21 April 2014

Green With Envy? How to Emerge Out Of It with Elegance & Ease

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green with envy

 I'm skipping a lengthy intro today, because, to be honest, this info graphic manages to sum up everything I want to say in... oh... 11 words!

So instead, I'm going to lovingly usher you in the direction of this here video.

  • If you've been pricked by the sting of unexpected  jealousy... (Bleurgh! A word I do not like to vocalise)
  • If you've felt comparison creeping it's way back into your consciousness...
  • If you're a little ashamed to admit that you've been green with envy...

First, know that you are not alone. And secondly, PRESS PLAY.



Envy is a strategy that the Ego uses to enforce separation, but if we're vigiliant enough, we'll discover the message of the moment is undoubtedly one of sameness. Oneness. Recogition of the Self in another.

After all, what chance does envy stand in the presence of this?



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LINE In the comments, share a turn around statement that can be found beneath the surface level of your fear or limiting thought. For example, like I mentioned in the video, underneath 'I'm not good enough to be here,' I found this gold mine: 'These people reflect the light in me. There is nowhere else for me to be right now.' Looking forward to reading your tender discoveries.

And thank you for sharing this post with your community :)

PS: Here's that video of Gabby's I mentioned!

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    • Jessie Kavanagh
      21 April 2014

      That green monster is a tricksy thing that always seems to crop back up just whenI think I've got it beat. Those quiet, tired moments where confidence seems to sneak away and all your left with is a case of the 'not-enoughs'.

      The turn around statement? Hmmm.. It starts as 'Look at all the amazing opportunities popping up for *insert name here* this never happens for me.' (Tends to be a frequent one) But flip the switch on this biatch and I can see that... 'It is possible, everything, these people dreamed too, they put in a bit of action and gusto and look what happened for them, get out there and you can start CREATING your OWN opportunities.'


    • Katie
      22 April 2014

      My limiting belief is often "I don't belong or I don't belong here." When I usually have past proof that not only do I belong here, but that others want me here. It's usually the places and spaces where I feel this limiting belief that strongest that I'm most wanted. The other people there are thrilled by me and want to be my friend. I just need to keep encouraging myself to remember that if I'm ever feeling that I don't belong that it's not true and it's usually quite the opposite.

      So it's my duty to be there fully and give others a chance to befriend me.

    • 22 April 2014

      I was actually drafting a post with this title after reworking my envy with my Spirited journaling yesterday! Amazing. It culminated with not just finding an amazing source of inspiration in one of my peers, who has done amazing things that I was only dreaming of, but my bestie writing a beautiful piece right from the depths of her heart and it receiving 1000 well-deserved views on medium in the first day. I was so proud but also a little bit jealous. So instead, I've been letting this sit where my jealousy has tried to surface;

      That which is perceived as envy, is really inspiration in disguise.

    • 22 April 2014

      Oh hun I felt this video resonate so deeply within me. Thank you for your incredible honesty. There were so many things swirling within me at the wedding also - such a beautiful contrast of love and ego. You are amazing. I seriously freaking love you xx

    • Felicity
      22 April 2014

      I really needed to see this post today! Tara, as usual, your raw and honest words help ground me. When in the grip of the green eyed monster its relieving to know im not the only one who feels that way. Thanks for the post, you're awesome!!

    • 22 April 2014

      SO perfect. Straight away I wrote "It's not our thoughts that define us, it is what we choose to do with them" and stuck it by my computer. I think - when you are on a journey of development - it is so easy to tag your negative feelings as toxic. I kinda had this vision of becoming a totally pure person that never felt anger or jealousy or plain old bitchiness again. But they still come up now and then, I just try not to act on them. But that is still a confronting realisation to have.

      I was also reading through The Desire Map again and found this quote which I thought was really beautiful...

      "We need to keep in mind how fluid and multidimensional feelings are. Just like an ocean can be pounding the beach with waves yet be perfectly calm at its depths, our feelings may look destructive, or inappropriate, or negative, when really they are expressions of something incredibly hopeful coming from deep within us".

    • 22 April 2014

      Ahh babe. You beautiful being. So special! As a fellow EFT fan I love that you hit that tool up to help you come back to your centre in that moment. I love even more that you've highlighted that even in 'magical' moments that our ego and limiting beliefs come up to say hi (again)... that we are always working through stuff - another divine opportunity to 'return to love'.

      Love definitely brings up a whole host of other things, especially love on the scale we witnessed huh! You, my love, are incredible... thanks for sharing your wisdom! It was an honour to be there with you! xx

    • 22 April 2014

      Thank you for sharing this you gorgeous girl ♥

    • 22 April 2014

      Thank you for your honesty Tara.

      We are only human, and I love how you acknowledged that moment, captured it and moved through it, something that could have left you stuck and changed your day completely! When we learn from those moments, we grow inside so much more.

      You don't know how much of an amazing effect you have on the life of myself and my co-creator Katherine. Well...now you do! x

    • 23 April 2014

      I love this Tara, thank you for sharing this. I'm a proud to say I'm part of the Blog-Hearted clan, I adore the beautiful course + Facebook group that Rachel has created but my oh my, absolutely green with envy sometimes. A little more often than I would like probably... So your video resonated deeply. Beautiful the way you describe how you felt and dealt with it at the wedding, very powerful and very honest. Acknowledging the feeling often helps me a great deal but will start diving a little deeper into EFT. Thank you again :) xxx

    • 23 April 2014

      I adore you Tara Bliss. Incredible post. xx

    • Kate
      23 April 2014

      Hi Tara, thanks so much for this post. I have two weddings later in the year (both dear, old friends) but a part of me (the seeking love part) is dreading them and the envy that will come up on the evenings. I will revisit this post before both of them.
      Love xoxo

    • 23 April 2014

      Love you my darling...! xx

    • Cori
      23 April 2014

      I am about to come back to Australia for my best friends wedding as your MOH... first time for me! I love her to bits and met her man when I visited over Christmas... absolutely can't wait to share her special day and celebrate their love - but like Kate above... I have thoughts of 'I wonder when it will be my turn?' coming in.... going to practice your techniques - these don't define me!

      Really enjoying your posts and getting more into the Bliss zone ;)

    • pam
      24 April 2014

      Tara, I adore your honesty and bravery. You INSPIRE me. THANK YOU. : )

    • Lisa
      25 April 2014

      Wow. How impressive that you can say this out loud about a close friends wedding. I bet you weren't the only one that had those feelings. I had feelings of envy when I saw the photos on an IG feed and I don't even know Melissa haha. I always think of envy as a nice version of jealously . Jealously to me feels more sinister where as envy is more a longing or self reflection if that makes sense. I personally wouldn't have what I have today if I never felt twinges of envy. I use it to spur me along with my dreams and goals so it doesn't have that negative conatation to me.

    • 25 April 2014

      Hey Tara... how brave of you to disclose all of your feelings like that! I just wanted to simply say that you would surely be the envy of many... although it's not the ideal feeling for any of us to be entertaining, you surely stand out in the crowd yourself xx It's crazy how one person can idolise another whilst they themselves may also place others superior to them...we're all a bit mad us humans aren't we? You rock in so many ways and continue to guide me (and many others) back to centredness with every blog post you weave. Much love Tara xx

    • SB
      1 May 2014

      Hey Tara! You are not alone. I often feel uncomfortable & anxious in a social setting. Comparing myself to my beautiful, wealthy friends. I feel different. But I remind myself my friends love me for who I am. I remind myself we are equal. I need to remind myself not to be distracted by the material & worldly pleasures. I love your honesty. You are so encouraging. Love your videos & website! It brightens my day! Xo, SB

    • 6 May 2014

      Just catching up on this gem now lady, what an incredible video. One I daresay I'll come back to again. Off to pick up my Spirited companion and snuggle in for the arvo xxx

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