6 months preceding the biggest leap of all – the one you’ve dreamed about. Taking your beautiful, budding and now location-individualised business into the great wild – an on adventure with your mentors and fellow Gypsetters for an arresting, 3-day International Retreat kicking off your Gypset life with ease, fun, and style.

This could be you in 6 short, potent months."

hayley and vienda

Your Life is Your Own Design...

Learn how to paint yours beautifully by acquainting yourself with my spectacular friends Hayley and Vienda, and their game-changing mastermind program: The Gypset Adventure.

As I requested in the video, share with us below:

What trip or destination are you holding in your heart right now?

I can't wait to hear from you in the comments, and as always, I'm so appreciative of your shares, using the buttons below. This program the girls have created is a one-off and the cart closes at the end of June. Let's share away.

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    • 24 June 2015

      Ahhhhh this sounds AMAZING! I have been in an almost constant daydream recently, lost in the memories of our 6 month trip and wishing I could jet-set away once again....maybe for a little less time, with a little less mouldy 2-man tents and crowded dorm rooms and without eating so many noodles and powdered soups *shudder*. Bring on luxe travel!

    • 24 June 2015

      ARGH!!! I used to travel, growing up in Europe we went camping in France, Switzerland, Germany... Every summer. When I was 15 I went to Spain on a bus with four girlfriends... No adults. At 16 I went backpacking in Greece with a boyfriend, at 17 to Africa with the same boyfriend, and at 19 I travelled Asia with a girlfriend for six months, and on and on it went... Until I met my husband, and now we don't go anywhere except save for trips back to my family in Europe every three years, which is costly with two kids.

      I told myself my backpacking days are over, but my wanderlust hasn't stopped. I want to go back to Africa for some significant anniversary, and I want to go to Hawaii just because, and any and all tropical islands between here and there.

      I was on a beach listening to waves while listening to you talk... Like Pulau Wee or Bunaken Island in Indonesia...
      Maybe when I'm old and the kids won't need to come...

      Meanwhile, awesome concept, gypsetting... Maybe I can go in spirit!

    • 25 June 2015

      Oh this looks like an amazing project. I also have that wanderlust but not really wanting to rough it these days. Ready for some gypsies lifestyle :).

      Top of my list right now is New Zealand/Australia, Egypt, South Africa, UK, Hawaii, Greece and somewhere in Asia (haven't decided yet.). Kind of a long list but I feel like it's really doable, even if it takes a while. Beautiful post Tara and excited to learn more about this.

    • 26 June 2015

      Babes, you are so beautiful and evoke so much with your beautiful spirit in this video. Ahhhh Thankyou for sharing our love-project with your world Tara. I can't wait to play in Bali with you! <3

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