30 July 2014

Guide(d) to LA

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One minute, I'm minding my own business, getting on with things as per usual.

The next, I've made a decision to go to LA.

When an email introducing The Daily Love LIVE landed in my inbox, at first, like I do with most promotional emails, I skimmed it, but this time, I hesitated on pressing delete.

I was in the supermarket a few hours later, very ordinarily buying toilet paper (or something), with my phone pressed between my shoulder and the side of my face, when 'I think I'm going to LA in a few weeks' fell out of my mouth and into the ears of my husband.

And what felt like only a moment later, I was on the plane, filled with the feeling of possibility that can only come when you're certain something wonderful is going to happen.

I had a feeling about this trip. It was going to do something to me. Something was going to unfold in my heart. Miracles would abound. I just knew it, and so that was my prayer. Each morning I sat in meditation, I would say: 'I don't know what all this is about, but I'm listening. Give me experiences to remember. Pry my eyes open. Lift my heart. Rock my world. Elevate my faith.' 

The people I met. The tears I cried. The synchonicities that brought me to my knees...

Here's a little story about the moments in space and time in Los Angeles that rendered me more that a little speechless and deepened my love for humanity, the Divine, and spiritual practice.


It's not what you know, it's who you know.

I owe so much of the beauty of my trip to my friend Katie;  a screen-writing, wildly creative, astrological goddess who I was privileged to write alongside in Bali.

She was the most spectacular host and treated me to a few experiences I'll not forget.

The first day I arrived in Los Angeles – blazed by jetlag – she invited me to attend a movie premiere with her, at Fox Studios. Obviously I jumped at the chance, but also gave the skies a little wink, because it seemed as though my request for 'once in a lifetime-ish' memories had been noted. I'm not a 'jump on a tour bus' kind of girl, but this... This was unreal.

It was an intimate premiere of a what I can honestly say is one of the best movies I've seen – iOrigins – with industry experts gracing the limiting number of seats. When we arrived to have our names struck from  the list, Katie giggled after glancing down at the sheet of paper and noticing that we were on the very same list as the director, Mike Cahill.

Man, I just felt so grateful.  The film industry is the lifeblood of Los Angeles. It's the place  that folks flock to when they have dreams of writing, of acting, of performing. What's more LA than getting a taste of that at a premiere? I had a smile on my face through the whole Q&A session with Mike. What an experience.

(See the movie, by the way. It's genius.)


LOVE, Kundalini, and the Planting Of Seeds at The Daily Love LIVE.

I was standing in line, waiting to check into the event, when I hear another Aussie accent pipe up with 'hey Tara!'

Her name is Michelle, and she follows my stuff. She's been through a buffet of tough experiences lately and she gushes that my writing and videos have inspired her. I give her a big cuddle, and roll my yoga mat out next to hers. I think this shocks her a little.

After more than a day of fan-girling, I had to interupt Michelle mid-conversation, and say 'Babe, it's just as much of an honour for me to be spending this time with YOU. I feel very blessed to have met you. We're no different.' From that moment, the pedestal dissolved and we became friends. I could see how meaningful this was to her and I just love that the Universe delivered her a friendship that she needed at the right time. :)

And then there was the yoga.

A little back story.

I love yogaglo.com for a myriad of reasons, not least of all because thanks to that platform, I can practice kundalini yoga whenever I like. The resident kundalini teacher on yogaglo is Kia Miller, and I adore her. She is radiant like the sun and so very serene, and since I've started practicing with her – albeit from the comfort of my own home – I've desired to meet her. Well...

Tommy Rosen was one of the speakers at the event, which again, was super cool. I've been familiar with his work for some time now and his energy is beautiful. He also wrote the foreword to Mastin's upcoming book which I was lucky enough to read before the trip, so it was  groovy to see them in the same room together and to give Tommy a hug. I mentioned my book to him, and his ears perked. After all, his very own upcoming book is titled Recovery 2.0. He's spent the last two decades of his life devoted to unpacking addiction.

Every so often you become aware that you're in the energy – in the space –  of things that mirror and reflect your vision, or the project you're building, or the message you're delivering. This did not go unnoticed in LA.

Anway, I had no idea that Tommy was freaking married to Kia!

There she was, at the front of the room; dewy like a Goddess. I flung my arms around her. 'Kia! I practice with you every week back home. Hi! I'm Tara!'  Not my suavest of moments.

She was lovely.

And the kundalini that both Tommy and Sat Siri guided us through at the event was literally life-changing for me. I started to get a real sense that this is something I should lean into...

Tommy shows up on the third and final day wearing a t-shirt with this as it's logo: Be The Lighthouse.

Aykanna, the gorgeous band that's providing live tunes for our sessions of breath and sweat, break out into a song of the same title...


My Soul Essences. Another Little Back Story.

A significant journey that I went on while working with my mentor, Belinda Davidson, was the Soul Essence Journey; a process of activating Chakra 8, meeting my 12 Soul Essences, and 'downloading' my life purpose. Now, this is a sacred process, and I'm certainly not going to share all 12 with the world, but I will let you in on three of them:

The Lighthouse | The Archer | The Ladder

Also, because I can't leave this out, a few weeks before jumping on the plane, I revisited my Core Desired Feelings. They are now:

Grace | Held | Light | Lucid | Woman


Tears of recognition at Golden Bridge.

After feeling a real pull to explore the gravitation I had felt towards kunalini, I made my first trip to Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood, which was walking distance from my airbnb pad. As I approached the front desk to sign in, the girls manning the desk recognised me from Instagram. There was laughing and smiling and a fair bit of appreciative disbeflief on my part, before I entered the studio





It was so beautiful. So devotional. The stage was arranged as the most captivating altar I'd ever seen.

Normandie – our teacher – arrives, and she is luminous; dressed in white with glowing skin and sparkly eyes.

After warming up, my jaw hits the floor. 3 consecutive kriyas reference 3 of my Soul Essences.

A lighthouse meditation.

A visualisation paired with movement, in which we 'climbed the golden ladder.'

'Look into the future, draw your bow, and take your Archer's stance.'

I was literally choking on tears. Never have I felt so held and communicated with.

In closing our class, these words of Normadie's send one last rattle through me: 'Let the word 'grace' guide you.'

Suffice it to say that 'grace' was the latest edition to my core desired feelings.

I roll up my mat, order a smoothie, and head outside to the cafe to work on a few edits for my book. Once I open my laptop, I see Mastin sitting in the table opposite me, sending me a big smile. Of course you're here, I think to myself.


Caroline Myss, Barnes & Noble, and Feeding the Homeless.

Before I set off to LA,  I started reading Invisible Acts of Power, written by one of my favourite authors, Caroline Myss. It's a beautiful book that basically highlights the good in humanity. And - get this -  its subtitle is: Channeling grace in your everday life, and it's a collection of stories that feature generosity and compassion, which are seamlessly stirred into fundamental teachings of the chakras.

Anyway, reading the book made me hungry to be a better version of me, and since I was in LA, where the homeless population is really quite staggering for this sheltered Aussie creature, I had a hunch on what it is I had to do.

Before I leave, I'll feed someone.

You might be thinking: yeah okay Ta's, whatever, what's the big deal?

But damn.

Meeting someone in their pain like that. Looking in their eyes. Trying to percieve the difference between the two of you, when really, what's being illuminated is your sameness.

It's fucking hard.

It makes you feel like a fucking princess (and not it a good way).

I was angry with myself.

Every morning, I woke up, and declared,  Today's the day. I'm going to feed someone today.

And then I'd hit the pillow at night and scrutinise myself on why I just couldn't bring myself to extend my hand to someone so vulnerable.

Toward the tail-end of my trip, I open up Caroline's book and begin reading. Bam!  Right there on those pages were three examples of how people have outstretched a hand to the homeless. I slammed the book shut. Right! I stormed into my cute little kitchen, flung open the pantry doors and grabbed a good kilogram of trail mix I'd bought at Wholefoods the day before. Cashews, gojis, mulberries, walnuts. The good stuff. This will keep someone going.

Today. Is. The. Day.

But not before a shopping trip to The Grove. (Resistance at it's finest)

I wrap up a few suprisingly delightful hours at The Grove (I normally detest shopping) by ducking into Barnes & Noble. I take the elevator up to level two and station myself in front of the personal growth section. Lately, I've made a habit of entering every book store I come across, so I can meditate on The Party Girls Guide to Peace sitting on its shelves. When I crack my eyes open from my stealthy, upright meditation, I see a middle aged man standing in front of me, running his hands over a few book spines.

Resting in his hand, pressing against his heart, is none other than Invisible Acts of Power.

A lump hardens in my throat.

'That's an incredible book,' I spit out at hime, with a smile.

'Is it? I'm not sure whether to get this one, or Sacred Contracts.' (Another outstanding Myss book)

'Well it depends what mood you're in,' I say. 'If you feel like being reminded that humans are generally good people that know how to look after each other, read Invisible Acts. Sacred Contracts is amazing, but you'll have to study it. It requires a lot of journalling and self-enquiry.'

'Invisible Acts it is,' he says with a smile. We chat for a good ten minutes, and I suggest he reads another of my favourite spiritual texts, The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer.

As he walks away, I reach into my handbag and feel for the brick of trail mix.


Traffic that day, was bad.

Man, it was so, so bad.

The Grove is only 3 miles from my apartment, but friends, it took me an hour and a half to get home in a taxi. I spent the first half of the trip in a moody, itchy silence, before my cab driver had a genius idea to take a more-than scenic route which would essentially double our travel time, but at least we'd be moving. Sure, I said, a little ruffled.

And when he veered off towards the side street, I saw him.

A different shoe underneath each of his blistered feet.

Filthy clothes.

Bruised skin.

A limp that looked uncomfortable.

He started digging in the trash can, before coming up with a few cigarette butts, which he lit, for a puff or two.

Our car crept towards him as we came to a red light, and without hesitating another moment, I wound my window down.

'Are you hungry?'

He glances up at me and the blue of his eyes pierce me right through to the soul.

'I have some food for you...'

He just nods.

With both hands, I extend him the trail mix, not breaking eye contact with him once.

As the cab starts to pull away, he says God bless you.

And I sob.

I Know What I Must Do.

So, sweet potatoes, I'm going to study kundalini with Golden Bridge in India, late January.

This is the direction, clarity and certainty I have been craving. I'm stepping into it with gusto and ripe antipication, and am excited to bring my energy to the teaching of this practice.

How does this apply to you?

We must pay attention to the areas in life where we feel easily guided. Cosmic support is kind of a big deal, guys, and what this trip has taught me, is that wrangling for things to happen is not only exhausted, but  friction-inducing.

Both The Party Girls Guide to Peace and the journey to my yoga mat have been two of the most guided and divine processes I've ever been apart of. There has been support and Universal winks at every stage, and that ease is what reminds me that I'm the vessel for it!  So please, notice when you get the thumbs up, notice the connections that effortlessly  float into your life, and most importantly, notice when you feel as though your cutting against the grain. Those projects, relationships and dreams can be let go of with love –– they really can.

think this life is shorter than we realise.  I think we need to answer those calls a little more often; whether it's a call to take a huge leap, become a student, be a better friend, or feed someone.

I hope this post restored (or heightened) your faith. :)

All bliss,



My mini-guide.


I stayed in a gorgeous little airbnb studio apartment in Hollywood, which I adored. Location-wise, it was great (walking distance from yoga, Trader Joes and the sauna). Though next time I'm over there, I'll stay at Santa Monica. This girl loves the ocean).

Cafe Gratitude really is amazing. I went to both the Venice and Larchmont cafes.

Yoga: Golden Bridge and Yogaworks are both fantastic.

Wholefoods rocked my world.

The Sweat Shop LA for infrared saunas (it's also conveniently next door to a pressed juice shop).

I rode a cruiser bike from Venice to Santa Monica.


I'd so love you to share this post with your friends :)

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    • 30 July 2014

      Stepping out from our day to day routines, opening our hearts and letting love flow towards us is magical. I feel that feeling every time I go… but now I need to recognize that that feeling can still be felt in the everyday seemingly normal activities. Its all around, all the time, we just need to be open to it.
      You babe are a special kind of magic. Beautiful post and thank you for sharing it with us.

    • 30 July 2014

      Whatttttttt a trip!!! Love the details T... Oh and I can't wait when you come to india...meet me pretty please? :) <3

      • Tara
        30 July 2014

        I would love to meet you! I'm going to Rishikesh.. is that near you?

    • 30 July 2014

      Love this honey.

      Life is so much sorter than we think. You have inspired me to always answer the calls ;)


    • 30 July 2014

      Babe, LOVED reading this! Adore the grace of it all <3 <3 <3

    • 30 July 2014

      Tara this piece was magical. I sobbed when the homeless man said 'god bless you' - people are inherently loving & good aren't they. Even in the hard path he has chosen he is full of Grace. Beautiful.
      I love the synchronicity you feel and experienced. It makes me realise that, while I'm in a state of flow The moment with things happening I never dreamt of, I almost need to more conscious abt ALL of the guidance I'm receiving.
      It's that consciousness and openness which many of us have forgotten abt, but that's when we can miss the good stuff. Thank you for the reminder to be open, to ask, to listen, to watch.
      Love your words xx

    • 30 July 2014

      This post effected me so much more than I thought it would. I have tears. I need to open my eyes a little wider. To turn inward even further. And to really DO something...
      Wow. Thank you babe. xxx

    • Cara
      30 July 2014

      Love this! What a magic journey, thanks for capturing it in this post beautiful xx

    • Lauren
      30 July 2014

      Magical moments here Tara, and I am so grateful for sharing it with us. After hearing some heartbreaking news from a friend today, seeing hope in the world today was just what I needed.

    • 30 July 2014

      STUNNING. x

    • 30 July 2014

      Speechless xo

    • 30 July 2014

      Amazing post Tara. I am about to embark on a similar journey. Yesterday bought my ticket to Gabby B's Spirit Junkie Masterclass in NY even though logical and common sense would tell me it's not the right time (financially) to go. I had the same feeling as you, like I am meant to go and experience all that life has and I have a feeling it's the start of something new for me. Intuition is speaking so strongly. My heart calls for me to go and thankfully this time I am listening!

    • 30 July 2014

      Loved this and it's left me with a beautiful feeling. In awe at how aligned you are. Thanks for sharing x

    • Jess
      30 July 2014

      ADORE this. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with us xx

    • 30 July 2014

      Wow. Talk about divine guidance Tara. You're in the flow sister - such an inspiration!
      Rosie x

    • 30 July 2014

      Beautiful Tara, love a bit of cosmic guidance! What beautiful confirmation and synchronicities you have had. I've also been experiencing answered prayers of late and jaw dropping synchronicities. At a time that has been a little difficult, I have prayed more than ever and I truly have felt the presence of Angels and I know I have been heard.

    • Nadine lee
      30 July 2014

      Loved this Tara :)
      Sounds like a magical journey..
      Thank you for sharing & inspiring . It really assures me to just go for it with where I am also at .. Those soul whispers that just HAVE to be honoured & acted upon! no matter how wild :) xxx

    • 30 July 2014

      Awesome xx Such a beautiful read and reminder, thank you!

    • 30 July 2014

      MAGICAL. So very, very magical.

      I second that man - GOD BLESS YOU!

    • 30 July 2014

      Aggh!! What a beautiful post. Makes my soul fizz. (Strange but that's the only way I can describe it!)

    • 30 July 2014

      This post had me captivated from beginning to end. Magical.

    • Kate // Betty Means Business
      30 July 2014

      WOW WOW your storytelling + grace here has completely blown me away lady. I mean, seriously. So SO good! x

    • Rachel
      30 July 2014

      This is inspiring! Thank you.

    • 30 July 2014

      This would have to be my favourite EVER post (as yet) from you Tara. Everything just flowed. I felt good. I knew YOU felt good.


      K x

    • Amanda
      30 July 2014

      This was really beautifully written. I was really moved. Thank you.
      You mentioned a few books that sound fantastic. Is there something you would recommended to someone who is starting from the bottom and starting fresh? X

    • 30 July 2014

      Good grey grief, my dear. I think the magic you found (or that found you) in L.A. is vibrating right off the page and jumping out as us as we read your words.

      Life IS so much shorter than we think, and we need to accept the universe's signs and not just dismiss them as being silly little fantasies or coincidences. I'm really listening in after reading this.

      Thank you my love- xx

    • Jacinta
      30 July 2014

      This is beautiful. I am addicted to your writing at the moment. You have inspired me to open my eyes, feel into life and hit the yoga mat. Time for me to stop looking for the big signs with the flashing neon lights and notice the little signposts around my feet guiding my way. Thank you x

    • Angie
      30 July 2014

      I LOVE this. So beautifully articulated. It was so nice to meet you. Thank you for your kindness and advice. I too was blown away by the Kundalini at TDL Live. It has only strengthened my resolve to do Kundalini teacher training and incorporate it into my coaching business and my daily life. There is something about chanting and doing yoga in this way that is life affirming and life altering. I can't wait to read about your trip to India!! What an amazing adventure. Sat Nam. Angie

    • 30 July 2014

      Oh honey. Thank you for this post. Chills and rising inspiration. Love you X

    • 30 July 2014

      Tara I love this post! And without sounding like a fan girl myself I have really been drawn to everything you are doing the last few weeks. Maybe it is because I can totally relate to being a party girl in my past life - yep lets just say I really over committed to it. Or maying its the fact that you are helping people in more ways than one, like I aim to. Or perhaps its because you seem to be living a true authentic life without worrying about peoples judging eyes - something I always work towards. Im at a crossroad myself (or should I say walking towards quicksand) so now might be the perfect time to ask for guidance to get back on path. x

    • Helen
      30 July 2014

      So so bloody good. No words. xx

    • 30 July 2014

      You are a beautiful generous deity. Thank you for sharing.

      P.S Wait until India. That place will do things to you.

    • Mel
      30 July 2014

      Tara, this post really resonated with me, and where I am in my life's journey. I have spent a lot of my life ignoring that little inner voice, and when you finally start listening to it, it is certainly true that amazing things start to happen! Thank you, x

    • 30 July 2014

      This is simply beautiful Tara, I shed a little tear at my desk at work thinking how deeply this speaks to my soul. Thank you thank you xx

    • 30 July 2014

      Sounds like a life changing trip and the way you put that into your post - how could it not affect us in the same way? Thank you.

    • 30 July 2014

      So happy for you Ta's that you have been awake enough to recognise all of these signs. In doing so you show others that awareness is life-changing. A soul-warming post honey. XX

    • Jody
      30 July 2014

      Simply Stunning! I am buzzzinngggg from this beautiful post! x

    • Ranjay
      30 July 2014

      Hi tara. It would be privileged to meet you. Of your kind. Just let me know, when are you heating Indian soil, I would meet you at airport itself since I am in delhi.

    • 30 July 2014

      Oh dear, dear, dearest Tara. I've never wept while reading a "how I spent my time in Los Angeles" post before, but I've got a swollen lump in my throat and can barely see what I'm typing through my tears. Grace, indeed! Love hearing about your journey and am opening my heart and soul to the calls intended for me...

    • Kimberley
      30 July 2014

      Thank you Tara for telling your story.
      Immediately after I finished reading your blog, without even intending to, I realized where I have been cutting against the grain in my life. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled; yep! ain't that the truth! (It all seems so obverse now; I laugh at myself.)
      Then I reflected on the cosmic thumbs up I've been receiving.... And how good I've felt within myself when I was engaged in these experiences where the Universe aligned for me and all things fell into place.
      Faith is restored.
      Thanks for pushing me back on track, when I was desperately trying to divert myself.

    • Carolyn Franzke
      30 July 2014

      Oh Tara, I'm fairly overcome with emotion after reading your post. The part where you describe feeding the homeless man is etched into my heart and I'm overcome.
      Love you beautiful lady xxx

    • Lise
      30 July 2014

      Wonderful post and so many signs that you were certainly meant to be there. Nothing like a few homeless people to give one a reality check. A few years ago I spent some time in LA but being from the beautiful east coast of Oz and seeing the sheer amount of homeless in San Fran blew my mind. Cold, homeless and hungry. I spent every day throwing money into hats, Starbucks cups and whatever else the homeless had to catch some coin.
      I'm glad you got to experience this too Tara because it is confronting and yes it makes you feel like a damn princess alright . It's meant to. I know I did. After this experience it stayed with me and once back in Oz I no longer had the patience when people acted extremely fussy about food or clothes but food in particular. I have no time for those who turn their nose up at cows milk because they expect almond milk or whatever. I resonate with exactly how you described your experience.

    • Jess
      30 July 2014

      Gushing with love! Thank you for this xx

    • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life
      30 July 2014

      Wow, Tara. Just wow. What an incredible journey of being so present and so awake to everything around you. It sounds like one of those life changing experiences that came seemingly out of nowhere yet, suddenly, here you are. Spectacular! Thank you for sharing.

    • Sally
      30 July 2014

      Tara, you beautiful soul... thank you for this post which brought tears to my eyes. Im quite a bit older than you, but your stories and messages always touch me, as I too was once a party girl and am still on the search for peace. You may be younger than me, but you truly inspire me. Ive been on my own journey for a while now, looking out for messages such as yours, confirming that Im on the path I need to follow. The synchronicity of signs and words overheard... but have I been ignoring many of them? After this post I feel that I do indeed hear and see signs all the time, but I need to be more present and trust in them more. Thank you for this lesson and for being the inspiration that you are. xo

    • 30 July 2014

      Tara that was amazing to read and yes you totally restored my faith. Something actually shifted in me when I read that, as it's been years for me since I've had that kind of synchronicity but I know exactly how it feels. So why am I not experiencing this? I must have dropped out of responding to guidance so readily. You've heightened my senses, rubbed off a little more of the haze and I'm committing to eyes wide open from here on in. xxxx

    • 30 July 2014

      Thank you so much for sharing. Ive been to LA last year and I looove it. Its more spiritual than you guess. Looking forward to hear from your India journey! :)

    • 30 July 2014

      Sounds magical! How wonderful that you have been guided into doing something amazing in 2015. What you wrote made me feel like I was there too xo

    • Jana
      30 July 2014

      Simply.. thank you. Thank you for allowing life to live its story through you and sharing it with others.. we are all one in the end, so your opening opens each and every one of us a little bit more each day.. What a beautiful space we live in.. God bless.. Jana

    • Lyndsey
      31 July 2014

      Stunning, magical, beautiful, synchronicities of a life time! I will never tire reading your words, never. You are such a beacon of light, and I want to be in your suitcase next time. xx

    • 31 July 2014

      Holy shit Tara! Your story has made me cry...and I never cry reading books or watching films! You have such faith in the universe (or whatever you want to call it) and the ovaries to follow you heart. Beyond inspiring. Thank you for sharing, darling! xxx

    • 31 July 2014

      Love, you have a shining light in you beauty. XX

    • 31 July 2014

      Tara, Tara, Tara!!! As always...your writing, your experience, your intuition, your soulful reminders LIGHT UP MY WORLD!!! I'm so happy you got to attend! This is incredible!!! So funny you mentioned Golden Bridge in January.....I declared to the universe just 2 days ago that I wanted to spend January 2015 in India learning at the best Ashram or Yoga Studio! I also decided to go to Golden Bridge in LA before that trip! I feel like reading this post was a wink from the Universe.

      I hope this trip was everything you wanted and more...and I KNOW your book will hit the stands in no time! Seeing Tommy Rosen & Kia Miller (while with Mastin...who assisted your writing process) was NO coincidence ❤️

      Can't wait for YOU to host Such Different Skies Live. I'll be there ❤️Wouldn't mind flying from Maryland USA for the event.

    • Isabel
      31 July 2014

      You left me speechless again (wiping my eyes after some sobbing in front of my computer screen while reading this).
      I think I get (at least part of) this. I commit to have my heart wide open each and every day tot listen to the messages from the universe.
      I trust I will be guided, just as I was once guided to you. You have learned me so much, my dear. Especially now that I am myself in a period of transition, suffering a bit from growing pains and a lack of patience. A lot of things take some time and I'm learning to accept that.
      You beautiful soul, keep on doing whatever you're guided to do, you're good at it. You're such an inspiration to me.
      From a faithful reader from Belgium.
      Love, Isabel X

    • Keri
      31 July 2014

      Goodness I loved this! Full of such soul! love love love!

    • 31 July 2014

      Absolutely magical. Tara. I hear you, I feel the sass, the poetry, the truths and the guidance. So SO divine. Ps. The tweetable from my newsletter yesterday was "your in-detail planning could make you miss the universal planning/manifestations. Be flexible & follow sudden nudges"
      Of course...

      ...so yeah, here's to being guide(d) <3

    • Keara
      1 August 2014

      Tara – I have to tell you, I LOVE your words - so beautiful + captivating, they always leave me wanting more. I’m inspired to go deeper into my spiritual practice and become aware of these synchronistic moments! Ah, to feel supported by this great universe ☺ much love, keara x

    • Tracy
      1 August 2014

      Incredible, incredible post + trip. Thank you for sharing the simplicities that lead to much more than simple. I've known tommy for a number of years. The work he has been doing and what he's created with Mastin is so timely. How wonderful you were able to meet him + Kia!

    • 1 August 2014

      Wow is all I have to say. Shivers down my spine, and restored faith. Thank you so much Tara, I literally have tears bubbling. This - was exactly what I needed to hear. To finally surrender and it just so happens that I will be in the USA in October so I cannot wait to head to some of those places you suggested...especially Golden Bridge. Wow! xox

    • Katie
      2 August 2014

      Well shux! If this didn't hit my eyeballs on the day I needed it most. On a day when I'm feeling like a princess filled with resistance. On a day when I'm questioning everything when all I really need to do is listen.

      When I give myself a moment to open up to my sisters like you in this journey I am able to pay attention to where I'm being guided.

      And then it comes so clear and I say to myself;

      "Of course!"

    • 3 August 2014

      Tara, this post had tears welling up in my eyes, too... thank you for sharing the beautiful synchronicities, connection, and guidance that you experienced on your trip. I'm so excited to think about your journey of studying kundalini. I'm still working on getting to that place where I'm TRULY open for guidance and ready to take the leap-- but I'm getting there (especially in that I'm signed up for your pal Rachel's e-course right now!) -- Thanks for being a gift to your readers!

    • Jacky
      3 August 2014

      An absolutely stunning post, beautiful Tara! You are a constant source of inspration. Thank you xx

    • 5 August 2014

      O...M...G Tara. I cannot tell you how amazed I am at your LA experience. It has given me so much hope an reassurance to trust my gut and allow myself to be guided. I am absolutely thrilled for you for having had such a strong experience and receiving this devine guidance to do the kundalini yoga teacher training. I can't wait to see where this takes you. Big love x x

    • Anita brown
      6 August 2014

      Thank you so much tara, I just love this and all that you are so much, thank you for making my day x

    • 9 August 2014

      Hey beautiful, thx for sharing this awesome piece on Guide (d) to LA. Very inspiring indeed and humbling and beautiful just like you <3

    • Tiana
      14 August 2014

      I love this. It's amazing how things unfold for us when we are in tune with a high vibration! xo

    • Louise George
      15 September 2014

      Thank you so much for this Tara. I'm do glad I found you... and this blog post.
      I'm going to LA in a few weeks and due to change in circumstances (was supposed to be going with boyfriend) feeling the fear of going alone. Now I know I have to take the call to adventure! xx

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